Is ASUS ZenBook Duo good for gaming?

ASUS ZenBook Duo
ASUS ZenBook Duo (Image credit: Windows Central)

Is ASUS ZenBook Duo good for gaming?

Best answer: The ASUS ZenBook Duo is decent for gaming, but there are better options, such as the device's more powerful Pro variant.Get yours: ASUS ZenBook Duo (£1,426 at Amazon UK)Excellent upgrade: ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo ($2,500 at Amazon)

How does the ASUS ZenBook Duo hold up for gaming?

The ASUS ZenBook Duo comes equipped with a solid NVIDIA MX250 GPU, a competent Intel 10th Gen 10510U CPU, and 16GB of RAM. These specs allow the device to tackle a lot of modern games fairly well, but you'll almost always need to run them at medium or low settings to achieve a stable, playable framerate. It's excellent for less graphically-intensive titles such as Fortnite or Rocket League, but you're going to have some trouble with advanced games. The fact the device only has an HD screen means any kind of 4K experiences are also unavailable.

Overall, the ASUS ZenBook Duo is a decent choice for enjoying games, but you'll be a lot better off if you pick something more powerful.

Big, beefy upgrade

The ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo

Source: ASUS (Image credit: Source: ASUS)

If you want something that can tackle intensive games with ease while also retaining the ASUS ZenBook Duo's cool double screen feature, the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo is an excellent pick. It has substantially better hardware than its less expensive brother, packing a cutting-edge NVIDIA RTX 2060, a beefy i9-9980HK CPU, and up to 32GB of RAM. Moreover, you can get it with a 4K display that makes the games you play look stunning.

With this device, you'll have no issues at all playing any game you want, although it should be noted that the Pro variant of the ASUS ZenBook Duo is significantly more expensive. Thus, we only recommend if you're planning on gaming with your laptop frequently.

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