AT&T Focus and HD7 go prepaid and Focus gets sold out

While we know some new AT&T phones are right around the corner and that the original Focus is on its way out (EOL), it's still a bit interesting to see it get sold out. Part of that may because it's priced so low now and lets face it, with Mango on board is still a pretty amazing phone. What's odd is usually we get a "out of stock" for region and perhaps it's just the New York Metro area and not nationwide. But even still, that's a big market.

And we're not sure if this has always been there or is something new, but the HD7 and Focus are both available for prepaid "Go Plans" on AT&T. (opens in new tab) You basically buy the phone full price but then pay just $50 month to month (voice and text only). Not bad for someone who doesn't want a full contract.

Thanks, Theo and Juan, for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

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  • wait what? what if u want data?
  • You're assed out hahahah
  • they have data plans for smartphones on pre paid. $25 gets you only 500mb. That's maximum you can get. Use wifi
  • data on prepaid is EXPENSIVE!!!
  • $25 for 500mb is max
  • Whats the minimum? Is the 500mb plan all they offer??
  • The Focus is the only good selling Windows Phone. Once it was cheap people fell in love with it.
  • You can get 500mb for 25$I use that and it last me a month a I usually have 100mb that goes over to the next month.
  • it doesn't rollover
  • it does roll over provided you replenish it before the expiration date (i refill mine the day before, so i essentially have a 29 day cycle)i use about 300mb a month, so i roll over 200mb every month.that being said, a focus can be found on CL for ~200 or less pretty easily now (and even more so once the new gen2 phones roll out) unless you're dead set on a brand new phone from the store, these are pretty high prices.the focus s and titan will probably retail for 500-550 anyways, so i'd rather wait a week and then just buy those phones.
  • Not sure what was meant by "voice and text only".The website says:- $50 Monthly Unlimited Plan includes unlimited talk and text plus unlimited mobile Web access on eligible phones.
  • I'm pretty sure it's not an eligible phone.
  • Well that settles it:AT&T Rep: On smart phones it's: $5 for 10 MBAT&T Rep: $15 for 100 MBAT&T Rep: $25 for 500 MBAT&T Rep: If you could get unlimited on smart phones, people would go crazy on it.
  • data unlimited is only for none smartphones. Smartphone data plans are listed below by wpdiddy
  • Better start Wifi hunting like its 2005!
  • Too bad T-Mobile has faster data speeds and better plan options,cheaper too.
  • if tmobile actually worked reliably where i live and work, and they had better phones (gen2 options are pretty crappy looking right now) i'd really really consider it stands, i can't afford to use tmobile because i need service more than i need to save a few dollars.
  • Actually T-mobile has a better network than at$t y else would they try to buy them out?
  • The Focus has been available unlocked for around $250 from respectable websites such as Amazon for a month or so. In fact the prices for Gen 1 Windows Phones has dropped considerably recently. My guess is they are cleaning out stock before the arrival of Gen 2.
  • Hey guys, besides ATT what other providers is the Focus(Unlocked) compatible with? Also has the Focus 1.4 ever got updated to Mango?Thanks