Band Store is the one app you need for the Microsoft Band

Whether you are a new owner of the Microsoft Band 2, or you picked up a discounted first-gen Band knowing which apps to get for Windows Phone is super important.

The app Band Store is a one-stop shop for all the apps compatible with the Microsoft Band. Broken into three categories including Feature, Top Free and Top Paid the store makes browsing for Microsoft Band apps a breeze. There are also categories like education, games, photo, social and more.

After you find an app that piques your interest just tap on it for more information including its rating, descriptions and screenshots. Once you decided you want it, just tap the download button to get it from the Store.

Overall, Band Store is a clever app from the dev community to help other devs and users of the Microsoft Band. It works on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Note: Most apps should work with the Microsoft Band 2. However, due to the new screen resolution, wallpaper apps need to be updated with the new SDK and images. While the images will still transfer over, they will have black bars on the top and bottom due to the higher resolution on the Band 2.

As you would expect Band Store is a free app with no ads, so there's no reason to miss it.

Download Band Store for Windows Phone

Thanks, Paolo F., for the tip!

QR: band store

Need More?

Windows Central has reviewed a few of these Band apps in the past and will continue to do so going forward. You can find all of those here:

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  • Thanks to you for letting people know. Anyway, if anyone can give me feedback on my apps if they had them for Band 1 and then they bought Band 2. They are Anti Theft Band Alarm and Sex Trainer For Band, I do not want you to buy them just to test them but if you already had them please give me some feedback. I'm in EU so I will be able to test Band2 in two weeks :(
  • What is sex trainer for band
  • Look it up in the store...
  • Nothing special but check it on store if you like :)
  • I assume it's something that utilizes the Band's Accelerometer sensor and Vibration functions.
  • I can't find the Band Store app in the store...
  • Def getting this
  • Why wouldn't Microsoft already have a category for the band? Seems dumb that a third party had to do this.
  • Most of the apps listed I've found will not work properly with Windows 10. The apps fail to connect to the band. The developers all respond that they are not supporting Windows 10 yet. It would be great if we had a list of apps that are confirmed to work with the Band 2 on Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Awesome Band Backgrounds works on Win10 mobile. Band 2 resolution support update is in certification now.
  • I did finally get Pimp My Band to work on windows 10. I also use "Find My Band," "Me Tiles." I can't get "Clear My Band" to dowload and install, but I use "Send2Band" absolutely everyday to send a note to my Band with my Train Seat reservation. Now, this is the original Band. I should see my Band 2 neaxt week and I am hoping that some of these apps will be ported quickly if they do not work now.
  • Excellent!! My Band is on order, just waiting for its release here in the UK
  • Great. Helped me find Band To-Go... Daily Bing image on my Band? You kidding me? Wonderful.
  • Me thinks MS should do this... Though again, probably on the next one with W10.
  • Is there any fitness device that also supports music playback?
  • Is Band 2 going to be sold in India?
  • Nice way of rephrasing it. Kidding ;P
  • I'll wait for the 1 month reviews to flood in then decide, also hopefully Black Friday throws a few deals
  • How is that stupid Band Simulator app still in the store?
  • Thanks for the in app download link Dan!
  • > As you would expect Band Store is a free app As you would expect Band Store has done this properly   FTFY
  • this place has apps for all platforms including Android and iOS