Baconit developer reveals new Universal Windows 10 version of popular Reddit app

Popular Reddit app, Baconit, is getting a major overhaul for Windows 10. The developer has today revealed details of what's next for the app and it's good news all round. Baconit is being re-written from the ground up as a Universal App. And that doesn't just mean phones, tablets and PCs, that also means HoloLens and Xbox One as well.

This new version of Baconit will also be open-sourced, allowing the community to get in on making it even better.

"No, this isn't an elaborate joke intended to crush the hearts of my fellow redditors. I spent the last two weeks or so reimagining Baconit for Windows 10. I re-wrote this new version of Baconit from the ground up on the Windows 10 UAP Platform meaning it will seamless run on phones, tablets, desktops, Xbox, and potentially even HoloLens if you own one of those.The new app has the familiar UI of Baconit but with new controls and faster core experiences such as subreddit navigation. I am trying to strike a delicate balance between too new and too old, and so far I think I have a solid start. Baconit for Windows 10 will be available for Phone, Tablet, and Desktop, from the start and we will add support for Xbox and HoloLens when available in the SDK."

The project is still in its very early stages and we're reminded that the Alpha version of Baconit for Windows 10 won't have feature parity with the current Windows Phone version. The plan is to release the app in early access first, then open source the code, then push it as a full update once things are going well.

The first versions should hopefully be released in the next couple of weeks so if you're a fan, this is one to keep an eye out for. This new version of Baconit is exactly what we're hoping to see from developers with the new Universal App Platform, with one app hitting every Windows 10 device. Hopefully the first of many.

As an added bonus the developer has given us some early screenshots of what the app looks like right now on phones and tablets. We must stress that these aren't final and will most likely change, but this is where we're at right now. Oh, and the image up top is a generic phone render, before anyone asks! Enjoy!

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