Windows Phone 7.8 showing up on Navifirm for Nokia Lumia 800, lumia 510

Lumia 800

The Windows Phone 7.8 update has appeared on Navifirm, for both the Lumia 800 and Lumia 510 smartphones. Navifirm, an all-purpose tool for checking and downloading Nokia firmware, shows a number of builds for each Windows Phone so if you're feeling slightly adventurous you can download a build and flash the 800 or 510.

The Windows Phone 7.8 update is set to bring with it new capabilities for older Windows Phone hardware, including multiple size Live Tiles. If you'd like to get ahead of the game and see what all the fuss is about, be sure to check out the firmware releases via Navifirm.

A Feedback to Nokia slide detailing features bundled in the upcoming update was reportedly released by Nokia, which revealed functionality and improvements that would come from Microsoft and Nokia themselves. 

If you are looking to flash your hardware, please note that you do at your own risk and we cannot take any responsibility for damage caused to your Windows Phone.

Source:; thanks, Jey Si, for the heads up!

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  • also for 710 :)
  • Hey Rich can you update the post if you see 900 as well?
  • There are some firmware available for the international Lumia 900, not many variants there, but still.
  • Hi is 7.8 available for AT&T unlocked lumia 900 I'm on rm-808, is version 8779
    firmware revision : 2175.2301.8779.12223
    please help me to update my phone so I can use internet sharing and Bluetooth transfer
  • Im trying to update my Lumia 800 with Nokia Care Suit. Everything went fine, BUT
    I can not get into recovery mode. 
    I have a Quallcom rom. This is what i do:
    1. disconnect USB
    2. Power off device
    3. hold VOL UP button
    4. keep holding VOL UP and insert USB cable
    5. keep holding VOL UP till i feel a vibration. 
    6. Pray it will all go well.  My prayers have not helped. Everytime the phone vibrates again and does a normal startup.. What am i doing wrong?
    Anyone with a solution?
  • If you flashed the ROM without removing the bootloader file, you flashed over the Qualcomm bootloader, so you now have the Nokia DLOAD. Say goodbye to custom roms.
  • I have not done any flash before. I cant even get into the mode to check if i have Dload or Quallcom anymore. I know i have Quallcomm, cos it worked once, but only once, never ever after that time. 
  • If you have ever updated your phone through Zune you have the DLOAD.
  • can someone provide a link to a tutorial on how to flash the new firmware (lumia 800) ? or just explain in few sentences would be great.
  • Can it be installed on any lumia 800?And if it can, where do i find a tutorial?thank you
  • Yes you can unless you have a Qualcomm bootloader on ur 800 and u have the balls to unlock ur phone. The best way is to still wait for 7.8 to be release.
  • If you have a Qualcomm bootloader it's easier. Just extract the rom from Navifirm and flash as a custom rom.
  • how to chek if i have a qualcomm bootloader
  • Looks like the 900 has it up too but not listed for att. Makes me wonder if they are doing testing or updating the radio version before releasing it back to Nokia.
  • Sorry, wrong place. 
  • The FW is also available on all 710 and for 900 on selected regions (Europe, Asia and Africa)
  • what version can i flash with an unbranded phone (in germany)?
  • Is it a risk do use another country variant?
    I have bought my Lumia 900 by using Amazon Germany, but live in Belgium.
    I do see the Belgian Firmware, but not the German variant..
  • nope
  • delete
  • They don't have my country variant
    For those asking for a tutorial, I can provide you with a french tutorial that may help you if you speak the language or trust bing/google translate enough. But I would recommend to not use it if you don't fully understand it. Also the link for Nokia Care Suite is broken ...
    You will find the method to flash your device, but it was made to get rid of carrier customisation (removing the nokia blue tiles, etc ...).
    If anyone can answer, do you think it'd bring cab update (so we don't lose the data) in a near future ?
  • Do i have to go in recovery mode before i connect to nokia care suite? It does not find the phone at all (lumia 800 dload) just showing a usb connection - unknown device. The drivers in the care suite folders (win_driversx86) i already installed.
  • Same here, tried everything and just getting a "failed to connect" when I try to use my lumia with the NCS, I think Fuse is the issue but I'm not getting any solutions.
  • Try to delete phone drivers from PC and install them again
  • Anyone successfully flash/upgraded to 7.8 for their L800 ?
  • I did. It works perfect, but a bit slower
  • Nokia Care Suite can't detect the phone correctly. What could be the problem?
  • Install drivers. Go to C/Program Files/Nokia/Nokia Care Suite and install every driver then you should install it perfectly.
  • I have successfully flashed my phone with WP7.8 twice already. First time I tried GB (Great Britain?) variant and was not able to access Nokia exclusive apps for some reasons so I reflashed my phone with German variant (code: 059L7F7) and I took out SIM card before setting the phone. Now I am happy that I can access Nokia exclusive apps.
    This is not the first time that I have reflashed my Lumia 800, I have flashed it like 10 times now. First time was painful and scary (watching youtube video and reading everywhere) but now its like piece of cake. I do remember not having been able to connect (or recognized by NCS) when I tried first.
    I believe that Nokia Care Suite has a "Driver" folder and I had double clicked every *.exe/msi file to install driver and after that my Lumia 800 was recognised by the NCS.
    If you have problems then tweet me at akchaudh and I will see if I can help. I wont guarantee that I know the exact solution but I can try. I have never tried going into details of Qualcomm or Nokia thing but once you have the "right driver" then you are good to go and you can flash any phone (that includes a dead phone). My phone was unlocked so I don't know if you can flash a locked phone but then I always debate if it works for a dead phone then it should work on anyphone. Also, I have used both "refurbish" and "recovery" and it has worked for me. Definitely it was not easy first few times but now I feel little ease reflashing my phone.
  • Can you please help me. I am a newbie to rooting on WP. i used to do a lot on androids but havent done anything with my Lumia 800,
    Can you tell me a step by step or just in a few lines how you flashed the WP7.8 ROM?
    It would be a great deal of help.
  • woohoo.. worked like a charme.
    restore wasn't possible though.
  • how did you do it?
  • Is it a risk do use another country variant?
    I have bought my Lumia 900 by using Amazon Germany, but live in Belgium.
    I do see the Belgian Firmware, but not the German variant..
  • OS 7.10.8858.136
    Fireware: 1750.0823.8858.12460
    So... One thing that hasn't been pointed out before is that you can now set Google as the search provider in the IE settings. Meaning if you open IE and type something into a blank tab it will use Google to find it.  The Bing lockscreen wallpaper is also off different to the one I see from the search button. My guess is that its show me the Bing picture from the US and not the UK? Other than that there inst anything new to report. There is no screen shot, there is no text fix option, there is no multiselect.
    Not may tiles support the larger format, its just the main ones like email and messages. MY guess is that third party apps cant use them yet. I cant see anything about Bluetooth Sharing either, guess its an app to come?
  • bluetooth sharing is an app named bluetooth share , works like a charm for images and music :)
    lumia 710 india WP7.8
  • So with this update you can get Bluetooth Share app?
    Awesome >:)
  • No bluetooth sharing for Lumia 800 UK variant, atleast for me
  • Like they said handle at your own risk. Good luck.
  • There is no firmware for the RM-819 :(
  • Does anyone have an answer for jens_v question? I would also like to know if you can flash another countries varient....
  • Yes you can.
  • The same question. I am from Ukraine and have Ukrainian firmware now. Don't know which firmware to choose. There a lot of firmware variants without a country in it's name like "RM-823 VAR EU CEE CV BLACK". I've waited for 7.8 for so long and now can't decide which firmware to choose. Please help :(
    Well, i found out that my product code is 059P3V7. There is no firmware with such product code right now. The nearest is 059P3V6. Should I try to install it or I can brick my phone?
  • Nope, I installed UK one, my phone was somehow bought in Poland, from Orange, but now I got it like the UK people have. Just select the right color(of your phone)
  • Ok, thanks. Will try now ;)
  • Yes!!! Installed Denmark version and it works great. I'm so happy now. Thanks a lot!!! ;)
  • Anyone had luck installing the European 7.8 on a US AT&T 900?
    Also, in the past what has been the time between showing up here and an official release?
  • I wouldn't try that. The AT&T version has LTE so you'd probably brick it.
  • Good call, I did not even think about the Europen version not having LTE.
  • Will the Lumia 610 get the 7.8 update? Thanks
  • Yes, it also has 7.8 roms availiable
  • thank you!
  • This all looks a bit daunting to the uninitiated. Think I'll wait for an official release or til mid-January when i can upgrade to 8 anyway!
  • updated.... :)
  • Do at your own risk. Last time I downloaded the navifirm software there was a virus in it which I did not discover until later. Had to reinstall Windows and change the passwords of around 100 accounts. :[
  • Obviously you have to make sure you download Navifirm from the official website and not some third party.
  • How do you know if the phone is an RM-801 or an 819?
  • It's on the sim tray
  • Got it installed with Windows 8 as 7 kept giving me errors, love the new homescreen.
  • For German People, here is a how to update it.
  • Installed it on Lumia 710 and working 100%. Love the little tiles xD and we already have the BT sharing app
  • Bah mine is an 819.
  • Care suite 5 just wont recosgnise my phone properly, it understants theres a Lumia 800 there but i cant do anything with it, any help please!
  • Try installing it like you did with a custom rom, thats how i got mine to work.
  • Does anyone have a good link for the Nokia Care suite that isn't virus infested?
  • I used this one but then i had to update it within the software
  • The file isn't there now. They took it down.
  • it will need updating
  • Do i need an unlocked bootloader to flash this? any hope for Nokia with DLOAD bootloader?
  • no need of unlocked rom. you can flash it as it is
  • Well after setting all of my accounts again I think we're missing facebook chat integration with this build lol
    You can activate it in Messaging settings but i hadnt be able to send/receive any message :o
    Nvm I was appearing as disconnected, everything is okay now :)
  • Bluetooth share not available in all regions. I flashed successfully.
  • Where is the app? I can't find it.
  • as i said the app is not available in all regions
  • I love the new tile for music+videos its so much better
  • No clock widget?
  • I think that's HTC only
  • Damn would be nice to see. Eventually we see a Market ClockApp.
  • So I have a white USA at&t Lumia 900... When do I get to come to the 7.8 party??
  • I have a black att lumia 900 usa let me know if you get any info
  • Managed to flash my phone, but I've lost access to the Nokia Collection section in the marketplace. Anyone else experienced this or know why this has happened?
  • I am using a Lumia 710. I downloaded the firmware for my country and product code. When I tried flashing it with NCS it says can't change the mode. In the recovery mode it always loop around the "Lost connection with the phone screen"
    I have the Qualcomm Bootloader showing up as Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM in my Device manager. Installing Qualcomm drivers have not helped. PLease help.
    Can I flash these ROMs through NSS? If yes How? 
  • I'm planning on flashing my Nokia Lumia 800 to 7.8. I bought it in Ireland and it is locked to Vodafone but I'm going to flash to the unbranded German country variant 059L7F7.
    In two separate tutorials I have read through it says once you copy the downloaded firmware into Nokia/packages/products/rm-801 you must rename 3 files to corresponse with the model number that shows up on your phone in NCS 
    for example, following this guide I would rename  RM801_059L7F7_1750.0823.8858.12460_024  to  RM801_059M749_1750.0823.8858.12460_024
    I have not seen this detail been added in any other tutorial where people have claimed a successful update of their firmware so I'm asking is it necessary, do I actually need to rename it to my model number, will it have any effect? or should I just go ahead and copy the files from navifirm, leave them as is and then flash from NCS?
  • Still no update in the UK, through three, still stuck on 7.10 (8773) I cannot believe this. I contacted Nokia, they say it depends on the operator, why is this the case, this is nonsense...!!!
  • They're good but not THAT good.I wouldn't try that.