Awesome Tube gets Fluent Design overhaul with major update

Awesome Tube, one of the most highly rated third-party YouTube apps on the Microsoft Store, is embracing Microsoft's Fluent Design with its latest update. The app has received a major visual overhaul, bringing more transparency alongside a minimalistic design that is present everywhere from the default "Trending" section to the video pages themselves (via Reddit).

Outside of the revamped design, Awesome Tube has added support for 21:9 ratio videos and the app also supports scrubbing to earlier portions of live videos. This update also brings the addition of new ads, but they can be removed with a one-time purchase of $4.99.

Awesome Tube Video

Here's a full look at all of what's new and fixed with Awesome Tube's latest update, from the release notes:

  • [Design] More transparent, minimal, simple and smoother.
  • (Video) - Support 21:9 ratio
  • [Live] - Now able to seek to earlier position in live videos
  • [Ads] - Ads in player will automatically disappear after shown for 15s. Add 1 banner ad at top right in play panel.
  • [Fix] - Tap to play/pause only work when all controls visible
  • [Fix] - Double tap to go to fullscreen
  • [Fix] - Cursor does not hide in fullscreen mode
  • [Fix] - Some weird links in description
  • [Change] - New way to enable caption
  • [Change] - New way to show playing playlist
  • [Change] - Title text now selectable
  • [Change] - Add more donation options
  • [Change] - Add more themes
  • [Change] - Add video resuming option

If you want to give Awesome Tube and its visual overhaul a shot, you can grab the latest version now for free from the Microsoft Store for Xbox One, PC, mobile and Surface Hub.

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