Band Pro updated - bug fixes and a cloud based image collection in tow

Band Pro is a simple Windows Phone app for sending customized wallpapers to your Microsoft Band.

The app was updated recently to iron out a few bugs and deliver a few more features into the mix. For starters, the issues related to the HTC M8 One has been fixed and you now have the ability to search the cloud for background images.

The update takes Band Pro to version 1.2 and definitely has the Windows Phone Band app headed in the right direction.

Band Pro

Here the list of features that are included with the version 1.2 update for Band Pro.

  • Zoom and Pan Feature: You can now crop the picture by zooming in/out and pan when zoomed into picture to select the desired area (for Background it is 310x102 and for Round Tile 98x98). When you are working on the background image and the selected picture/image size is 310x102, Zoom and Pan step is skipped and picture is loaded in to the background area.
  • When you are working on the Round Tile and the selected picture/image size is 98x98, Zoom and Pan step is skipped and picture is loaded in to the respective Round Tile.
  • Band Pro Social: This is essentially a collection of images stored in the cloud that is keyword searchable. The idea behind Band Pro Social is to minimize the app payload by hosting images in the Cloud instead of packaging them in to the app.
  • Band Pro Social for Sports (Round Tiles): For Round Tiles, this feature can be launch via a "Cloud" icon. This icon will appear when a Round Tile is selected. When launched from "Cloud" icon it starts with "NBA, NFL, etc." search term. When search icon is clicked or tapped, it will load all sports logos matched with search term.
  • Auto Save: This setting is available in Settings screen and by default set to off. By enabling this feature, any successfully Synced images will be saved to "Saved" folder in the Backgrounds section. User can access this by tapping on the background image and scrolling to the last Tab in the categories.

Additionally, the Help screen has been updated to include a quick guide to explain areas of interest on the app's main page. It should be noted that the Band Pro Social Cloud is a Beta feature and bugs may pop up from time to time. However, in using the Social Cloud this morning, I didn't experience any issues.

While the Band App could use a trial version, the update is definitely a step in the right direction for Band Pro.

Download Band Pro for Windows Phone ($1.29)

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