Baconit developer reveals new Universal Windows 10 version of popular Reddit app

Popular Reddit app, Baconit, is getting a major overhaul for Windows 10. The developer has today revealed details of what's next for the app and it's good news all round. Baconit is being re-written from the ground up as a Universal App. And that doesn't just mean phones, tablets and PCs, that also means HoloLens and Xbox One as well.

This new version of Baconit will also be open-sourced, allowing the community to get in on making it even better.

"No, this isn't an elaborate joke intended to crush the hearts of my fellow redditors. I spent the last two weeks or so reimagining Baconit for Windows 10. I re-wrote this new version of Baconit from the ground up on the Windows 10 UAP Platform meaning it will seamless run on phones, tablets, desktops, Xbox, and potentially even HoloLens if you own one of those.The new app has the familiar UI of Baconit but with new controls and faster core experiences such as subreddit navigation. I am trying to strike a delicate balance between too new and too old, and so far I think I have a solid start. Baconit for Windows 10 will be available for Phone, Tablet, and Desktop, from the start and we will add support for Xbox and HoloLens when available in the SDK."

The project is still in its very early stages and we're reminded that the Alpha version of Baconit for Windows 10 won't have feature parity with the current Windows Phone version. The plan is to release the app in early access first, then open source the code, then push it as a full update once things are going well.

The first versions should hopefully be released in the next couple of weeks so if you're a fan, this is one to keep an eye out for. This new version of Baconit is exactly what we're hoping to see from developers with the new Universal App Platform, with one app hitting every Windows 10 device. Hopefully the first of many.

As an added bonus the developer has given us some early screenshots of what the app looks like right now on phones and tablets. We must stress that these aren't final and will most likely change, but this is where we're at right now. Oh, and the image up top is a generic phone render, before anyone asks! Enjoy!

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  • This is great news
  • Wonderful! I've loved and used ths app since WP7 days and still use it. When that Readit app came, I knew Quin will be onto something with Baconit. Wow..I'm glad.
  • Let the universal app party begin
  • Hell yeah!
  • Wohoo! Quinn is back!
  • Looks great! I'm happy; I like Baconit for its simplicity and ease of reading through content.
  • So wats up wth the windows unified store when it will be online ?
  • A week or two ago on the web, about a month ago (or more) on PC and Phone with build 10166.
  • Actually, while you can upload some Win10 optimized apps already, it won't launch completely until the 29th
  • Is there any official reddit app?
  • Not for windows phone
  • At this point, I don't even care. It appears independent developers are way more enthusiastic about universal apps than 'companies'. I'm grateful for that and giving them 100% support, forget the official apps!
  • Bacon meets hamburger. Yummm.
  • Lol! Finally!
  • What hamburger? The 3 dot menu?
  • The 'bacon' menu on the top left.
  • Yasss!!!! Was just scrolling the subreddit yesterday looking for need from the dev. Also great cuz I think the RedX Xbox app sucks donkey nuts
  • Looks good
  • Windows Central App following shortly after?
  • I don't know man, I have both and really prefer Readit.
  • Agreed, Readit is vastly superior and will be releasing their update Win10 app within the comings week. Plus they promised to make sure that the app doesnt just look like a blown up phone app on tablets like this baconit app does.
  • This. But hey, who knows. Maybe this new W10 version will be really awesome. And competition is always good as well. They (Readit and Baconit) both fight to be the best Reddit app while we (the users) will benefit from having the best mobile Reddit experience. Sounds good to me.
  • Yep, speaking of competition, a good analogy is mytube vs. tubecast vs. metrotube... I can't make up my mind over those 3 so I use them all :-)
  • Sure, you have both, and in the current state of course you'd prefer Readit. You don't know what the new version looks like to even start "preferring" Readit over the new Baconit. Hey, you like Readit, no worries. Ya'll be patrolling anyone willing to listen about "Readit" too >.>
  • I like readit for its UI but I prefer baconit for its reliability.
  • It looks good. it seems nice, but the nails of the girl, they really look not that great for a photo like this, not for the nail polish but also for the way the nails are. But I guess also her fingers look strange haha.   that distracted me, but the app looks nice. Windows 10 seems to have a nice future, if developers do it this way, one app to target many type of devices. But the UI is looking good. hope they can make a video so we can see how it works and feels.
  • I love baconit so I'm glad to hear they are doing this!
  • I use Readit
  • Cool cool cool
  • Looks like iPhone 5c is running Windows Phone in the picture.
  • I really hope it's not going to be a Readit situation where it will turn the app into crap. I left WP8.1 in late 2014 with two great apps and came back in mid-2015 with just Baconit, as Readit turns out to be useless now : it's slow, impractical and buggy.
  • Lol what? Readit is so much better than Baconit
  • Readit has massive UI design issues. The only thing going for it, it supports more sub-reddit features like flairs and tags.
    Baconit runs a circle around readit; and no, this isn't a sarcastic comment.
  • I'm glad that developers are coming to the universal platform.i think that Rudy it's making he's way to the new store
  • That looks beautiful. Some of thses Win 10 apps are just gorgeous. I don't see why people are so infatuated with iOS apps. This looks fantastic
  • Hell yeah Baconit ! :D Great to see indie dev support.
  • Hambuger menus are where it's at. It makes navigating apps significantly quicker.
  • How about actually mentioning who the developer is in the article? I'm sure that he/she has a name...
  • Bye bye Readit!
  • imagine reddit on a hololens...
  • i am sticking with Readit
  • Cant wait for it to get a W10 update too
  • Nice nail-work Richard :)
  • Universal apps are the way forward. Can't wait to see more developers doing this.
  • Smart developer. Hope others pay attention and get with the times.
  • Lol, no more soul crushing
  • Both Readit and Baconit launching brand new Windows 10 apps...
  • Awesome! Good to hear!
  • Hey whats this handset in the pictures?
  • What is with women with multi-colored finger nails; do they all want to be circus clowns, I don't understand, most can't seem to do a simple color on all finger nails, and not red either.   Windows10 is almost to be released ! :-)