AT&T holds WP7 Developer's Webcast

The iPhone 4 may be taking center stage over at AT&T but the wireless carrier has been quietly re-affirming its support for Windows Phone 7.  Last week, AT&T held a webcast seminar for Windows Phone 7 application development.

The webcast was conducted by Hsuan-Hua Chang, AT&T's Sr. Marketing Manager, and Rob Cameron from Microsoft. In looking at the presentation's slide show, the seminar covered the core development issues (hardware requirements, software architecture, etc.) as well as walking participants through the development tools. AT&T also took the opportunity to highlight their Developer Program. will give developers access to the latest information on building Windows Phone 7 solutions for the AT&T network.

AT&T further re-affirmed its commitment to WP7 during the follow-up Q&A. Question: Will AT&T carry a Windows Phone 7? Answer: Yes. AT&T is our Premiere Launch partner.

It would have been nice to have heard more details on what phone we'll see, when we'll see it, and how much it'll cost. But, that would be asking for too much. Right?

[via: AT&T]

George Ponder

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