'Avowed' is Obsidian's next big Xbox Series X RPG

Avowed (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft studio Obsidian Entertainment just unveiled its upcoming first-person RPG, dubbed Avowed.

In the trailer, we see impressive expanses filled with skeletal armies, and hints at Elder Scrolls-like first-person fantasy combat, with a spell in one hand and a weapon in the other.

Avowed is set in an "expansive" world dubbed Eora, and looked like a completely new IP. Microsoft studios lead Matt Booty noted that Avowed is built from the ground up for Xbox Series X hardware.

We'll drop more details in here as soon as we have them.

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Jez Corden
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  • Now this was incredible. Obsidian smacking Bethesda round like a rag doll. Can't wait for this. RPG heaven.
  • While it looked good, I'm waiting for the next trailer or gameplay to get excited.
  • That bit at the end was actual gameplay. In the cave. But this is Obsidian, one of the best RPG writers in the business. Now a AAA studio. They were incredible before. This is what funding does for a studio.
  • This was my fav of the show. Bring it on.
  • This literally showed me nothing but arrows and a giant skeleton dying. I'm keen because it's Obsidian, and they have some fantastic writing, but the trailer didn't really give me enough to really "want" it.