ASUS throwing a 'Zensation' event at Computex 2015

Computex 2015 is right around the corner and ASUS has begun inviting members of the press to its now traditional showcase event in its native Taiwan. Previous years have seen large numbers of product announcements covering both Android and Windows, phones, tablets, laptops, and combinations of the previous three.

The invitation reads:

"Inspired by the spirit of Zen, this year we've created a diverse range of exciting innovations that will bring harmony and simplicity to people's personal and professional lives."

This year we've already had the likes of the Transformer Chi series and the fantastic Zenbook UX305 from ASUS, so we're excited to see what might come out of Computex.

The event will be streamed live online (links and times closer to the date) but Windows Central will be there live to bring you everything from the show floor. It's going to be a good one, so be sure to join us for the ride!

If you want to speculate what weird and wonderful things ASUS might announce his year, jump into the comments below!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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