Baconit snags big editing improvements in latest update

Hot off of another pretty big update, popular Reddit app Baconit has scored a new update that brings a smattering of improvements to the post- and comment-editing experience. As the second update this week, Baconit 4.7 now allows users to edit and delete their comments in addition to bringing a "new editing experience" across the board. Here's the full breakdown of what's new:

  • Comments
    • New editing experience
    • Added ability to edit your comments
    • Added ability to delete your comments
  • Flip View
    • New editing experience
    • Added ability to edit your posts
    • Added ability to delete your post
  • Message Inbox
    • New editing experience
  • New Editing Experience
    • UI redesign
    • Added (and improved) reddit markdown helpers
    • Added full screen mode
    • Live markdown preview
  • Other
    • Fixed top app crashes

Overall, this sounds like a pretty great update, and it's good to see such a rapid pace of development for such a popular app. If you'd like to check out Baconit 4.7 and all of the new editing features, you can grab the app from the Windows Store now. Also be sure to check out the Baconit subreddit to join the conversation.

Thanks to Nicola for the tip!

Download Baconit from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: bacon

Source: Baconit (Reddit)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Very nice
  • Man, these guys are on it. I hear it is popular, but never used Redit.
  • Does it have a white theme yet?
  • you have to use Readit for that. Personally I find the black theme better when reading Posted via the Windows Central App
  • I like black theme too. But on white I don't see my dirty fingerprints all day long. That's much better feeling that fear of poor battery life!
  • How does this compare to readit so far?
  • On Windows 10, Baconit is currently better. On WP7/8 I liked readit more. Just try them both out and see what you prefer.
  • Can you read comments on a laptop without using a mouse yet?
  • Added a zoom in/out picture bug and made pictures, gifs, and comments load significantly slower