Bank of America App sneak peek [Exclusive]

The Bank of America Windows Phone 7 app was first mentioned during Steve Ballmer's CES 2011 keynote address. We are now getting indications that the app is in the final stages of testing and should be available over at the Marketplace soon.

Not sure if this will be how the final product looks but based on the screen shots we've received, it appears the app will give you access to a wide range of banking information. Features appear to include checking account balances, paying bills, transferring funds and finding local branches.  Branch searches will pull up Bing Maps and map the nearest branches to your current location.  We're not sure if turn-by-turn directions will be a part of the search results.  The app looks nice and should be well received by Bank of America customers.  

It's a nice looking app and hopefully other financial institutions will follow Bank of America's lead and bring more banking apps to the Windows Phone.

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  • Now if they will support the State of Washington before the year 2019, maybe I could use their mobile apps.
  • I hope a Chase app is coming soon! Prolly the app I miss the most from switching to WP7 from iOS. Please keep us posted!!
  • i thought i was the only one... but yeah, the chase app is my most used/wanted app on iOS and Android. if you send them an email through your account online, they'll respond. i have to send a follow-up as they had told me that it was close to being released, then they had an unexpected delay without a time frame of when it may be released.
  • For what it's worth, USAA was the first bank to have a Windows Phone app. I just hope USBank releases an app soon.
  • Looks nice... I'm waiting for Chase to get their app on the market. Two months ago I was told it was close to being released and then an unexpected delay happened.
  • This app wasn't just mentioned, that crazy perky lady who did the WP7 presentation showed the icon on her home screen and talked about it. I've been wondering what the heck happened to it.
  • Please don't leave me hanging Chase.Actually, first things first.Please don't leave me hanging Verizon.
  • Looks nice!! Hopefully SunTrust follows and we get an app from them! Maybe I should email them!
  • This is good news to me! I just made a "Pin-To-Start" tile from Flicky Flocks app that sends me to Bank Of America's mobile site. Even made a nice tile background that changes color to your theme. This will be even better! Can't wait!
  • totally need to include check scanning deposits.
  • Access to "My Portfolio" information would make this a must-have for me....