AT&T Web page boasts new Windows 8 Devices & Phones

We haven’t yet seen this page launch from AT&T yet so it’s new to us and as far as we know it’s not linked to by AT&T on any of their other sites yet. But if you head to (opens in new tab) you can take a look at how the carrier will be promoting Microsoft’s new wares this fall.

We’ve been told through our sources that AT&T will be the only Windows 8 4G vendor to launch with the new OS. That means at least out the gate, Verizon and T-Mobile (forget about Sprint) won’t have tablets running the new OS. That could change later of course, but AT&T is the premier partner not only for Windows Phones but for Windows tablets as well.

Speaking of phones, the page clearly shows the Nokia Lumia 820, 920 and of course the HTC 8X in addition to the already announced Samsung ATIV Tablet and Asus VivoTab.

We find the page interesting only because clearly there is no spot there for Samsung’s ATIV S smartphone. That’s not to say it won’t come later to the carrier but a few of us around here are kicking around the notion that the ATIV S may not get US carrier support at launch--after all, Samsung did announce the AT&T ATIV Tablet, so why not co-announce the companion AT&T ATIV S phone?

That might be because Samsung just won’t have the devices ready in time as opposed to the carriers shying away from them. But we are getting a little late in the game and so far AT&T has been quiet about such a device.

Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, AT&T clearly is the biggest Microsoft carrier partner. It remains to be seen if Verizon will try to edge in on that territory in 2013 as presumably the Windows 8 ecosystem (including Windows Phone) begins to take off.

Do you think AT&T will get the ATIV S? Sound off in comments. Thanks, Ethan, for the link!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Well, that's nothing surprising.  It's already been leaked that T-Mo and Verizon will be launching mid to late November.
  • We plan on renewing our contract with ATT as well as adding a third line. Still Contemplating picking up a tablet through them.
  • No Surface tablet for you then?
  • @bjax, I still might, but want a tablet with a "digitized" pen.
  • Surface Pro has a digitized pen.
  • I wonder if it means anything that the Ativ S is not listed among the devices on this site...
  • Well Verizon hasn't announced ANY windows phones yet, so my theory is that the Samsung ATIV S is exclusive to Verizon.
  • Wouldn't that be a kicker? AT&T gets the 920 exclusive, Verizon gets the ATIV S. Seems to balance out, I suppose.
  • Just a guess, but....
    Verizon = ATIV S, 8X, Lumia 822, 8S
    AT&T = Lumia 920, 8X, Lumia 820, 8S
    T-Mobile = 8X, Lumia 810, 8S The two flaws in that theory is that the ATIV S is a global GSM phone which makes it more likely for AT&T and the HTC 8S hasn't been announced for any carriers yet even though HTC has previously claimed it's coming to all 3 carriers this November.
  • I'd be very surprised if AT&T didn't get the ATIV S.  They have had the Samsung Focus, Focus 2, and Focus S.  Unless Samsung lost a lot of sales due to the Lumia 900, I think they will be back on AT&T.  The ATIV S is pretty much another Focus anyway.
  • That's part of the problem though, the ATIV S breaks from the AT&T Focus branding. As far as Samsung is concerned the ATIV branding is their priority despite AT&T having invested in the Focus brand.  I could have sworn I heard a rumor a long time ago that T-Mobile was getting the ATIV S. I also had heard that Samsung had a few low-end Windows Phones for the carriers as well. Many rumors haven't panned out though, remember when there was a ton of evidence earlier this year that WP8 was being tested heavily on Sprint's network.
  • I do think there will be a mid range and a low end phone coming from Samaung very soon. Likely the naming of the Ativ W and Ativ M
  • I think the ATIV S for t-mobile is more realistic since it doesn't have lte but has hspa+ 42 which fits t-mobiles current network.
  • I just wonder how many Lumia 920s and 820s are going to sell in the US when they're only available to AT&T customers... I can honestly speak for my fellow T-Mobile customers and say that the 920 in particular would sell like hotcakes if we had a crack at it. Really unfair that it's not on ALL carriers.
  • I hear you! I'm on T-Mobile and would LOVE a T-Mobile-branded 920, tuned to work perfectly on their network.
  • Isn't the ATIV using T-Mobile bands
  • It's my understanding that the 920 WILL become available to other carriers eventually.  I saw something that lead to that conclusion somewhere recently.  I think AT&T are just going to be the first ones with the phone in November, leaving Verizon and T-Mobile a month or two before they get the 920.
  • I really hope you're right. Going to keep my fingers crossed on that!
  • You are going to get arthritis keeping your fingers crossed that long. I find that quite unlikely, however you will see some differently branded phones. Word on the net is that ATT is paying Nokia's subsidy for that exclusive right and advertising the product. If that is the case then it was a smart move for Nokia to leave it exclusive.
  • I have a 710 on TMobile and its great but I really want a premium phone. I figured we would get something premium with WP8 but that's yet to be confirmed. I've read of TMobile reps that say they will get the 920 for sure but you can never trust info from csr's.
  • Those reps probably dont even know about the Lumia 920. Can't really count on tmobile reps. I asked about windows phone 8 and I was told that a they already had one, I got shown the phone and it was a freaking Android phone. So dont hold your breath on what you read, especially if it's from Tmobile reps.
  • "I asked about windows phone 8 and I was shown a freaking Android phone."
    Now that is just sad.
  • The Lumia 920, I'd wager, is going to sell like hotcakes even with it being solely on AT&T.
    I expect the Lumia 920 to have even more success than the Lumia 900 on AT&T - it has some stellar innovations included, and with decent marketing, it will do just fine.  But I don't expect Verizon or T-Mobile to pony up the money to subsidize the more expensive phone (Lumia 920) within the next 12 months based on their historical, and recent WP (and/or Nokia) line up.
  • I doubt it.
    If a Windows Phone does break out of the pack and sells decently in the States, it'll likely be one of the HTC devices or the Samsung.
    Nokia, for the most part, is an unknown player in the U.S. market.
  • Huh?
  • I don't think it to be unfair at all its just business. That said I am switching. Tmobile just doesn't seem interested in the "expensive" windows phones.
  • 8X and Lumia 920 both look really nice. Ativ S is PenTile (blech) and the design isn't as nice, so I haven't seen much enthusiasm for it. I think Nokia is daft to make 920 exclusive to AT&T, but at least this way HTC will get some love on other networks instead of being stuck in Lumia's shadow.
  • Samsung doesn't seem to have any problem selling this phone when they call it the Galax S3 (pentile screen and all).
  • I don't see the ATIV-S selling in droves like the Galaxy S III, due to the GSIII being saturated on the market already, and due to the heavy advertisements for the GSIII.  Even though the GSIII has been out for almost 6 months, they still advertise it heavily; I don't think Samsung is going to put that much marketing muscle behind the ATIV-S. 
  • The page should have been Metro style also.
  • so... am i the only one wondering where the Grey 920 went?
  • Grey was never announced as supported for AT&T. They get cyan instead of grey.
  • Who gets grey is what I want to know. That's what I want.
  • There's a chance that it will come later similar to how white and magenta came later (after black and cyan) for the 900. Give AT&T your feedback! I posted on their FB page announcing the 920.
  • Yea I know that much.. but I also know it exist and i'm interested in seeing where it will land. That was actually the color of my choice. Guess we need to wait an see..
  • Yes you are :D
  • Maybe grey and magenta to the magenta carrier?
  • That would be nice. I'm not really much of a girly girl, but I would definitely be open to getting a magenta 920 if it were to come to Magenta! =)
  • I can't wait!
  • TMOBILE is sucks no good devices... Bye Bye TMOBILE... Welcome ATT
  • Same here
  • I'm considering switching but i cant seem to settle on att voice n data plans. Way too expensive for my taste.
  • The plans really are expensive.
  • First off, "the T-Mobile advertised the 710 more than AT&T did" cannot be backed up by fact, that is simply your opinion, one which I disagree with. Second, you're confusing support/updates with selection of hardware. AT&T launched 5 Windows Phone 7 devices in 2010, 3 more the next year and 3 more in Spring 2012. Now they are launching another 3 phones plus two Windows 8 tablets.  T-Mobile has sold 3 Windows Phones in 2 years. And now are going to sell maybe 2 or 3 this time around with no tablets. So no, I stick by my statement, which is the official line from AT&T and Microsoft.
  • Daniel, can't argue with stupid buddy ;-)
  • Better question is who would waste money advertising the 710. It blows.
  • You still see the L900 on AT&T's family plan TV ads
  • Just because it sells well enough, doesn't mean that it doesn't blow.
  • Exactly. There has never been a more true statement. Look at the iPhone for example, or the Kia Soul..
  • I believe your opinion to be wrong as I have one and it is a very good phone.
  • This page has been here...
  • Meh, I prefer to just tether my tablet to my phone. That way I'm not paying for additional data.
  • Good for AT&T customers, but....Gah! Microsoft is obviously trying to get these devices into people's hands, they aren't limiting the OS to one carrier, so it remains frustrating to be in a situation where you are tied to a carrier for one reason or another, and thus can't get the mobile experience you really want.
    Whoever isn't  playing ball, shame on you... >:-[
  • I want the ATIV phone, if not through AT&T, I'll b remorseful
  • T-Mobile offers value to the customer and simply has smaller margins per plan than AT&T and Verizon. Therefore, they can't absorb the cost of subsidizing expensive premium phones like AT&T or Verizon could. I think T-Mobile does the best they can but they can't cut cost on service packages and eat the cost of a high end phone at the same time. The end user has to make a decision with regard to T-Mobile. Either accept a good phone (such as a Lumia 810) with a great contract and great customer service or leave to AT&T to get a great phone (ex Lumia 920) but pay a nose bleed for a contract with a bigger down payment and get bad customer service. I would rather have the first option. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Something has to give.
  • This is true and we've argued that the HTC Radar and Lumia 710 are both excellent phones. I have T-Mobile and generally enjoy their service.
  • My best friend has the Lumia 710 and loves it. I was strongly considering getting the Radar until the news of Windows Phone 8 phones started coming out. Decided to wait it out, plus I won't have to buy at full price that way. I wish Nokia would release a phone that has a similar look to the Radar - that is one of the most gorgeous phones I've ever seen!
  • I will be joining T-Mobile in the "coming weeks" when the 810 is released :). I currently belong to AT&T and due for an upgrade. I can afford anything I want and am eligible for the 920 but I will pass because I've had enough of AT&T and dislike the size, weight, and sharp corners of the 920. The pureview also doesn't mean anything for me since coming from Blackberry I use my phone as a communication device. People reading this might think I'm crazy for passing up on the 920 but I will be moving to T-Mobile for the reasons I meantioned above.
  • Depending on how much you travel for work you may be extremely happy with tmoble. My work requires my being in city one day and the "sticks" the next day. In my area that makes Tmobile very frustrating when my at&t coworkers always have signal. Outside that no complaints wish you the best :)
  • Funny, my best friend (who has T-Mobile) was just telling me the other day about how a former coworker of hers who had AT&T always complained about how badly it sucked and that he had poor service. I guess it depends on where you live.
  • I'm on the same boat: on AT&T with the contract expiring soon. Plan to get new phones during the holidays and for the first time my household will have more than one smartphone which means it's time to review the voice/data plans across ALL carriers. If I stay with AT&T then I would get the 920 but if I switch to T-Mobile then I'll get the 8X. It would really suck NOT getting the 920 but if T-Mobile saves me a decent amount of money on a family plan then I cannot justify staying with AT&T, no matter what exclusive phones they may have.
  • I have owned an hd7 HTC radar lumia 710 lumia 900 focus focus s focus flash about the only phone I didn't get was the titan and all are excellent phones decision is a matter of preference.
  • I'm a Nokia supporter but in the end I want what's best for windows phone as a whole.
  • +1
  • I've made my choice I'll go for the 820
    Now I'm using 710 its performance is really good but I'm eagerly waiting for complete Os info that's 29th Oct
  • Btw AT&T was the ONLY loyal supporter of WP devices (esp Lumia) from day 1 back in the days while other carriers gave Nokia the finger. AT&T have the rights to get them exclusive first. But then it will come to other carriers a month or so later so quit bitchin already jeez. 
  • "The Windows Phone 8X by HTC gives you bold colors with a uniquely slim and stylish design..."
    What??? That's the Lumia! =P It should be:
    "The [Lumia 920] by [Nokia] gives you bold colors with a uniquely slim and stylish design..."
    I guess AT&T is running out of words haha. AT&T also forgot to include the Nokia Apps for the 920/820.
  • The 920 is a fine phone, but it is not "uniquely slim"
  • Anyone else actually like the promo video showing off the practical applications to new users? I'm so excited hahah!
  • Off topic,but is there any word on what US carriers are getting the HTC 8s.
  • All the major carriers except Sprint are getting the 8S. Not sure about prepaid, though.
  • I like how it feels exclusive that I have Windows Phone OS and everyone else is on iOS and Android. I'm going to love the exposure it gets now but I'll hate the amount of people jumping on the bandwagon. Let it be known I've had mine for 3 years ;) lol
  • Whatever, I've had a windows phone before they were windows phone. WM ftw. :)
  • Same here.
  • +1
  • Two different os' lol
  • It sounds like ATT has the same rep as Rogers does in Canada. They have the best phones but the experience is terrible to some people
  • For the AT&T side +1
  • Im skipping all the wp8... Im gonna have a w8 rt there u go
  • It does feel kind of cool. I get asked almost daily if my daily if my phone is a "Windows Phone" and hear that each time was the first time they had ever seen one and, depending on how well I know the person, ask to play with it for a minute.
  • That's the problem, no real exposure. My cousin purchased the iPhone 5. I sent him an advertisement of the Nokia 920 and his response was ' about time Nokia got back on track. That's going to be the phone of the year.' I can only hope for Nokia, but without the exposure how can it? He didn't know anything about it, is in a new 2 yr contract thru att of course, but is now aware of the up and coming WP. I'm glad ppl are asking to see your phone and play with it. The os needs that.
  • Need to get me a lumia so ppl will notice more. My Samsung looks too much like their droids so ppl assume it is until they see me wake it up of course. Oh and att will have ativ s. Imo
  • I do have to say that despite I'm not really the kind of "show off guy" in general, I am with my phones. Given, I live in Finland so it's hard to be "unique" with a Nokia cos they still have so much popularity here, but when I had my N8 2 hours after they shipped them out of the factory, I got a lot of questions from strangers about it when playing around with it in public.
    And that's one reason I'm definitely going 920, to break the mold of all those iphones and androids! :D I also travel 3h (two way) on a very populated train every weekday, when I get my 920, instead of finding the usual quiet cart to sit in, I think I'll go to the fullest cart and to a visible seat and do stuff with my new Lumia the whole time! :D
    But as said, the impact around here is small, cos someone having a Lumia isn't exactly rare here. I've actually seen more Lumias than SGS3s the last 6 months.
  • I wish I saw that.
  • Remind me does the 920 have expandable memory slots...because I just read that the Samsung ATIV S does...if ATT gets those phones that might be a deal breaker for me...unless of course they give me back my slide out QWERTY keyboard..LOL
  • They've updated the to include the information on WP8 from yesterday's announcement.