AT&T and Nokia begin rolling out Lumia 900 OS update for Tango

We gave you a sneak peak a few days ago of the AT&T-Nokia update for the Lumia 900 which features and OS update (‘Tango’ build 8779) and new firmware (build 12223) and now that update is live for all to download (or should be very soon).

Starting today, plugging your AT&T branded Lumia 900 into Zune Desktop should prompt you for an OS update, which will then walk you through the short process. A hard-reset is not required and users will not lose any information.

According to Nokia, this update has many new features...

“The most visible item that this update delivers is one of the newest features of the Windows Phone platform:  the intuitive “flip-to-silence” function when receiving an incoming call.There are also enhancements to the performance of the startup sequence - most notably providing a more reliable boot sequence following a full depletion of the battery – as well as enhancements to camera performance when utilizing the popular “pocket-to-photo” feature that allows users to open the camera application on a locked device with a simple press of the dedicated shutter button.”

We have reports from users right now that the update is live and they are getting it. That only means one thing: stop reading and go get your update.

Users should also notice some new wallpapers (the "nature series"), more MMS options including multiple image support, voice notes and sharing of custom ringtones and other minor fixes.

Windows Phone Central earlier reviewed the new camera fixes and improvements, which users can read here for more information. Our review concluded that the Lumia 900 camera has drastically improved with this latest firmware from Nokia, making the phone a very attractive option for users.


For those wanting to "force" the update, you can try the Wi-Fi disconnect method detailed here. This method will only work when AT&T release the update on their servers and it propagates---stand by.


Update: Nokia is also reporting that users in Canada should also be getting an update with the following features (mostly the same as above):

  • Flip-to-silence feature
  • Support for Contacts Share app, to send and receive business cards as text messages
  • Proximity sensor performance enhancements
  • Removes purple hue which affected some phones in low-light conditions
  • Startup sequence performance enhancements
  • Camera performance enhancements
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Why did this take so long?
  • Word.
  • and the other question is, what about the rest of us?  Did Nokia have to pay some "ATT tax" to get this done?  It is absolutely ABYSMAL that people with Focus, Quantums, Surrounds, and Titans get sold down the river!
  • ...and us with HD7S's!
  • If you're talking about Tango, Samsung's devices have already received it - at least my wife's Focus Flash has it.
  • I still don't have Tango on my original Samsung Focus.  However, I finally got it on my Lumia 900.  AT&T strikes again.
  • WHT CANT YOU JUST BE HAPPY THAT ITS FINALLY HERE. If bnyou are spo pissed off sell your damn phonew and go get a verizon treophyt or something.SHEESH
  • ^^ +1 too much complaining here.
  • Still waiting for HTC Titan..... :(
  • +1 Still missing on my Focus gen1
  • So long? You've been waiting a few months. All of us who have had disappearing keyboards (which was fixed when you bought your phone) have been waiting since January. I think we need to start writing letters to Ralph de la Vega's office. Every week, until the release the update for the rest of us.
  • Not so long really if you Think about. Nokia just put it up on their site a week or so ago. So if Nokia was working fixes (i.e. camera, etc.) to bundle with tango good for us. So turn around for ATT to allow the update through was relatively short. So, good job AT&T.
  • Updating mine now! I don't see how it took all that long. We were not need of the keyboard fix and this is not that big of a deal for Lumia 900 owners that we needed it on day one. We had internet Sharing as well from the inception. Plus it likely allowed them to fix a few other items like the camera.
  • There were three separate updates.  They each take some time.  I was expecting about 45 miniyutes and thats what it took.  I ate lunch while it was updating now I can go back to work a happy person!  Thanks ATT 
  • why has my Focus had NO updates since Mango------Try thinking AT&T !!!!!
    At least Nokia seems to be able to get AT&T to co-operate.
  • Uh, the focus is THE easiest phone to update to Tango if you want to. I did the 3 of ours months ago. If you want it, go get it. The focus is a gen 1 device and if you wait for ATT to release it you will be waiting a long time. Your choice.
  • Why didn't my Tabs come back in my browser???
  • Oh shoot on the day Im out town taking my daughter to college! Oh well. See you when I get back!
  • Not seeing it yet :(  C'mon baby
  • Nope. Not seeing it yet.
  • There is a way to jump the line... Plug I your phone in to your PC, go to settings, update in Zune and immediately disable your internet (unplug, or turn of your WiFi) a
    As soon as Zune reports update available, reconnect to the internet and allow Zune to update your phone. Timming is critical so be patient and keep trying.
  • If you used another procedure to get 8773, should you rollback and install the new update fresh? Or just update to the new one?
  • Seemed to upgrade fine from 8773 using the normal Zune method. There were two updates just as expected.
  • Fucking finally.
    I'm likely going to T-Mobile for WP8 after this debacle
  • Don't do it.  Tmo is the worst.  I switched to them to get the Radar 4G and save some on my payments.  I ended up just paying the cancellation fees to get the heck away from them.  Tmo is one of the few companies I truly dislike.  They are dishonest and only want your $$.  This is somewhat true of any company, but my AT&T experience has been better thus far.  If you're going to switch, switch to Verizon when they get WP8.
  • Lol never heard that complaint about t mobile
  • For real. I switched from TMO to ATT for the Lumia 900 and I'd say ATT is much worse when it comes to customer service and it's certainly way more expensive. On the flip side, the LTE is way faster than anything TMO has.
  • In what way is att worse than Tmo in customer service? Did you know Tmo was last in the most recent JD Power ratings that they used to lead consistently for years? I switched from Tmo and have found att's CS to be quite good, in the first place staffed by native english speakers. And my queries were sorted quickly and satisfactorily and so far no problems with my bills, (though yes they are more expensive). Just curious what you have actually experienced that leads to your conclusion.
  • What's wrong with non native English speakers? If they weren't proficient in English they wouldn't have been given the job in the first place.
  • Dreamer.
  • My experience with ATT has been very good for the past decade plus.  As far as price I have a family plan w 850 minns shared between 4 phones and family test MTM and I have unlimited data and 3 3gb data plan (2 iPhones) and it costs me a smidge over 240.00 a month hows that way more expensive? 
  • The worst? Is that why PCMag rated them the best network in rural and suburban areas?
  • Switch to T-Mobile +1 . Get the new Samsung. It's 4.6 samoloid HD screen and its LTE. $50 a month 2GB unlimited everything else. Att can't touch that. I'm in Savannah GA. Tmo has better and faster data speeds here.
  • Tmobile doesn't have LTE stupid (no offense). And please use proper grammar. I don't understand u at all.
  • wonder if L800 will get it ?
  • L800 update was released at the beginning of July... (depending on carrier)
  • Any word on the Focus?
  • The Focus is ridiculously easy to update to Tango. If you want it, go get it. ATT won't release it.
  • I suggest using the Rogers trick
  • Got a quick link on how to do that?
  • I used the debranding method for my Quantum and am now at 8773. Disappearing keyboard fixed. Not sure if this method works for the Focus and the HTC (which I forget the name of!)
  • not seeing it yet.  can we force it to our phones?  how did that work again? something about disconnecting your internet connection?
  • Its interesting that this update only appeared on Nokia's servers a few days ago. I wonder if the at&t firmware is significantly different from the International version. Obviously there are some time consuming differences for the developers
  • yes the "developers" at ATT had to test it to make sure you couldn't get free tethering, or unlimited data.
    ATT did nothing, just some fat uck there had to press the "approve" button so Nokia and Microsoft could disribute it.
  • If you dont like ATT move to another network  then you'll b e *itching at them.
  • It seems At&t will take there time even now!
  • Does this bring multiple attachments in a MMS?
  • Yes it does
  • Ty
  • Hmmm....  The WiFi trick isn't working for me...  Has anyone tried that yet?
  • Tried the wifi trick, but no go. I've only gotten it to tell me that either my phone is up to date or it can't connect to the update service. Tried it probably half a dozen times. This is how I updated my 1st gen Focus to Mago.
  • Sweet - disregard. Tried it a few more times and it finally worked. I think the trick was me disconnecting my phone and reconnecting it before doing the wifi trick.
  • Same here, no luck with the force, no luck.
  • GOT IT TO FORCE!! I went out of settings and then back in and unplugged the WiFi then and I am updating as we speak!!!
  • Got it without doing a force. Just plugged it in and it told me there was an update. :)
  • Well, just tried it again, after I've been trying to download Windows 8 and VS2012 from MSDN (the site has a BUNCH of errors, which I have no doubt are getting overrun by download requests), and VOALA!  Downloading TANGO NOW!  No forced update.
  • No luck yet...
  • WOO HOO! An update is available for your phone. No forcing needed. 8112 to 8773 took about 15 min
    8773 to 8779 took about 2 min
    Nokia update took about 10 min DONE!
  • Efff u att :o
  • Damn after I flashed mine loool I went through that long ass process for no reason hahahahahaha
  • I currently have firmware 12201 but OS version 8779, german carrier unlocked Lumia 900. Will I also get the new firmware or is it only accompanied by the OS update of AT&T?
  • Looks like the last number 8779.xxxxx is the carrier specific number (mine is .12222)
  • Not seeing it yet. :(
  • This is the first update since i switched from ATT to Straight Talk.  Does anyone know if the update will work for me?  thanks.
  • Yes it will work, service has nothing to do with the update on the phone.
  • yep, confirmed.  it's updating now.  thanks!
  • How did you unlock your Lumia 900 to be used on straight talk. I'm curious because I've been trying to unlock mine to be used on Tmobile but so far failed. I have only been hot spotting my Radar on the Lumia 900 since.
  • If you get the ATT sim from straight talk, no need to unlock. You will need the network app from Nokia to reconfigure apns tho
  • Does anyone know if it fixes the pink spot when taking a photo?
  • Pink spot in photos is from the camera's lense I think. That is hardware issue.
  • Yeah when are they gonna fix the disappearing keyboard on my titan?
  • Hahhah, and I was just slapped for asking about this?!?! :P Jk, love you guys ;)
  • force update trick worked for me (8773 was the version though). Illl see what happens after this update completes.
  • Odd. Mine was also 8773.98. Wonder what the difference is.
  • I should have added that Im in Orlando and on AT&T (Update almost complete)
  • after 8773 update (using force) finished - phone instantly said there was another update, getting 8779.8 now
    *Update* And now a mysterious 3rd update called Nokia update for windows phone
    It contained no additional information, just that title.
  • Thats the firmware.  8773 OS 8779 OS Firmware 12223
  • No luck here either in Tennessee. 
  • Does this update bring support for texting a video?..
  • Mine said that in the about this update  I was reading the screen while watching the three updates in progress!
  • Force didn't work on Rogers. I'll try again later
  • Be patient with the force, I have an L900 on Rogers. I have 8779.98 OS and .12222 firmware.
    The force update requires critical timing. Unplug the phone plug in, and try again. I didn't have to force mine. I was playing a game and was interrupted with update available notice! .... We should totally start a WPUG.
  • Got it just now in NYC
  • My Wife got her update, no WiFi trick needed. 3rd try give or take.
  • Just got mine in WI. Update version said 8773, I will check my phone after completion. 
  • Two more updates followed. Completed the second one, on the third one now. 
  • Updating now using Zune - no tricks
  • Got mine through Zune no tricks needed.  
  • So when is the HTC Titan going to get their upgrade from ATT?
  • Never, nothing for Titan, just Titan 2
  • That's crap! My Titan is not even a year old!!
  • How do you know the Titan will not get an update?
  • Has ATT Pushed out the TITAN II Tango Update yet????????
  • I got it on my phone, downloading now.
    Just plugged it in, went to phone on zune, check for updates.
    Make sure you are under phone, because if not, it will check for a computer software update instead.
    Appears to be at least 3 updates, so it takes a while.
  • Gotta love how the update process is creating a new backup between each of the updates. Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose? :P
  • i had to turn my phone off and restart it and zune... updating now!!! about time At&t!!
  • I just plugged it into my compuer and did a check for update from the setting menu in the zune software and it was waiting for me!  In the process of updating now!
  • 3 updates to download for me. 8773, 8779, and then a seperate Nokia update all via Zune
  • Got the update and installed it.
    BOOO! The volume bug for music at 1/30 is still there!!!
  • Yup :(
  • Just checked and mine is fixed. If you just update from 8773(or earlier) try a factory reset and try again.
  • Updating now!! No tricks need.
  • Can somebody please intercept the URL for the 8779 update.
    1. Install 8773 update. 8779 will follow so...
    2. Install Wireshark: (including WinPCAP);
    3. pen Zune and go to Update page. Do not continue with update, just get it ready.
    4. Open Wireshark, click Capture Options, Tick 'Capture on all interfaces', click Start;
    5.  Go back to Zune and start update. It will find the update (8779) and download it. Go into Wireshark and press stop (4th button from left). Now review the list and locate the update file, which will be: ''
    6. Copy the address and post it here on in this thread:
  • I updated my 900 to 8779 the other day through the Nokia Software Suite.  Any chance this release would be different than that?
  • I'm Updating my Nokia Lumia 900 as I type this.
    Rogers Network - Toronto - Canada
  • Just completed the update on a Rogers Network Lumia 900 in Vancouver.
    Seems like we only get the Nokia Firmware Update (2175.2301.8779.12222). 
    Not the 8779 Tango OS Update :( My phone is still sitting on the following OS version (7.10.8773.98)
  • Curious, I got the 8779.98 OS a week ago and the .12222 today(at about 7pm)
  • Hmm.. I was so impatent, I've updated my NL900 over the weekend via the Nokia software which would get the phone to Factory reset. Now I am curious about the 3rd update you guys are talking about. 
    Can anybody tell me, if I updated mine via Nokia server directly, would I've got the Nokia update you guys are getting via Zune... 
  • I don't have a Lumia 900, so, haven't received the update.  AT&T sucks!!!  hahahahah...
  • AT&T could save a lot of money if they would just eliminate their customer service staff and department completely since it is their OBVIOUS POLICY to give NO customer service anyway !!!!!!
  • Okay they finally fixed the hardware buttons (volume and camera now work reliably even when locked.) However they still haven't fixed the in-line headset controls. Pausing, next track and previous track only work properly when the screen is unlocked. It still creates negative feedback on another person's phone if you set the call volume to 7 or above.
  • The in-line control problem is so freaking annoying
  • Plugged it in & checked for updates...after 1 min it said a new update is available & now it's on its way. Whoooohoooo!
  • Just completed the update on a Rogers Network Lumia 900 in Vancouver.
    Seems like we only get the Nokia Firmware Update (2175.2301.8779.12222).
    Not the 8779 Tango OS Update :( My phone is still sitting on the following OS version (7.10.8773.98)
  • Me too near Tdot. Also radio software updated also.
  • I got the 8779.98 OS a week ago and the .12222 firmware today...
  • Yay the whining can stop!!
  • I can confirm that the update works, even after Windows decided to force an update down my throat DRING the phone update (when will they learn!).  To their credit, the attendent restart fo the computer didn't brick my phone, I just had to do the update again.
    So far:
    the lights ont he touch buttons stay illuminated,
    the "flip to silence ringer" function works, I loved this on WinMo its nice to have it back again!
    the camera button wakes the phone, launches the homescreen then the camera in about 2 seconds,
    the Volume rocker now works properly when the screen is off!
    Nice additions!
  • Windows Update behavior is configurable. have you heard of the Control Panel? Check it out. You can configure many things there.
  • Hmm I got Firmware updated to 8779 but no OS update. I'm still at 8773. Any Rogers Canadian can confirm getting OS?
  • Just posted below the same.  I got the firmware but no OS update.  Still, have noticed improved speed and my counters app is now functioning.
  • Yeah me too. Seems smooth. Haven't tried out camera adjustments yet.
  • Really excited about the buttons staying illuminated -- no more fumbling in the dark!
  • Done, yay!!!!
  • Yay! 8779.8 on my lumia900, att!
  • I can confirm that I got the new firmware update from Rogers in KW Ontario.  I just plugged in and was prompted (finally!) OS Version: 7.10.8773.98
    Firmware Revision Number: 2175.2301.8779.12222
    Counters app works now.
  • all done, took it 30 mins????
  • I'm in South Carolina with the Lumia 900 on AT&T. I just did the check for updates in windows phone connector on my Mac and the phone is updating now.
    exciting stuff.....
  • FRACK ME THE TETHERING WON'T TURN ON. Says I have to call AT&T. What a joke.
  • Could be a dataplan thing :( cell carriers can be crooks)
  • ANOTHER FRACK ME. My phone won't reconnect to my AT&T Microcell now!
  • have you tried reatsrting your lumia? 
  • I tried to update via Zune and keep getting error #80070424
  • Does anybody know whether this solves the voluming issue when listening via headphones, I can barely hear mine?
  • FIXED Microcell issue by rebooting the Microcell. Not sure why an update to the phone required a Microcell reboot but hey. It's working.
  • Good to see you resolved it.
  • Received my update 3 hrs ago, happy camper... Tupelo, Ms.
  • plugged in and got the notification, took about 30 minutes...much easier than the old wifi tricks i had to, when does 7.8 come out?
  • Whatever... Should have been 7.8
  • All in due time...
    I shattered my L900 48 hours ago!!!!
  • Rogers in Canada pushed the firmware update to repair the purple and other compatibility tweeks. I can now also use the contacts share and counters apps. Thank you Rogers and Nokia. I still can't subscribe to podcasts, a feature that was disable on my phone after installing tango (8779.98)... thank you Microsoft for that one.
  • My update notice hasn't arrived yet. Maybe tomorrow.
  • I am so VERY sad right now!!!!
  • My internet Sharing no long works.  What the sh*t Rogers?  It says:
    There's no cellular data connection to share right now.  Check your cellular settings and signal and try again.
    I have data on, signal is full bars 3g and 4g.  Anyone else having this problem with Rogers?
  • I couldn't get it to work until I upgraded to LTE... sick fast and internet sharing is cool.
  • I have the exact same problem on Rogers too.  Did you found a solution?
  • I got home around 5PM EST and plugged my phone in and there it was! I haven't messed with it too much yet as my SIM is now in my new 808 Pureview but I will check out all of the goodies later tonight!
  • I plugged my Nokia Lumia 900 into my MacBook Pro, and with Windows Phone 7 Connector, I was able to update. Seems there were 3 updates, because twice after checking my phone to see if it had the latest software, there was another. After the 3rd, I was told I was up to date.
    After playing around with settings, looks like I've uncovered a glitch and I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed. If you go into settings, under system, go to date+time. Since getting my phone, I have had it set to 24-hour clock set to off and Set automatically is on. If I turn off "Set automatically" and turn it back on, my phone goes into Airplane mode. I have done this several times without fail and I never noticed this before this before the update. The first few times, I went into "cellular" and fixed it by clicking data on and off, but it seems you don't even have to do it. Just turning the date+time "set automatically and waiting, it seems it fixes itself.
    Anyone else seeing this? Anyone who hasn't updated their phone, can you check to see if this happens pre-Tango?
  • You might need a factory reset if you have upgraded from 8773 or earlier.
    I have found major OS updates on the L900 break a lot of things, after a factory reset everything is fine.
  • Mine is doing the same thing. No way I'm doing a factory reset tho.
  • Ditto. No way am I doing a factory reset either. It'd be one thing if Windows Phone Connector made a backup the way iTunes does for iPhone, but I don't even know why there is an option to backup my L900 in the first place. I had a couple hardware issues with my first phone, which I backed up before returning. When I went to sync my replacement with my backup, nothing transferred over. I don't even see a point to Windows Phone Connector backing up if I can't make use of it.
  • I haven't updated my ATT Lumia 900 yet.  Turning "Set automatically" OFF then ON again, briefly toggles airplane mode.  The airplane mode symbol appears. I lose my cell connection. Then the airplane mode disappears and I regain the cell connection after a few seconds.
    If you're saying that airplane mode doesn't go back to OFF, then something went wrong after the update. Still, it doesn't bother me since I don't expect to mess with that setting anymore.
  • Still works the same way for me after the update.
  • Updated went well, Atlanta GA
    .att took about 40'mins....
  • Anyone Got the data sharing working?
  • Anyone else got 3 updates? I plugged mine in and got 3 diff updates. 2 from MS and 1 From Nokia. 
  • Yes, I did as well.
  • Am I wrong...i thought internet sharing was supposed to be one of the big features added by tango?
  • Like I said, mine actually STOPPED working with this update.  On Rogers Canada.  I'd like to know if any other canucks are having this problem with this update?  I suspect Rogers f*ckery with this one.  Trying to prevent unauthorized tethering.
  • The AT&T 900 has always had tethering, if you pay for the right plan.  So Tango isn't required.
  • I didn't get the new wallpapers in my update :-(
  • You have to go to settings, lock+wallpaper, change wallpaper to see them. They don't show up by just going to Pictures hub.
  • Where is the update for HTC titan 2?!
  • Has anyone tried to send a video with this update seems it don't work very we'll
  • I have two Lumia 900 phones (one got a broken screen) and I noticed on both that the flash on the camera is significantly degraded.  I thought I noticed it on my "good" Lumia and so I matched the settings and took identical pictures from each.  The flash on my upgraded Lumia was quite a bit weaker in the photos than the other Lumia.  I then upgraded my broken Lumia and took yet another identical shot and the flash was degraded on it.
    Anyone else seeing this?  The pictures themselves are VERY much improved, with almost all the "noise" being gone.  But a weak flash is a cause for concern.
  • I think the flash might have been too much originaly, and thus the issue. I always had object get washed out, or completely ingulfed in the flash before. Have not tried with the update yet. 
  • And where is the update for the HTC TITAN?? I´ve been waiting for a long time and now another device like lumia 900 that came after than mine is receiving that fucking update!!...screw you AT&T!!
  • Just updated my Nokia Lumia 900 - 3 updates including one from Nokia. Good job; MS, AT&T, & Nokia.
  • Everything feels snappier :D
  • Where is the voice note app?
  • I suppose I should add my voice to the chorus of people whose AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 devices were updated last night. I didn't have to force the update; I got the notification on my phone yesterday evening. The update process went smoothly.
  • My Lumia 900 updated last night and literally, I have none of the new features we were supposed to get, not hold camera button to wake up, no flip to silence, nothing. Don't know what the heck happened.
  • Is this the update which is supposed to allow different sized home screen icons ?
  • Updated my Lumia 900 last night. A side benfit is the Live Tile for the Weather App started working again (which had stopped with the last update to 2.0 and the Nokia branding).
  • @goyde
    No, this is pretty much the "Tango" update with a few extras.
  • @ejones- turn ur phone off then on again...that should work...did for me
  • Darn, I was really hoping Tango would fix the very annoying 4 consecutive alerts when a notification comes in during a phone call. Hopefully 7.8 fixes this. How hard could it be?
  • Have you considered a factory reset. Last few times I updated, a reset solved all the silly anomallies that developed... I know it's trouble and time consuming not mention have to restart all your games :(
  • Noticed, camera is wayyyyyy better now with update in phone....nice
  • Just by using this tango for a day I notice huge improvements to the speed, battery life now feels like there is a new battery in the device, brightness and clarity is improved and load times for all applications! Surely we all know about the camera. Glad to have this update though! :D
  • I was wrong about my is version... I apparently have 8773.98 (not 8779.98) but firmware us definitely 8779.12222. Not sure what the relevance is in those numbers except the last number int the firmware version is apparently different depending on your carrier??? :/
  • I have notice my data connection is all over the map between E(dge), G, 3G, and 4G rarely do is see the LTE since updating. And the reported speed is all over the map, and it gets worse with device temperature???
  • I update mine today. I like some of the changes. What is the flip to silence feature I heard about and how do I use it? Keyboard feels nicer as well.
  • I updated on the 17th and did notice many improvements listed here by others. However, I lost all live tile updates for email accounts, weather, FB, and Zune. I restarted my phone several times and nothing has changed. I also lost Skype capabilities. It just will not open up.
    I reverted back and I may try again later. I also may swap the phone with ATT as I have the capacative issue when using speaker.
  • No 8779 update yet for the Philippines.  No firmware update, too.
    When will we have them?