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The AT&T Lumia 1520 is now getting the Lumia Denim software update

AT&T has finally come around to getting the Lumia Denim update, at least for one of its flagship devices, the Lumia 1520.

Windows Phone 8.1.1 (build 14219) and firmware 02540.00019.14484.37028 are now live starting at 1 pm ET. Users can head into Settings > Phone Update and 'check for update' to grab the necessary files. If you are enrolled in the Preview for Developers program, you can leave it enabled.

Lumia Denim brings numerous OS fixes and changes to Windows Phones, including Hey Cortana for passive voice listening and Lumia Camera 5.0 support with HDR, Dynamic Flash and faster shot-to-shot times.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); Thanks, Aakash S., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Oh my god... Thx!
  • Sorry off topic but...when should we expect the next build of win10 TP for phones?? Is it once a month or every three weeks??
  • Once a month from what I remember
  • Dumb question. I have a1520.3 on AT&T. Do unlocked phones get the same love?
  • Nope, have to wait for Mexico CV to get it.
  • Thanks for the reply. Still new to the whole unlocked phone thing. Will the update still be automatic, or will I have to look for them?
  • It will be over the air so if your phone is set to automatically check you will get it, else do the insturctions above to manually check. Or be like me and manually check every hour and get pissed at Microsoft for holding this up haha.
  • Samething I do too.. all day long. But my phone shows it has denim when I disable the DP, but when I enable DP it shows Cyan. I thought the false Denim shows up when you have DP enable. One more day hopefully!!!!!
  • I literally said the same thing in my head lol.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • i see no resuming..yet, will check xbm
  • absolutly no resuming no matter how fast i switch apps...hmm, hope this holds up.
  • So far so good, like a new phone.
  • I'm still having this problem with my hardware button... Doesn't work most of the time... IDK what's going on with it...
  • Which button?
  • Oh. I meant my Camera button... It'll focus, but it won't snap... Weird
  • Really. Well, that there smacks of a hardware issue, you know with the two step switch...half for focus, full for image capture...i am an xray tech (don't practice post master and PhD, still certified and licensed) the radiographic equipment works the same way...well the exposure control anyway.
  • Yeah.. If I play with it for a little while it works.. It's working now.. I guess I should use it more..
  • Wish it fixed the phantom touch issue, tho.
  • Woo from me! That means my 635 is next! (I hope)
  • There is still the 830
  • Wow.. But STILL nothing for the 1520 RM-937. Un-effing-believable.
  • Stop whining.
  • How is that whining?
  • Microsoft seems to be keeping to this 'by end of February' thing, so hopefully it won't be much longer.
  • Think they will miss it with at&t's 830 since at&t only does releases on Thursdays
  • Thursday ain't over yet! (at least as of the time I am posting this...)
  • I was under the impression the 830 shipped with Denim? What am I missing here?
  • It was a half baked Denim package if you will. I think the phone came with 8.1.1 but the firmware itself was not up to par as the firmware rolling out now to these devices.
  • Ahh, ok, I gotcha.
  • What about 1520.3?
  • Have to wait till Mexico CV is released.  
  • Thnx Dude!
  • What is this Mexico CV?
  • Mexico Country Variant Ohhh by the way, my RM-940 finally received some love from Denim!!!
  • Still waiting on my att 830 lol I hope Feb, the orig said it'll come out, then they say end of the year, now nothing lol
  • I have an international version RM-937 Hong Kong on ATT. No update for me yet. :-(
  • I still say there's no way they'll get this done. Look at the progress in the first post here: Unless there's a sudden flood of updates, this is more likely to be done by April. 
  • That's why I hate when they keep on saying, "all Lumia's will get denim update by end month". They have been saying that since last year November.
    That's what am thinking the last phones will get the update by end April or May.
  • RM-937 Hong Kong ?
  • Nope:
  • God's holy trousers! I noticed from the link you posted that all 1520s EXCEPT HK and PH country variant are all on Denim! Im from PH and have a 1520 RM 937 HK. What have I done to deserve this?
  • Actually quite surprised the att version gets the update first before both my 937 and 938 CVs... A little impressed with att
  • I feel you. Luckily I've got a new 1520 ( green international version ) with denim update straight away. The main thing was getting rid if the tap/scroll issue on my RM-937. It's like a different world! :D
  • Did denim solve that problem or your model you bought? I have that problem and it's annoying as hell.
  • I think the problem had already been solved on later models. I still think it is a hardware issue with earlier models. I now have the RM-937 eu euro2 211 model and have no issues but this is new as i say.
    On my previous 1520 the cyan update fixed a lot of issues but it still had the tap/scroll problem. Everything else was great.
  • Is it really gone? If so, what got rid of it. I ditched mine in December. That issue drove me nuts.
  • They issued an update way back before cyan. Fixed mine. I sent mine in for repair for another reason and got two 1520's in return. Both are fine, though on one I could tell the screen was opened.
  • They replaced my screen, the whole panel. After they returned, i realized the gps is not working already. Phantom touch gone, gps gone.
  • About damn time.
  • Congraz!
  • Right!
  • It happening! I kinda was thinking it might happen on their release Thursday on the last week of the month...but I sold and rebought the 1520 purposely for this update....over two months ago! About time ATT!
  • I have been waiting for this one. I really want the hey cortana thing to complete a hands free operation. Now, give us a proper BT stack with controller support, mouse, and keyboard, plus OTG. .. It restarted after install, now lets see what is what..
  • ok, the 21 steps..makes becoming sober look like a small feat.
  • I don't know who's down voting you but these 21 steps... are painful. Don't get me started on step 15. Takes forever. I wish MS would show what its doing or at least say something funny like ...petting all the puppies in the world...
  • People are assholes.
  • Oh my god! Hong kooooong please!!!
  • That's the version I have here in the states
  • That's the same version I have in UK.
  • thank you, i will check now
  • Now someone just needs to give me a 1520 and ill be set!
  • Lol
  • You can have mine❗
  • If you're just giving away a 1520, count me in! :)
  • No.. No, not you.
  • Lmao
  • I have one but it might be too big for you to handle. If you can take the size, I'll be more than happy to give it to ya. How would you like to receive it, fast or slow delivery? Maybe I shouldn't give it away free. I mean I love it. I love to hold it. Today, a coworker picked it up, held it in her hands and said, "wow! This is huge! Is it a galaxy?" I said no! it's the universe! Kidding. Since she on Verizon, I suggested the icon vs HTC m8 for windows. Do they still have the icon available?
  • Ohhh. God.
  • About time! Even I, who doesn't complain about updates, was about to start complaining.
  • This close enough to a complaint!
  • Not even close to a complaint. More of a sigh of relief so-to-speak.
  • Hahahaha, nooooo they beat my CV 1520.3.   Oh well, Good for people that own the AT&T variant. They will be happy!
  • Thanks for a good comment and yes, I am happy about denim for my AT&T 1520.
  • Hey, thanks back at you! :)
  • I'll stuck on Cyan,because I have Lumia 1520 and it's a Hong Kong variant.
  • its downloading
  • Me too
  • I blame AT&T for this❗
  • Its their marketing department...
  • Lol, good one Banned.
  • Ye are welcome
  • They should've marketed the Denim firmware update more... SMH
  • One man, who also has the janitorial position for the entire MS campus can only do so much including marketing, lol.
  • Maybe he can get his kids to help....... Heck, they could probably do a better job then what's being done now.... Lol.
  • Ha
  • Of course. You don't post unless you are placing blame on somebody. At least you're semi entertaining. 
  • omg, its downloading, im just happy
  • After all this waiting I wonder how many devices will get bricked, hahaha
  • Mine feels like new. Someone with an icon had said the same thing. Its true. Absolutely no resuming. Camera is great, hey Cortana even better, so much faster to wake her up.
  • Yep!!! I just wish I could use HC with my BTHS
  • Yeah, I've got a Sony sbh52. It behaves like a small phone for larger phones like the Xperia Z ultra. It's functionality is limited because it has a an app available for Android. But, it works in its simplest form on WP.
  • Ohhhhhh, don't get me started... Lol.
  • Do you know of which BT I speak of? was a pain to locate when it first came out, now, or at least it was on amazon us.
    But it I fancy, receives updates via the app over bt (obviously being it is a BT, still neat) and works as a loudspeaker, rivaling the external speaker of a good phone.
    Maybe I should do MS'S marketing..listen to me go on about a BT headset...but did I tell you can use your own IEM'S or headphones, lol
  • No, I'm not really familiar with it... Does it have two earphones? That's what I neeeeeeeed...
    Please.. Please go help MS with marketing.
  • Here, its UK Amazon, this is it, yes, it offers stereo.:
  • Oh, wow❗ I need to check that out❗❗❗
  • Lumia 635 must be next along with the others. Even though it will be very minor the updated drivers should go well with PfD 8.1.1 and improve performance/battery life, even if only slightly. Everyone should have something to look forward to regardless of device. :)
  • Thank God
  • Love when Firmware Update Check LiveTile became green XD
  • Come on at&t only 5 or 6 more phones....Yeah they have more than 1 or 2 to update people quit your complaining.
  • Yay, another set of whiners silenced! :)
  • Well, we are the majority
  • Whiners are the majority?
  • Yes and no..whiners get most of the attention , ATT offers most WP in us..
  • Pretty sure India has you beat....
  • You might be right..., hung kong cv is raising their head though
  • Don't forget Philippine CV.
  • Finally
  • YES!!
  • Will this cure the "constantly gets super hot while in my pocket not being used" problem? Here's hoping!
  • I hope my battery quits running at 4.5 to 5% per/hour
  • If that's happening, your device is likely struggling to maintain a proper tower signal. That, or you have background activities you're unaware of. 
  • Background... I'm aware, I'm just busy on it, lots of video and big display doesn't help.
    Signal does suck sometimes, one to two bars...
  • I've turned off background running for anything I can, and I close apps when I'm done with them. Not really sure what the deal is, but I see there are plenty of others who have it, too.
  • My flashlight app will do that to my 1020, whether or not the flashlight is on. I have to make sure to close that app when no longer using the flashlight.
  • I dont mean this to sound like its going to, but my phone seems to respond ..faster, really. Maybe its just me. I can say Cortana wakes up much faster by calling for her than the magnifying glass icon, course I haven't checked that yet, hang on..actually she is much faster, about the same..whether I yell at her or point at her, she's faster.
  • Lucky! I hate tap n hold search key! Back in the good ole WM days I would assign one of the many available hardware buttons to Voice Command and it was awesome! Then came the trend to not having hardware buttons! I blame Apple for this -- the basterds...
  • She is fast to wake. I have no problem talking to my phone, some say they do, very efficient.
  • That is an app or a game that does that. Pastry Paradise does this as Facebook plus Facebook Messenger, too.
  • I turned off.messenger
  • Effing Sweet. Will probably put the HTC One away for the weekend and check out this firmware, finally.
  • i just had an organism
  • ??
  • Classic autocorrect mistake.
  • Lol
  • Congrats on your birth?
  • Amoeba or Paramecium?
  • Lol, holy crap, that op and comments made my day..along with denim.
  • killer Amoeba from outer space !
  • Lol!!!
  • Yes. Finally.
  • I got it too!!!! Country variant in palestine
  • Soooo glad I have an unlocked 735 on T Mobile. Had Denim since last November. It's awesome.
  • Hopefully the 830 is on the horizon as well.
  • Hhhhhhhh.I am on denim from long time with my Lumia 1520 in KSA
  • I just got it in Palestine :]
  • Waiting for them to release it for my 925
  • 925 was T-Mobile's phone. You have to look to them. As far as AT&T is concerned it would be a 920.
  • AT&T got the 925 also.
  • There is an at&t firmware for the 925, also. It was sold by at&t after tmo. Not sure, but could be still selling.
  • I stand corrected. Thanks guys. I forgot about AT&T eventually selling it.
  • Seems like they are trying to migrate more phone before MWC. Now, Latin America variant.
  • Glad my schedule is open right now so I can do this, then a clean factory reset.
  • Still waiting for my Country Variant BR  RM-938  1520.3..... :/
  • Please give us update for Lumia 930 CV Belarus
  • And yet my unlocked Swedish version hasn't gotten it. Shame on you MS.
  • Woohoo!
  • OK I'll straight to my home to hook into WIFI and download it
    F*ck yeah it was about time!!!
  • That's what she said.
  • can any one tell the file size? cause i'm at work and i got 5 hours to go, i have my blu win JR and would share the data from it but i wanna know the size first. I WANNA GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!
  • Finally. My 1520 was downloading already and I didn't event realize....jajaja..
  • Hey Cortana works well, responds faster than holding the search icon
  • Hurry up 1520.3 RM938. This phone should have been the first to get the update. It's not even locked to a carrier!
  • Non carrier phones getting updates first is a misconception here. I know non-Americans love to bag on US carriers, but times like this prove that carriers can provide updates before non-carrier devices. 
  • Sadly, you are correct. AT&T actually gets new software to their newer devices, fairly quick. As an owner of a 1020 & 1520 with AT&T, I've actually been happy with their updates. I expect the 1020 will be a little later, now. It's getting old.
  • Heeeeeeeell freaked out finally!!!! Been waiting for this!!!
  • Still waiting here in Philippines
  • Same here brother same here
  • I'm dreaming. No way I'm beliving this.
  • I got it here for 1520 in INDIA.
  • Yeah baby......update is already in progress!!! Thanks for the heads up Daniel!  Funny thing was I got a restart notification needed for criitical update and then jumped on here and saw the "Update" news:)
  • Wen in 1520.3?
  • Why is it they always release their O.S updates on Thursdays?
  • About damn time!!! YES!!! Now it seems like the wait wasn't even that long now that its here.
  • No damn wonder out has been so cold here!
  • Nokia Lumia 1520.3 CV got for africa too.. Yayy
  • Downloading right now...!!! yipppeee...(for lumia 1520 Indian version)
  • Yaasassssassssa
  • About time...
  • I was just cursing MS and ATT today morning... now just cursing MS for W10...
  • Finallyyyyyyyyyy!
  • I'm living in Dubai-UAE are we going to get this updates tonight ??
  • Damn, no update for my 1520.3. Lol
  • Finally!