AT&T 3G MicroCell enters the trial phase

Back in January, we reported on the AT&T Microcell, a 3G HSPA-enabled femtocell unit. We are now learning from Engadget Mobile that AT&T will begin testing the MicroCell in selected, signal deprived homes next week. The selected participants not only get to keep the unit but are also paid $200 for their involvement. The downside (if you could call it a downside) is that participants can't be away from their home for more than a week during the trial and can't move during the trial period. All in all not a bad deal to be at the front of the line for the femtocell service.

The trial period runs through June 9, and hopefully AT&T will evaluate the results quickly, make whatever adjustments are necessary and have the Microcell available to everyone post-haste.

Phil Nickinson

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