Atari: Game Over now available on Xbox Video and consoles

Atari: Game Over, is now available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Video. The documentary chronicles Atari's role in the demise of gaming in North America in the 1980s. The film is available for free.

As part of the release, an Atari: Game Over app is available on the Xbox One. The app contains the entire movie, along with scene-by-scene commentary from documentary director Zak Penn. The app can be installed directly from the Xbox Store on the Xbox One.

Will you be watching Atari: Game Over? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Major Nelson

Joseph Keller
  • Who cares about my 1st comment
  • Nobody really.
  • o_O
  • You are supposed to answer the questions at the end of each article!
  • I will watch the video.
  • Atari is great. We still have an Atari ST at home!
  • Still wish I had my ST, I loved playing Dungeon Master and Oids!
  • Junior 2600: Enduro, Keystone Kapers, River Raid and Pitfall are still great. Forza 5, GTA V and Horizon 2 are also great alongside Twisted Metal and Gran Turismo 6
  • The Amiga was more powerful and had more pixelly goodness.  Wait.  Is this a pre-console war?
  • Of course. Just to see if it's really enjoying.
  • Doesnt appear to be available yet on xbv
  • I already sent it to my Xbox one :)
  • We all know what happens, but probably still fun to watch.
  • ET falls in the hole?  
  • I watched it and really enjoyed it, the quality of the documentry is really high shame MS closed the original content studio down
  • Yes.
  • I want to know the truth behind this event
  • Entertaining film
  • Well we can thank the backlash to Xbox one over that. I mean Sony has there own content, and net based cable tv company on PS4 to boot. Xbox is going back to gaming which is a good and bad thing if you are keeping score at home.
  • Watching it tonight
  • Watched it last night will this morning. Out was good.
  • Will this always be free and available, or do we have to watch it before a certain date? Also, the app should've come with an emulated version of the game with 1000GS achievements. That would've been a nice touch.
  • That would be fun!
  • Demise? My first system was an Atari... Which led to the whole family buying a NES and so on.
  • Why an app. Will it ever get additional content ?
  • Maybe its an app due to interactive content? It looks like it has something like that, as when I pause the film the timeline shows a bunch of special points along the way. I just started watching it, so we'll see.
  • I don't get the "demise" thing either. The Atari consoles were ground breaking for their time! They opened doors, and pioneered the home gaming console scene that is alive and well today!
  • Shortly after ET flopped, the industry almost died. Sales for pretty much all video games didn't pick up until nearly the end of the decade. Several companies that had come into existence around video games went bankrupt because a 3.2b dollar industry went down to about 100m. They also caused the abrupt end of the second generation of consoles.
  • Now the "demise of ATARI... in North America in the 80's" I can see...
  • Atari went out of business. That counts as a demise. :-)
  • Just watched it, it was pretty good.
  • On a side note, Atari has a great logo!
  • It's only available for the US, right? I can't watch it.
  • I couldn't find it at first in Canada. So I searched Xbox Video, it came up with a link to the app, and once I downloaded the app it worked.
  • I was trying with the stock 8.1 app. When the Store restores I'll give it a try.
  • This was amazing. And it was free ! So cool
  • I'm all in.
  • Excellent. More reasons to use Xbox Video on my 1520!
  • Atari IS the reason why I began in computer sciences, obviously I will watch as soon as possible this video.
  • I thought it was well done. I thought they could've done more with the Xbox One app, though (like including an emulated version of the re-programmed version of the game, but I'm guessing licensing was an issue). There are about 8 hidden scenes in the app, one of which definitely should've been in the final cut of the documentary (the one where the game creator says what he would've done differently with the game if he had had more than 5 weeks to make it, and they surpised him by re-coding the game that way and then let him play it).
  • If it was on Netflix...
  • What's wrong with it being on Xbox Video instead? You can access it anywhere on almost any device.
  • If it were on Netflix I wouldn't have to pay extra to see it.
  • Huh? It's free to Xbox Live Gold members. Gold is cheaper than Netflix.
  • Really? I have never looked into XBox Live because I don't have an XBox. How does the movie library compare to Netflix?
  • Uh, not favorably. Xbox Live Gold has occasional free movies and rentals and the like, but it's not a movie streaming service. It's a gaming service, primarily.
  • Ok. That's what I thought. I just didn't know videos were any part of XBLG. Thanks.
  • This shows how bad landfills are.. Early 80's its 2014. Bearly decomposed.
  • Decomposition has nothing to do with landfills. Only time. If cartridges broke down after only 2 decades, that would be a pretty crappy substance to build products with.
  • I have an Atari 2600 sitting in my living room....
  • Just finished watching it.. Awesome doco!
  • Heck ya, my boy wants to find an old 2600 to play with. This is awesome. Will show him how it was.