AT&T distributing Nodo Update!

We heard rumors last week that today was the day AT&T was to begin distribution of the Windows Phone 7 update, affectionately known as Nodo. The morning came and went with no signs of the rumor holding true but just a few little while ago, AT&T unleashed Nodo.  We've received a number of tips from Focus owners confirming this plus the update popped up when we connected our Focus to Zune.

Nodo is now available for the Samsung Focus and LG Quantum. The HTC Surround will have to wait until mid-May due to software issues. Along with the standard features, the AT&T Nodo will also include "unique features" such as a WISPr feature that automatically taps into AT&T's hotspots and support for AT&T's Address Book.

According to the update screen, the entire process will take about twenty minutes, first installing the February 2011 update and then the March 2011 update.  We're about to hit the update button and begin the process and if you've already updated your Focus or Quantum,  feel free to share how your thoughts on how everything went and if the wait was worth it.

Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • ya i debranded my att focus and today recieved a samsung update for my phone any idea what that did?
  • FYI I got notified of an update, and I did use Chevron to update to Nodo previously (Samsung Focus)
  • Very interesting.....
  • Yep, same here. I have two Samsung Focus', one was updated usig the VPN hack, the other was with the Chevron tool. In order for the update to show up, you need to make sure that ATT-US is set as the MobileOperator value in the Registry. Updating the phone again right now, to the AT&T build of NoDo and the Samsung "features."
  • That suggestion assumes the phone isn't locked again after using the VPN hack to get NoDo. The registry hacks no long work and homebrew can't be loaded once that happens. The only recourse would be to load the restore.
  • Mine only shows the Samsung update, not the one with AT&T's updates.
  • That seems to have the AT&T update too. You can verify this by going to Settings->People->Add account, and you will see the AT&T address book as an option.
  • Haven't received anything yet but I am hoping sometime today. Will be glad when it's here and insalled It will be nice to not hear all the yapping about the delays in updates but I am confident that there will be a din and clamor of blah blah about shortcomings and where's Mango and hurry up and MS is this that and the other. Oh thanks for the news George!!!!
  • ya i was already on nodo as well and got a update
  • I have a branded quantum... I did not use chevron or any other early NoDo hack and have not recived the update. I assume they are 'rolling' this update out slowly?
  • If you haven't received a prompt on your phone yet, try clearing out your map, browser, and search histories through your phone's settings/applications page. Once I did that, 'poof', "You have an update available for you phone, blah, blah, blah."
  • Thanks!
  • Didn't work for me, so I guess there might be some "your mileage may vary" to it. I've also turned the update checking off then on as well as turned the phone off then on to attempt to force it to check for updates.I would guess that maybe clearing everything as you described will force it to check for an update, so if you've been green-lighted then you'll be informed as such? I'm in Hawai'i, so since its a rolling roll-out I'll guess I'll get it later on.Thanks! :)
  • Right on time! Early April!
  • HAHAHA yuhh...
  • I fired up the Zune software on my PC and plugged in my LG Quantum. Went to the Settings screen for the phone and clicked update, and it downloaded the February update. Once done, the notification came up on the phone indicating another update is ready. I went back to the Zune software and checked for update again. It's now installing the March update.
  • I connected my phone (Focus on AT&T) and went to settings/phone/update, and there was an update. That update took about 5 minutes. After updating, I went back into settings/phone/update and got the notification for Nodo. I did the install (took about 15 minutes I think) and now it thinks it is done. Will post back if I run into any issues.Eric
  • I'm curious to see if those of us that debranded to get NoDo early will also get an additional update with the AT&T specific changes. XDA is rife with reports of debranded users getting updates on top of NoDo. Unsure of what they contain yet.
  • I debranded and did the VPN solution, then rebranded. I am now seeing a "Samsung Update for Windows Phone" update available. No other details. I think I am going to restore my phone using the pre-NoDo state later today, then walk through the proper update process. At this point, it appears to be the only way to be 100% certain I am getting all the updates I should be.
  • I CALLED IT!I am at work during the NoDo roll out. =(
  • I just wish you could do this over wifi without Zune. My PC at work is blocking the Zune update needed to do the phone update, and my PC at home is old as heck and probably will crash when I try. great.... Time for a new PC at home I guess! My PC at work is pretty good, but for some reason the Zune update file is considered in a "shopping" site, and therefore restricted.
  • Anyone with a Focus seeing the "AT&T Address Book" app that was supposed to be part of the update?Eric
  • Thanks for the UPDATE on the NoDo update!Tried twice to update my Samsung Focus and keep getting the Error Code 800705B4 even after clearing my history.I guess later today I'll give this a try else have this problem?Edit: Just finished using the tool above and successfully updated both Samsung and NoDo updates with no more errors. Time to rock C&P!!
  • I had a problem updating as well. I hacked on nodo a few weeks ago and was only offered the samsung update. We'll see when i get home i spose.
  • I had the same problem and resolved it with the Support Tools you had linked to. I had not done any hacks to try to get NoDo early. Use the recover option of the tool as described and you'll roll through the updates without any problem.
  • I got NoDo early on my Focus and my dad's Focus through the Carrier change way, and today I received the "Samsung Update" which does update the firmware/radio versions. I am unable to get it on my dad's Focus though....weird. Anyone else notice any improvements/changes with the "Samsung Update"
  • I am now officially upset to have a Surround.I have been happy until now, receiving all of the cool HTC only apps. This makes me sad.Why isn't AT&T offering this Address Book app in the store? Seems like bloatware. (maybe I'm bitter)
  • Because they convinced Microsoft to let them embed that crapware on our phones (another dissapointed Surround owner). And unbranded phone is looking better and better every day.
  • att address book isn't so bad. it doesnt take up too much space on ur phone and it might turn out to be a neet handy free tool
  • Got the update even though I had already performed it with "Walsh" tool. Did verify that I got the AT&T Address Book and I believe firmware updates. However, I did not write down the older versions, so will have to double-check my wife's Focus when I get home.AT&T Address Book can now be seen under Settings >> Applications >> People >> add an account - there you'll see the new account type "AT&T Address Book".Not sure how to confirm the AT&T WiFi piece, until I go to Starbucks.
  • have just installed nodo ... can't find anywhere WISPr .... where is it?
  • I haven't found WISPr either, although AT&T Address book is there, so I am sure WISPr is on the phone someplace, just haven't found it yet.
  • who needs the ATT address book.... when we have the wonderful Windows Live contact database???? lol ......I personally prefer the windows live contacts
  • Best new feature? Anti-shake is turned on be default now! MY FOCUS CAMERA IS USEABLE!:)
  • Freaking awesome!
  • sooo... we can now call it YesDo instead of NoDo.... it took a long while LOL .... now I want the NoMango
  • my phone is still no of nodo :( htc surround
  • awesmdiver: Thanks for the info on where to find the address book. Were you able to create an "AT&T Address Book" account? When I try I get the message "Checking subscription" for about 1 minute, then get the error:"Sorry, we've run into a problem. Please try again later."I looked at the AT&T site (really helpful as usual) and did notice that the Focus is not listed under the "supported phones" section.I guess it is time to contact AT&T and find out whether or not the Focus is supported, and if so what I need to do to get it working.Thanks,Eric
  • Has anyone been successful updating to NODO with the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac? And I wonder if it will make a difference whether one uses the beta version or the "official" one running on Snow Leopard?
  • My phone had been Walshed and I received a "Samsung update for Windows Phone" today via the Zune software that appears to have delivered at least one of the AT&T specific features. Full details here...
  • I just gone done "chatting" with AT&T and was told "We have been having some issues with the AT&T Address Book website. I will report your issue to IT and see if they can remedy the situation."Eric
  • My phone keeps giving me an error every time I try to update. It's saying it timed out?
  • well, it took three seperate updates/downloads/installs, but I think I'm UPDATED!! Got ATT address book (haven't installed yet), got cut-n-paste...what other goodies should I look for?
  • my phone was updated to NoDo via ChevronWP7 Updater and recieved the Samsung Update. I can be certain that it will be updated to Mango in the Fall. I have a backup Focus just incase. :)
  • I checked via Zune and saw that there was the "Samsung Update for Windows Phone" available to my ChevronWP7-updated Focus. It went fine, taking about 15 minutes and I see the AT&T Address book option. I'm going to stop by a Starbucks and see if I get the WISPr service.
  • I think WISPr is working. At least when I dropped by a Starbucks I was quickly connected to "attwifi" and didn't get the usual notification that wi-fi networks are available.
  • My phone also got the time-out error so I had to clear all the caches and then download and run the support program. All told it probably took 45 mins to get all the updates successfully installed. When I compare it to how long it took to install iPhone OS updates, NoDo has been a breeze!
  • Did the walsh update a few weeks back on my Samsung Focus and recieved the update notice on Zune today. The process update starts but doesnt complete the backup, stays at 0%. I get an error code 801812DD. I tried the fix from microsoft, moved usb to different slot. That got the backup percent to go about 5%. then says phone could not update error 801812DD.... Anyone have this problem and can offer a solution?
  • If you are trying to update your phone using a Mac, the beta version of the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac won't work. You have to download version 1.1 via the Mac App Store, which requires Snow Leopard, a $29 upgrade if you don't have it. Cripes.
  • Feb and Mar updates on my Focus went flawlessly. No sign of "Att Address Book"
  • As a head's up to the minority of people out there like myself who doesn't show an update available for NoDo on my phone and doesn't see one through Zune either, Samsung support informed this afternoon that the update was going out based on build versions (the REV # located near your IMEI # behind your battery).Apparently the NoDo was released 4/19 to build version REV 1.3 only. Those unfortunate saps like myself with buid version REV 1.4 will have to keep playing the waiting game for an undisclosed period of time. Joy.
  • I got my update today when I woke up. I dont know what version I am, though. Going to check after finishing texting my girlfriend.Happy for the update. Woo!