AT&T tapped fastest mobile network

AT&T has been tapped the fastest mobile network in the nation by PC Magazine. The publication took a snapshot of six mobile network providers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Cricket, and Sprint 4G) in eighteen cities. Voice quality, dropped calls and coverage areas did not enter into the equation.

The testing conducted focused on mobile internet performance. Approximately 1,000 rounds of testing was conducted in the test cities totaling more than 10,000 individual tests. The results were totaled to reflect the national leader as well as regional leaders in network speeds.

AT&T led the way nationally as well as in the Southeastern, Central and Western regions. T-Mobile was tops in the Northeast. To see how your carrier ranked in this study, you can find the full report here.

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  • Did you actually *read* that article, or did you just take what they must have paid to write in their headline as fact? I have no IDEA what " Mobile Speed Index" is, but it doesn't seem to actually take into account Download speed, Upload speed, or Consistency into account, because Sprint's 4G pretty handily beat AT&T's scores in all those categories almost universally. So...
  • Well I think that's good for AT&T and one of the most important factor that helped it to be a fastest mobile network is its new released Sprint Evo 4G that looks impressive.
  • Sprint 4G (WiMax) was ineligible for the title of "fastest network" in several cities (and, of course, nationally) because it's available in so few cities. What was surprising is how slow Verizon's 3G network is compared to AT&T and T-Mobile. GSM (HSPA) really makes a huge difference.