AT&T testing update for Samsung Focus v1.4 devices

The update is almost here. I'm sure Focus owners have gone beyond pulling out their hair and have waited enough, but it seems as though you'll have to wait just a bit longer. AT&T are now testing updates for v1.4 Focus handsets so we should expect to hear more information sometime next week. Hopefully it wont be a continuous drag from here on out. To refresh, the Focus comes in two hardware variations, with the v1.4 having different memory modules on board, resulting in update headaches for Microsoft.

As always with any update news for the Focus device, users are expressing both anger towards and dissapointment in Samsung, Microsoft and AT&T over the delay that has been caused. Microsoft rolled out NoDo on March 22nd. Some four months later and we're almost there and it's been over two months since Microsoft explained the issue (opens in new tab).

Source: Windows Team Blog  (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I can't believe that Samsung would do a component change to their BOM and not test out software on it. WTF. Don't see how anyone can be pissed at ATT or MS. 100% Samsung dropping the ball.
  • Well, they did test it. I have a Focus rev 1.4 and the initial release works just perfectly fine.I think there is something more then just a memory change going on here.
  • As far as I know, Microsoft stopped delivering updates to the Focus entirely, regardless of version. While the rev 1.4 has issues, everyone with a Focus has been impacted.
  • The difference is that ATT MS and Sammie delivered the update for NODO to foci with 1.3 but not yet to 1.4 foci Neither has been updated with the 7392 security cert update which while being labelled by MS as "critical" is obviously not very "critical" or it would have been out common sense would say a lot sooner rather than a lot later. So since its not really critical I am not that concerned about 7392 update coming or not, byut the whole process gives one pause as far as the rollout of mango. Hopefully MS et al will have gotten all the bugs in the past update processes resolved and it will proceed smoothly.
  • Has anyone seen if this update will fix the issue for good, or will there always be a bit more of a delay for Focuses (Foci?)?
  • Buyers were suckered in by the Focus screen... and didn't read or bother to listen to anyone else talking about Samsung track record for crappy ROMs. Even he android samsung phones have update issues do to the ROM. Samsung doesn't see to care to much. the Focus is old news to them, newer phones are set to release in 2-3mons
  • well that new samsung WP is likely to a WP variant of Galaxy S II (likely called the FocusII)and one certainly would think and hope that the update process and the issues with v 1.3 and 1.4 will have been fixed so there will be no such issues in the future. If not then they need to make sure they have sufficient supply of the same soc chips and not have to go another route in mid stream.
  • I was also 'suckered' in by the microSD slot, the thin and lightweight form factor, and the camera which blows HTC out of the water.I've owned my Focus since December and have had zero update issues. The internet has a nasty way of distorting things.
  • Agreed. While there were several who indeed weren't aware of Samsung's crappy history with past devices getting late or no updates, some of us just liked the hardware. For most people, it's the clear winner of all the Windows Phone devices on AT&T.
  • 3 foci in our home all running 7390 with 16GB micro sdhc cards. The phones are great, the screens are better than any other WP7 device. Looking forward to Mango.
  • I'm enjoying my LG, sorry guys, I've gotten all my updates nice and smooth without any problems or much of a delay, of course I'm also on a unlocked device so that helps things as well.
  • This is a good warning for Samsung fanatics... Never buy Samsung!!!! I'm sticking to HTC... 4.7 Inch..I was playing with my friends surround earlier, and kinda felt bad about him not having the updates yet.. Marketplace crashing, no nodo... Oh well...
  • the surround has been tested and thats over 7392 security is being rolled and he should already have nodo. I have had the focus for several months I am happy with it. I am fixing to format my just received 32gb sandisk microsdhc card and see what happens when I slide it in if its works great then once mago is out I may not need a second gen gamsung or nokia or HTC offering but I will keep an open mind at least for a bit.