Windows Phone 7.8 update for AT&T Lumia 900 now waiting on Nokia’s servers

Soon after Microsoft today announced the Windows Phone 7.8 SDK, we wrote how this was more evidence that the highly anticipated update is right around the corner. Bets are being traded on which carriers are first (and which are last), but we have one surprise for you: AT&T.

Peeking on Nokia’s own servers, we can now see the official Windows Phone 7.8 update and corresponding firmware now waiting to be released into the wild.  Listed for all for color variants of the Lumia 900, the 7.8 update must have reached approval status very recently.

We’ve commented in the past that when these files, here labeled with the 8858 OS build number, show up on Nokia’s servers that it means its release is usually close. Since we’ve already landed on January 31st as the Windows Phone 7.8 Update Program kickoff, you can bet the Windows Phone “Premier Partner” AT&T will be there for their 900 users.

Of course we have no word for other AT&T Windows Phones, but it’s a good sign that the Lumia 900—a very high profile device—is getting the update. It also means the chances of other AT&T devices getting it sooner than later are now higher.

As to the release date for 7.8, we have to wonder if Microsoft partially chose it for PR reasons—namely RIM’s BlackBerry 10 launch. That huge mobile news event is set to take place January 30th. Microsoft can regain some positive PR by announcing this large OS update program the day after, possibly keeping them in the spotlight while the world fawns over Waterloo’s latest.

Microsoft and Nokia are expected to update the Lumia 710, 800 and 900 around the globe with the 7.8 update. The new OS was spotted a few times in December on Nokia's servers for various carriers and is expected to go live soon.

Thanks, Travis L., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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