AT&T Focus S and Flash to have Internet Sharing

It appears that both the AT&T Samsung Focus S and Flash will be capable of Internet Sharing. Or at least that's what AT&T's Support Websites are indicating.

Support sites for both the Focus S and Flash contain instructions on how to turn on your personal hotspot with these new Windows Phones. Both instructions do note that there is a prerequisite to have a compatible rate plan. We're not sure if that means you have to belly up for a DataConnect plan or if the DataPro 4GB plan will do the trick.  Personally, I'm crossing my fingers that the old unlimited plans will work.

You can find the tethering information for the Focus S here (opens in new tab) and for the Flash here (opens in new tab) at AT&T Support.

Thanks goes out to Ryan for the tip!

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  • Any news on the internal memory? Looking to pick my Focus S up on Sunday.
  • yes it will have either 16gb & 32gb internal storage. dont know the price? great also it will have built in external MicroSD card slot which is awesome. Iphone users weap and cry :0)
  • Yeah, and? The 'burning' question is storage capacity. Three days until launch and no storage info, no reviews...Samsung, gotta luv 'em :)
  • i want internet sharring on the reg focus
  • Exactly. What does someone have to do to find out how much storage the Focus S has? Is it still under NDA or something? This is getting ridiculous.
  • I would have thought that some of the people doing a hands on review could have just checked Settings > About? At least to get a minimum number, or a any number at all.
  • And what about Visual voicemail??? For me, that's more important than tethering.
  • Mango supports visual voicemail, so I'm sure that Second genaration hardware will support it. Remember the developers who received devices from MS demoed it in a vidoe. 1st generation hardware with mango update will not support visual voicemail.
  • It's more about the carriers supporting it than the hardware. Right now I think only AT&T has said they will support VVM on WP.
  • Your information is incorrect. ALL Mango devices, 1st or 2nd generation, regardless of hardware, has support for Visual Voicemail. The reason why some Mango devices have it currently, while others don't, is the Carriers. Specifically, in the US AT&T still hasn't provided support for VVM. Its been over a month, and no words from AT&T regarding their effort to make the appropriate system changes to support Mango. We at least deserve an ETA. I am asking WPCentral editors to put some pressure on AT&T to get this feature enabled.
  • Have Visual Voicemail on my Dell venue pro. Not limited to 2nd gen devices.
  • I meant when are the carriers going to switch it on. I know Mango and all WP7 devices support it, be it the First or second generation. Having a non-activated feature on a phone is as good/bad as not having it at all. All carriers have pretty much been dragging their feet when it comes to WP7 and I for one, find it very frustrating. If only everyone shared my enthusiasm for this platform.
  • Try YESMail as Visual VM. It works great & so far I am very happy with it on my Focus. AT&T said they will support VVM but they have not turned on the switch yet. Hope the 2nd Generation release will speed it up.
  • for $199 on contract i'm guessing it will have 16GB, but if they can really surprise me and give me 32, i will pee my pants out of excitement.
  • Tethering is different to internet sharing, isn't it? I thought tethering was USB internet sharing, and "internet sharing" was over a Wifi.
  • @mydefposseYes tethering is different as far as the way the external devices connect to it. Tethering usually is USB cable and Internet Sahring or Hot Spot is wireless and can have multiple devices connected. I have Internet Sharing on my Samsung Focus and it has saved me out of a few binds. A few weeks ago my internet went out at my house for 3 days and i used my I.S.. Of course my phone is Home Brewed.