We know the date: November 8th (in the U.S.). We know the money: (supposedly) half a billion dollars; 100 million on adverts. The only question is when? Specifically, when will we start to see some WP7 ads on TV, the bus, annoyingly before your $13 movie?

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Answer: late October

According to TWICE, who spoke with AT&T on the matter.

AT&T’s advertising will include national TV, print and online ads, a spokesman said without disclosing details.

For its part, Microsoft’s marketing campaign will include “a mix of TV, print and digital, allowing us to go direct with a broad group of people at time and targeting niche audiences at others,” a company spokesperson said.

No word on T-Mobile's plans, though they had a big bachelor party for the HD2, so we'd imagine they would do the same for the HD7.

Source: TWICE