The Samsung ATIV Tablet for AT&T gets demoed

Besides the Nokia offerings from AT&T tonight, there were also a few Windows 8 tablets on hand including the stylish Samsung ATIV.

The ATIV Tablet features a whopping 11.6" HD display with an Intel Atom dual-core CPU (Intel Clover Trail 1.5 GHz). That display makes it a little bit big but not bad by any means. It just feels long especially since the iPad has set the parameters for more square-ish offerings.

Having said that, the ATIV Tablet is really nice—just a solid machine that’s feels great to hold. It was super fast too, blasting through Windows 8 apps like it was a on a desktop PC. And with 64GB of on board memory, SD expansion and ports galore in addition to the dual front and rear cameras, there is really nothing it can't do.

If the Windows 8 Pro is your angle for a tablet, take a good look at the Samsung ATIV when it hits in November.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • WOW that is SMOOTH. no seriously if anybody has anything bad to say about windows 8 im just sending them this video... and thats an intel atom, just imagine with my core i7 ;]
  • It really was impressive...I wanted to grab it and run.
  • Then why didn't you? Next time you get a chance, grab two of those beast. I'll pm you my address, ship it ASAP. :))
  • Too bad it uses an Atom Clover fail. Next please
  • Just to play with w8 betas I got myself an EXOPC tablet back in March. This thing has Intel Atom N450 cpu @ 1.66 GHz and W8 RP just flies. So new Atom should be even better.
  • Is this using the newly announced version of atom or is that not out yet?
  • The latest: Intel Clover Trail 1.5 GHz
  • Yay!!! That explains the smoothness because I have windows 8 release preview running on a netbook and while its a huuuugge step up from windows 7, it's nowhere near that smooth (usually). Thanks. I think this can somewhat wave away the stink that we've come to know as atom lol... Yes that's copied from windows weekly.
  • i did some searching and its the Atom Z2760 (Clover Trail) which is the newest one announced. samsung just clocked it at 1.5gh cause here it says the clover trail has a saltwell at 1.8gh dual core with HT which is hyper thread. oh and i believe it has GPU PowerVR SGX 545 dual core at 533mhz ... which explains why those graphics are FLYING :)
  • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my netbook uses the crappy Intel graphics. I guess that's why I'm so impressed lol... Thanks!
  • Seeing all of these hands-on videos really makes me want an RT tablet. I haven't been able to justify an iPad or an Android tablet, but I think a WinRT tab will be a day one purchase. It seems like it'll be an awesome complement to my laptop (will be upgraded to Win8 day one) and whichever WP8 device I decide on when Verizon releases them.
  • Even better than an RT tablet just get a Windows 8 Pro tablet such as the ATIV Smart PC Pro. That is just like this one but with a core i5 processor, more RAM, more storage, and a higher resolution screen.
    Also this isn't an RT tablet. This is a Windows 8 Pro tablet. It has an ATOM processor so desktop tasks will be as slow as any ATOM netbook.
    A Core i5 W8 Pro tablet can REPLACE your laptop, not just complement it. Once docked, it IS a laptop.
  • This video is for the full Windows 8 since Atom is a x86 CPU.
  • Nice. I do mostly word processing and html/css scripting, so I've been unable to decide if I want a netbook/tablet or if I want a full laptop/tablet, but this video has me leaning toward the latter. Really can't give up my photoshop.
  • Get the ATIV Smart PC Pro. It's like this one but with better specs. 
    Once you plug it into the keyboard dock it is as good as any ultrabook but also with a touch scren.
  • The 26th needs to get here already..
  • still want a core i5 one, asus transformer book it is. hope it will be under $1000
  • 11.6 is quite big it seems. I guess it depends on the user. If it was for work I would go bigger, for casual use I would go for a 10 inch tab.
    Imagine how fast the core i5 pro version will be.
    I think I will stick with the either the surface RT or the Ativ tab 10.6 though
  • Smooth as butter (here's looking at you google.)
  • I wish they had a surface pro or even rt LTE tablet. I know I can hook up a USB to the thing or use hotspot, but still...
  • I just put Windows 8 RTM on an exopc - it is a bit wide, but still awesome. Can't wait to get a surface come Nov.
  • So is AT&T going to get the ATIV-S?
  • Good question. It obviously wasn't there, so...
  • How will this handle games, like portal 2? No mention of graphics power, is it integrated for power savings?
  • If Samsung can start making products with materials more suitable for expensive devices, I might consider buying one sometime. Their laptops aren't all plastic so I don't know why they do it with their tablets and phones.
  • Have I got this right? WinRT doesn't have a desktop "mode" so won't run legacy apps ( basically anything written for Win7/Vista/XP) but will run "Win8 only" apps natively.
    Does that mean that Pro and RT have different cores and if not, is Win8 desktop just an emulator?
  • WinRT has a desktop mode but that will be used only for file management, desktop internet explorer, and office. Anything else will presumably not run unless it is sanctioned by Microsoft to use the desktop. Regular Windows 8 (not RT) also has the desktop mode but it is actually the windows we've all come to know and love and can run legacy apps like Photoshop, Zune, Media Center, etc. It is not an emulator but it is actually the full OS and the Metro portion of Windows 8 is just an added bonus that runs over Windows 8. Despite this, the desktop is treated as if it were an app presumably for consistency's sake with the rest of the OS. I hope that clears that up. :)
  • Love it. Microsoft fans have waited a long time for stuff like this. Yey.
  • Wow, buttery smooth. Me likey.
  • Omg..I'm really curious about the pricing on this plus how much monthly you pay for this...
  • I'm only really interested in Surface due to the superior design with the keyboard/cover/kickstand (for me), but really, Oct 26 cant come any faster!
    These look amazing! If Surface doesnt come to Finland, I just gotta hope some OEM makes as brilliant design as Surface.
  • Honestly, I'm going either wait for Surface or go for the ATIV RT Tab. If the ATIV S comes to AT&T, then my phone decision becomes harder... :S
  • That is REALLY nice looking. Maybe I'll get a Surface RT at launch and then pickup an ATIV Pro at Christmas when I get my bonus for the year.
  • Well, I am using a Slate 7 with Win 8 (Release Preview, still) on it, and it works as smooth as that one. Except that it is not an Atom, but a Core i5, and it is 1 year old... Even if the Ativ looks good, I really hope that pricing will then make a difference. All manufacturers have been selling overpriced netbooks during the past years, hopefully they will not do the same with tablets/slates.