AT&T low on Nokia Lumia 920 stock everywhere and causing frustration

The Nokia Lumia 920 Unicorn - Is it real?

It seems worldwide Nokia is having trouble meeting demand for their Nokia Lumia 920--whether it is for AT&T, Rogers or elsewhere, the device is increasingly hard to find. While we do think demand is strong, this is clearly not a case of such intense demand that Nokia can't keep up, rather it appears that Nokia can't produce them fast enough to even fulfill minimal requests by their carrier partners.

Looking at AT&T online and we can verify that cyan, yellow and red are now listed as "out of stock". While some people have received red and cyan, yellow is certainly the unicorn of Lumia 920s with very few, if any, having been shipped to customers--even those who pre-ordered. We've also heard that the online ordering and tracking system is not working well either, requiring users to call for their order status.

Looking at the stores around Long Island, we can see that all stores are listed as "out of stock" for matte black, leaving us only southern Connecticut to pick one up. Glossy white, however, is available from quite a few stores (and is our preferred color anyway). Likewise, you can still order online for glossy white and matte-black, so AT&T corporate still has those in stock.The question is, when will Nokia be able to ramp up production to actually stock store shelves?

Clearly the issue must tie back to production and the difficulties in manufacturing that slick polycarbonate shell and mixing the colors just right. Throw in some possible shortages of key components (silicon, chipsets) and you have the making for a production slowdown. Heck, even HTC has had a tough time getting the 8X onto store shelves in the US.

Nokia Lumia 920 in black...available nowhere

We're reaching out to Nokia for any information about supply but our bet is we'll get the usual PR spin. While some have "theorized" that Nokia is artificially creating demand by forcing a shortage, we think that that's ridiculous. We're positive that Nokia wants nothing more than having their flagship phone on every store shelf awaiting any customer who wants to buy one that day. But for whatever reason, there is a hold up.

Thanks, Noam B., for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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  • Finally got my Yellow 920 TODAY!!!   Now I can shut up about it lol!
  • mine is expected tomorrow. =)
  • Congrats!  :)  How is it?
  • Me too!!!
  • Black was sold out at the store I went to. Because I'm on a family plan, had to have it ordered and sent to me, should get it next week.
    Talking to the guy, he said they sold out of their first shipment on day 1, and only had white left from their second shipment. But both stores I went to, one of the staff had a yellow 920 (and one store they talked about "fighting" over it).
  • Any compensation for all the waiting att customers?
  • They would compensate you because..................
  • ...because when I'm told twice by two different reps that the phone is in stock, and not back ordered, shipped in 3-5 business days, the natural assumption is that my phone would have been here today. (ordered sat)
  • lol...................................
  • Its called a free wireless charger. Does Apple give credits or free items when they have shipping delays?....Nope!
  • Yes Apple gives you a free bumper if you hold your iPhone wrong:p
  • LOL I want a bumper.... I find it funny they claim the cost of their phones is all in engineering, and they state they have the most engineered, built from the ground up devices... Then they say that they defy physics in their design, where their lead designer said they should make something that you look at and say "of course, why shouldn't it be that way" then blame the consumer for "holding it wrong"... Then they sue you for making anything that supposed to be "of course, why shouldn't it be that way"... I hate apple in almost every aspect. They have become what many people used to hate about Microsoft, and Microsoft is becoming everything I wanted out of them. Its been hard to be a MS fanboy through the vista years... And before.
  • "Its been hard to be a MS fanboy through the vista years"
    YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN! The announcements and promises from Microsoft (that we now see them delivering on) have been long awaited by us Microsoft fans. Love my Lumia 920, my Surface RT... Got both in just days after ordering online. I can't wait to get the whole family using Windows Phone devices over the coming months.
  • Well the bumper had nothing to do with shipping delays, that was a hardware problem.
  • Apple has done white a lot over the years giving back to frustrated consumers. But why did apple enter the picture. What apple does or doesn't do shouldn't have effect on how Nokia does business. Nokia needs to protect their brand, something Apple has no issues with. No sense in souring customers. If I had been given the run around as much as some people have been given just trying to buy the Lumia I'd probably be holding an iPhone 5 (or just got back to the 4s) eight now.
  • My Yellow is scheduled to be delivered by 4:30. *crossing fingers*
  • Where do you live and what time you off of work?  ;)
  • Check this out, Lumia 920 best seller on Amazon!!!
  • Finally we (Microsoft + Nokia)are getting some MUCH DESERVED respect!!!
  • NOT having phones available for purchase?
  • Respect by such high demand for the phone/os.
  • It's not high deman, just low stock.
  • You can say what you will but if there was no demand then it wouldn't matter what kind of stock they have as they would all be sitting in stores.
  • +1
  • Yet there is enough supply to land the Black 920 on the top of Amazons best sellers list. Sure, supply might be tighter than we would hope, but there is no doubt this phone is selling...
  • How does amazon calculate this? Is it based on sheer numbers sold? Or is it based on how many they can keep in stock. If its the latter, that makes the most sense to me. But I'd gladly ear crow if its the former. I honestly want nothing more than for this to be a success
  • yeah sure you do ;\
  • Not via media outlets though! This is their best kept secret so as to not influence users to buy it instead of an iPhone 5
  • Exactly, but they can't keep it a secret forever. Word of mouth is the best advertising anyway... 
  • That's by design when supply is low people want things more
  • No.
  • No
  • No
  • Nope.
  • No
  • No
  • Yes?
  • No.
    The thing just gets more expensive. People don't want it more.
  • Na ah! :D
  • That only makes sense if you're floating in cash. For Nokia, which needs every penny they can lay their hands on, it makes more sense to put everything out there where they can monetize every unit.
  • My area, only red and white are available in store, the others are all sold out and the yellow does not exist!
    JK, my parents ordered yellows, hopefully they come soon. 
  • IM SO FREAKING MAD THAT YOU WONT BELIVE N THE PROBLEM IS THAT THEY DONT KNOW WHEN THEY ARE GOING TO GET MORE.. MY PHONE WAS SUPPOSED TO ARRIVE ON freaking 14th but it hasnt even shipped yet.. they are keep saying that they dont know when they are going to restock it! this is FREAKING BS.. im soo mad.. i had it now.. fuck!ng att.. f em
  • Anger management?
  • ya youd say that cuz you probably got yours.. JERK
  • Just take a deep breath so that you might live long enough to enjoy that Lumia 920 to it's fullest extent.
  • lol its not that man.. they dont give us a clear answer.. n at some point you get tired of looking at the "prcessing" status.. if i get an email again saying that it will ship around 26th! i wont mind.. ill wait but they dont have an answer.. n it sucks cuz i really want this phone.. otherwise it would be so easy for me to cancel my order and get an iphone or galaxy s 3.. i dont have to take this crap from att or nokia.. but i do wanna help them n i have always supported them (n im getting this after they screwed me with L900) i seriously had it with this people.. if i dont get an answer.. im not gonna stay with nokia/msft/wp/att.. fudge!
  • Yeah, I know. I'm anxious to get a 920 too. I still have 6 days left on my Verizon contract and it's getting hard to wait. Hopefully the supply issues will be sorted out quickly (or maybe I should just make my order now to prepare for the week-long shipping limbo).
  • Relax man trust me I just went thru the SAME crap with AT&T and my wife's phone .. Just chill you will get it very very soon .. and I called 3 damn times and the people on the phone dont know anything about the order processing facilitys full filling the requests :( You seriously will NOT be disappointed when you get it man .. I have the Cyan 920 and my wife (which finally shipped yesterday from AT&T) will have her's on Saturday and Let me tell you .. as a Windows Phone 7 user since DAY 1 on my samsung focus then to the lumia 900 I am loving this OS. Its buttery smooth and IE 10 seriously is QUICK!!! you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! just kick back and know that. I know it sucks.
  • I'm pretty much on the same boat - mine was supposed to ship on the 15th (from UAE to USA - wanted unlocked). Still hasn't shipped. I have no clue what's going on!
  • That one is going to sit in customs for a bit. Be patient. If you are going to buy unlocked, it is easier and goes through customs much faster if you order from rogers in Canada.
  • Wow! My eyes you have to type so loud?  ....but's just a phone, not a life saving liver transplant.  It will just have to "wish it" and it'll be there.  If it never comes...I'll just laugh and enjoy mine.
  • Sheesh! First world prob.  Some kid's in Asia, wishing he could get a few grains of rice for dinner, and we're whining about if my blue/yuellow phone is going to come in today or not.  Com'on peeps!  Let's keep it real. And if my wireless charger doesn't come in soon, I"LL FREAK!!!!
  • Out of stock all around me (20 miles) for 2 weeks now. One store i went to said they would expect to get some by next Tuesday. Hope thats true, or Nokia and/or ATT will LOSE BIG during the Thanksgiving shopping spree especially with Samsung Galaxy S3 being heavily discounted (free at T-Mo).
  • Well today "Nov. 16 and tomorrow" you can get Nokia Lumia 810 for free, and I'm getting one but I don't know about HTC 8x.
  • Do you have a verifiable source that TMobile offers the 810 for free this weekend?
  • I was half right and the sales person told me that it will be free but the only free is Samsung GSIII and not the windows phone. I payed $99.00 for my Nokia 810 and I'm loving it. Sorry for wrong info. but that's what she told me the from Tmobile.
  • You can get a free Windows Phone from T-Mobile this weekend... WP7.5 phones only--HTC Radar 4G or Nokia Lumia 710 if also going on a new 2-yr plan. If you want the new WP8 phones, you'll be paying $150/200 with new 2-yr plan.
  • Its pretty ridiculous and explains why Microsoft chose HTC as the flagship
  • yes and probably thats why the 8X is barely in any store shelves at all and even verizon has delayed its 8X shipments
  • lol
  • +1
  • I just walked into Tuttle Mall and got a Red one (for a secondary line), super pumped about that!  But I have been waiting 8 days for my Yellow one.  Obviously it helps to not want an import.
  • I ordered my yellow on the 9th, I'm a premier customer, and it hasn't shipped yet. -_-
  • Same here, I pre-ordered 2 (cyan & yellow) online, on the 7th. My Wife and I are switching from Sprint, and because its a new account, they needed to have some questions answered to get the ball rolling. We called that night and answered their questions, no problem. Phones were scheduled to ship on the 12th. I thought it was odd since the 12th was a holiday here in the States. Heard nothing from them, so by the 14th I looked up my order online and there was nothing showing. I called CS and come to find out, whomever we spoke to on the 7th, didn't authorize the new account after we answered all their questions. They need us to do it again. What a pain in the a**. That said, I figured they would ship out by the 16th at the latest. Nope, same lack of info online. Had to call again and come to find out the phones were back ordered. The Rep told me that they get new shipments of phones on Mondays, so even if they did come in with the new shipment they would not go out until the Tuesday, the 20th. She couldn't confirm whether or not our phones would be in Monday's shipment either. What a bummer. I'm really getting sick and tired of these big companies dropping the ball. there is no excuse...
  • I ended up trecking over to a Microsoft store for mine.
  • Exactly, I bought my my Cyan 920 at the Microsoft Store outsdie Chicago.  Plenty of stock on all colors except yellow.  
  • Well Nokia told that ppel will be climbing over others to buy a Nokia phone in Spring.. Well they misjudged it. I think the 920 is just a place holder (as far as pure view is concerned) till they finish the pure view porting to windows and the OIS on that. They thought that then pple will be buying nokia in huge numbers..But they added a lot of stuff in the 920 and pple want that now itself.. good problem for nokia to have.. Anyway lets see what happens. 
    Nokia is launching in a lot of places 2nd half of Nov. Already they have cancelled India launch for Nov. it may be Dec i think. 
    Also,, they will need to fix all the bugs in Firmware and windows 8 ... so i am sure demand is going to increase and not decrese. 
  • I agree with one part of your statement - nice problem to have. I do hope they get supplies right by Turkey Day. They cannot afford to lose those sells. Millions of phones are sold. A ton of them are just people wandering in stores and grabbing what they like. They NEED to be on shelves during the time from Thanksgiving to New Years.
  • Another fail launch from Nokia and carriers. It boggles my mind that a company that's suppossed to be the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world... cannot produce... enough mobile phones, especially the flagship model that's suppossed to save them! 
  • They produce enough but also trying to be on the safe side, plus different areas have different demand, my store has a lot in stock 5 colors I've asked yesterday
  • I have plenty in my area (PA, USA) replaced mine yesterday with a new white one
  • They probably shipped 5 or 6 phones per store, just like they did with the Lumia 900. But hey, it sold fast! 
  • THIS
  • They shipped 10-20 around where I live (Los Angeles).  My prediction is the 920 blacks alone will outsell all the colors of the 900.
  • Here in Cologne, Germany the 920 is sold out basically everywhere with delivery estimates ranging from 1-3 weeks. Online us also hopeless as none of the stores received any units. Only at Vodafone you can get that sucker but only on contract and then adding up to nearly 2000EUR over 24month. Biggest electronic shop (Saturn, mediamarkt) chains here only have 2 white ones which is insane as they stock hundreds of SIII in any color. Am about to cancel my yellow order and go for one of the last two white ones.
  • Since the black and white is still available my guess is Nokia believed most people will buy the standard colors (ie white and black) so they stock more white and black colors while most people ordered the other colors.
  • I was at the mall in Denver a few days ago and stopped in at the Microsoft store. They had all colors including yellow (no grey). That is definitely the place to go to get a windows phone. The employees all had them and really were well trained and knew their stuff. Did anyone try Microsoft stores for their colors? It seems the mass population is unaware Microsoft stores even exist let alone sell windows phones (if they even know those exist either). My cyan 920 came on Monday after preordering. Still no sign of the free wireless charger.
  • I agree. I originally preorderd mine from ATT premier on the 9th but they were taking too long. I looked at availability at the ATT stores in town and they only had a few white and black. I wanted Cyan though. I then thought about the MS store. I called and she said they had Red, black and white for sure. I would've been fine with Red so I went to get it. They ended up having Cyan, no Yellow though. I am now typing this message on it. :) They Red is hot though also. A few of the employees had red and it had me thinking of changing my color choice. They were very cool there and new their MS stuff.
  • I pre-ordered the Yellow one on 11/7/12 and on Wednesday night (11/14/12) my order was cancelled.  I called AT&T and they didn't have an answer.  They re-processed my order and put me at the bottom of the queue.  Needless to say - I am not happy about AT&T's blunder. 
  • Had no problem picking up my black 920 on day 1 here in Cali, from an att store.
  • When I was at my local Microsoft Store last weekend there were no Windows Phone 8 devices to be found anywhere. They had not gotten them in and had no idea when they would be available. I have not checked since but they seemed to be pushing the Surface mainly.
  • I got my lumia 920 on launch day at the microsoft store, this was in CA, the other nearby one didn't have though, so hit and miss for some stores. 
  • Picked mine up from Rogers yesterday, reserved it 2 weeks ago. It was the first one the store sold. The guy said they have not received any units yet. They were supposed to receive them last Monday. So it is way worse in Canada. Its beyond a joke.
  • I wanted the yellow one but they had it on back order so I got the black one.
  • Got mine in the UK last Saturday, the shop I went to were sent just two handsets, one black, one white. At least that made it easier to choose (love the matt black).
  • Ordered mine in Cyan from ATT online a week ago and it's STILL "processing"
    I wonder if ordering from Amazon would be any different or if they're also out of stock
    Edit: I guess Amazon is backordered 1-2 weeks too
  • This is why Samsung is delaying the ATIV S. There's gonna be adequate supply before they start their W8 domination.
  • That or they don't want WP potentially stealing sales from their real money-maker, the little green robot...
  • I'm very frustrated. The 920 doesn't seem to exist in my stores in Los Angeles. I really want the red, but Jessica Alba seems to have the connections to get that done.
  • Good luck finding it in LA.
  • There are plenty of 920's at AT&T stores around LA. Just go to AT&T's site and check in store availability for the 920. But yeah, only in black and white. You might want to check MS stores, since they said to have all to colours represented.
  • I've been talking to At&t for the past few days and when I was about to put my order the lady said that they only have black and red, which I didn't want. Then I called yesterday again and another lady said they have black and white...I don't understand what the hell is going on at At&t
  • Go to your local Microsoft store! They have em! Don't have them on display though
  • My att order (black 920, placed wed night) shipped early this morning ETA is next tuesday
  • Meanwhile in a secret underground bunker, Microsoft is ramping up production of the mysterious Surface Phone.....
  • MS should license the Pureview technology from Nokia to make the Surfacephone a super hero.
  • While they're at it, the screen too.  This is the best screen on the market.
  • Given the problems with this phone, it's probably just as well they are out of stock.
  • I'm waiting for my replacement 920 for a week now. I'm getting irritated and will definitely be looking for some credit from ATT as my phone service is not being used at all.
  • If you can't find one call your nearest MS store. That's where I got mine. You don't get the charger but I'm fine with that.
  • Rogers in Canada flat out refused to sell me any of the Lumias they had in store yeseterday on a month to month basis.  I had to sign the 3 year contract.  Yeah, that's never going to happen.  There are no HTC 8X's avaialble in Calgary despite the "launch" yesterday.  Looks like ordering online is my best option.  Now to decide which one to order...
    I like the 920 but I hate Rogers.  The 8X is nice too, but the 920 does seem to have some compelling advantages. What to do, what to do.
  • Buy it at the Microsoft Store. They're willing to sell it straight up.
  • I just got a white 920 yesterday. The store I went to had only white and black in stock.
  • I tihnk the problems with the phone firmware or software also caused the shortage.. we should be seeing alot of refurbished ones soon.. and May be they have stopped the release to address it before releasing the new stock. Anyway Amazon is still current with Black , white and Red. 
    Nokia is still going ahead with launch in other countries.. so we dont know
  • Maybe they are holding them back while the fix some of the bugs/defects? Don't get defensive. :-) I am not saying they are full of bugs, but there are a few that seem common ,so maybe Nokia is doing somehing about those before they ship more out.
  • I'll believe the hype once the numbers comes in for the QTR.  When the Lumia 900 was released it seems it was out of stock everywhere as well.  Then the true sales figures indicated something less promising.  I'm hoping this time around, Nokia is really selling tons of hand sets (millions rather).  One can only hope!
  • Mine shipped out today. Stock may be low at times, but that's the way it goes
  • Lol, I was about to celebrate that my phone came in, then I realized they sent me the wrong color. How frustrating is that? Now I have to play the waiting game all over again. :'(
  • If you're in Canada the black one from rogers is unlocked. Dunno why people aren't snagging those up.
  • All five of them for the whole country have already been purchased.
  • Good grief, is Windows Phone 8 cursed? It has been one confusing, frustrating mess after another from announcement to fumbled delivery of goods, all manufacturers, all carriers. Don't get me wrong: I love Windows Phone. But seriously, the entire Windows Phone ecosystem needs to get its sh!t in a pile.
  • Just went to a store in Manhattan and they only had white (was lookng for red), and they said that the only stores with the phone in stock were in New Jersey, which I'm not about to travel to. Too bad AT&T screwed up my online order and forced me to cancel it... So much for "Premier" service..
  • Isn't a failed launch when no one buys the phone and the marketing sucks lets find another term for this ... Wish I had an upgrade so I could be waiting weeks for my 920 im pretty sure it's worth the wait
  • This is failure to launch.
  • I have to agree. Maybe Steve Sinofsky should be offered the job of Windows Phone Manufacturer and Carrier Relations.
  • This is the kind of screw ups that causes MS to seriously think about a surface phone.
    Samsung Focus owner here in Seattle. I actually called EVERY AT&T full store in the greater metro area yesterday (from Everett to Tacoma) and the only color that is in stock at a couple of the stores is the white version (want either red or cyan). Both Microsoft stores are completely out as well. That's a major bummer in itself, but what makes it even more frustrating is that no one has any idea when more will be arriving.
    Then when I went home, I decided I would bite the bullet and order online, and not only is everything out listed as out of stock, but they won't even let you put the phone in your cart! AT&T and Nokia need to get their acts together STAT.
  • I will say it again... Im not buying until the first update comes out..i want to make sure that OTA IS REALLY FOR REAL..BETA TESTER HERE LUMIA 900... the general got his yellow lumia 920..pitch black photo was locked in with the 920 but I have to WAIT!!!
  • Anyone know what site WPCentral used to see what stores had Lumia's in stock? similar to the image in the post
  • Just AT&T's website...
  • You have to remember...ces 2013 is coming out will introduce the 930..
  • I got my Black lumia 920 3 days before, Lot of people said in reviews that it is too heavy , But trust me it feel so light in the hands bcoz of its beatufil curved design and the screen is just great, I am loving it :), All of my friends envy on my lumia 920 camera, I feel so happy  hahahhaha , Thank you Nokia
  • Maybe Nokia is taking time to actually cycling these phones a few more times in the factory so less people have a horrible out-of-the-box experience. Seriously thought my phone was a lemon the first few days even after I did two complete cycles (heat and battery issures). Only now , a week later, am I having an awesome experience.
    There also might be an issue with the multiple