AT&T, Microsoft set to kick off advertising blitz

We know the date: November 8th (in the U.S.). We know the money: (supposedly) half a billion dollars; 100 million on adverts. The only question is when? Specifically, when will we start to see some WP7 ads on TV, the bus, annoyingly before your $13 movie?

Answer: late October

According to TWICE, who spoke with AT&T on the matter.

AT&T’s advertising will include national TV, print and online ads, a spokesman said without disclosing details.For its part, Microsoft’s marketing campaign will include “a mix of TV, print and digital, allowing us to go direct with a broad group of people at time and targeting niche audiences at others,” a company spokesperson said.

No word on T-Mobile's plans, though they had a big bachelor party for the HD2, so we'd imagine they would do the same for the HD7.

Source: TWICE

Daniel Rubino

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  • So what about the rest of the world, does MS not intend to promote WP7 anywhere else? So far it seems there is no advertising going on anywhere and with the launch now just 3 days away you have to wonder if this is another item thats going to hinder WP7's success, along with the media bias and consumer ignorance.
  • Good question. We'll try to find out what's going with ROW on this issue...