Well it's official.

AT&T and HTC have released an official update for the AT&T Tilt2. We saw an "unofficial" version surface back in July and our initial impressions were good. The leaked ROM had a little more bounce in its step.

The official update includes Sense 2.5, the ability to format the SD Card from the phone, and an assortment of hotfixes. The official version of the updated ROM is 2.10.502.4.

We're in the process of downloading the 226mb update and will be able to tell later today if it shares the same pep that the leaked version did.  If you've already downloaded and installed this ROM, feel free to share your impressions in the comments section.

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Just remember, when updating your Windows Phone ROM the update wipes your phone clean and data backups are strongly recommended before you proceed.

You can find the official update here. A tip of the hat goes out to mvierling for alerting us to this update through our tip line.

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