Bank of America full steam ahead on upgrading systems to Windows 10

One of Microsoft's bigger problems with Windows 8 was adoption in the enterprise. It's no secret it wasn't particularly well received, with many businesses choosing to remain on Windows 7, or even as far back as Windows XP. Microsoft has made the upgrade path to Windows 10 easier than ever and that's attracting at least one huge corporation to get on board as soon as possible.

We're talking about Bank of America, who's CTO, David Reilly, outlined the company's plans in an interview with InformationWeek.

"Reilly promised a Windows 10 upgrade is on the horizon for Bank of America. 'We're looking to adopt as early as we can,' he said. Such a project will be a massive undertaking given the sheer multitude of Windows devices within the organization, but he appears optimistic about the process."

Part of the reasoning behind not upgrading to Windows 8 was that the company, like many others, requires the software experience it provides to its staff to be consistent across devices. Windows 10's ability to offer this kind of experience is another plus point towards upgrading:

"Windows 10 delivers the same user experience across tablets, desktops, and laptops. Another key reason Reilly is looking forward to upgrading sooner rather than later. 'That's an opportunity we'd really like to take advantage of, if we can,' he said."

Reilly also noted that upgrade path to Windows 10 seems smoother than it did for Windows 7 back then, which is yet another reason to think about an upgrade. It may be only one company, but as far as they go it's a pretty big feather in Microsoft's cap. There's a lot of work that goes into upgrading Windows in a company the size of BoA, including creating a build for its specific environment. The fact that the intention is there so early in the life of Windows 10 though is nothing but good news for the platform. Hopefully many more will follow.

Check out the interview in full at the source link below.

Source: InformationWeek

Richard Devine
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  • Then maybe we'll get an app for our phone again?!?
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!
    I'm with WtFargo never had a problem with banking app.
  • Good for you and not me and many others that had BOA and Chase.
  • old topic I know, but I had bofa, and i switched to wells fargo because of the app situation. I was a 15 year customer.
  • My opinion be illogical not to.. They are interested in the "same experience across all devices" time will tell though.
  • They mentioned all platforms except phone...interesting?
  • Why would Bank of America employees need a Bank of America consumer app? I agree, they probably would like one, because they likely also bank there. But this is talking about enterprise deployment. Unless BoA provides its staff with Lumias already (other Windows Phones also exist :P) then there's not going to be a reason to talk about it.
  • What does updating their PCs and servers have to do with WP? Yea it would be cool if they were giving all of their employees WP's. Then there would be that slight chance that they'll notice a similarity between the computers and phones! Fat chance.
  • Yes it will just have to give it time windows mobile ain't even released yet it was a very smart move unifying the os and naysayes like you that act like they are a WP fan but really are a android fanboy troll talking shit. Will eventually find that out yourselves and as you shit there tring to get you lagdroid to run lag free impossible as that Is ill be the last one laughinh
  • I see it as a subset to be written for a smaller device modfied to run on an ARM chip and yet perhaps for Intel chips. Apps share data; Good example is Onenote of which I see the same data on my Windows Laptop with 8.1 as on my android phone. I'd say Onenote is a prime example of a Universal App by definition.
  • Nope. Still just you agreeing with yourself.
  • Just because they never mentioned wp or phone don't mean nothing you took it out of context he was talking about upgrading there Corprate computers to windows 10 not there phones
  • Not entirely true. You're forgetting that the majority of the business in the U.S. And world, are small business. I work for a wireless carrier and I've seen interest grow recently for WP in business. They're great phones and the devices out now don't dent the pocket books as bad as an iPhone would for a small business.the built in integration with Microsoft services also has swayed some business customers I have seen. I'm hopeful for the platform but also cautious. However, saying its doomsday seems a wee bit off....don't you think?
  • I'm not sure why you consider "universal apps" to be a "myth."  The technology exists and it has been demonstrated.​  As far as the unified OS claim, it's apparent that you took that a little bit to literally.  Yes, the phone version is a stripped down version of Windows 10 rather than the full version.  Big deal.  The full version would be inappropriate for current phone hardware anyway. Sideloading of apps is intended for developer use and it won't work on most unmodified Android apps.  The dev tools you are talking about are intended to easily port Android apps to Windows universal apps.  It's not intended to just run the original app as is on Windows since most apps would require some modification to remap Google services to MS services.          
  • The fact is that you just can't separate W10 and W10M.  The sheer size of the W10 user base and the 4 app porting bridges will make the Windows Store the largest app store of them all.  The W10 user base will quickly surpass the iOS user base.  The iOS app developers just can't help but keeping the traffic on the Islandwood bridge busy.  W10M will be benefited with the UWA that Islandwood produce.  Project Astoria initially serves smaller crowd of WP, but its low cost investment due to the quick and easy port will also encourge Android app developers as well.  So you can easily see the growth potential of Windows Store in the coming years is unlimited.  That will certainly translate into W10M handset sales. More phone vendors will jump in to support W10M as a result.  The chiecken and eggs effect starts to work, this time it is spiraling up.
  • They just don't have a need for phones in their business workflow.  If they did, then Windows 10 universal apps and Windows phones would be the clear choice for them.  Unless you know of some other company that can have a single app run on all device types, MS has a clear advantage in this area.  Just because some companies don't have a need for certain device types doesn't mean that the entire strategy is flawed.  
  • Do you actually *know* that BoA has apps for employee training, payroll, scheduling, etc. or are you just assuming they do?  If they do, then part of your point is valid.  However, I would argue that those things should have been built as websites anyway.  It doesn't make sense to built platform specific business apps for things that people only use for a few minutes per day or once a week.  As far as your rant about desktop programs not being universal apps, you really aren't making any sense.  Everyone knows that desktop apps are not universal.  They have different names for a reason.  However, universal apps can most certainly run on all Windows 10 devices.  I'm wondering if you have even seen Windows 10 yet because it sounds like you are talking about the Windows 8 apps vs desktop situation.  In Windows 10, universal apps can run within a window (resizable) just like desktop programs.  Windows 10 universal apps also can scale fonts, buttons, etc. and change layout (more detail or touch optimized) based on the device they are running on.  It is possible to create universal apps for most business workflows that are every bit as productive (with keyboard, mouse, and multi monitors) as their desktop counterparts.  If there is any real need for BoA to deploy mobile phones to a large percentage of their workfoce (doubtful since most employees would have desk jobs), a single Windows 10 universal apps would be a far better choice than building multiple apps for a bunch of dissimilar devices. At this point I think you are just using this example (a company with little need for business specific mobile apps) as "proof" that your opinion is correct. 
  • It's a unified code base. If you keep manipulating the definition, then it will never satisfy you. Thankfully, the masses don't share your unreasonable perspective. Universal apps has never meant an exact feature by feature replication, across form factors. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well Win10M isn't released yet. I'm guessing BofA will be there when it launches. I mean there, as in the launch event. It is reasonable to wait for something that isn't even released. I get it, you want to be a naysayer...just because. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • One can hope hehe
  • I think it would be embarrassing for the executives and management staff to be shutting at their Windows 10 PCs all day, with the store and apps starting them in the face, and not have a BofA app in there. It will emphasize a glaring hole in what should be there.
  • Haha, was wondering the same thing. Maybe they'll put out an honest W10 universal app, for that whole "same experience" thing.
  • It's Windows 10. If they make any app it'll work on phones too.
  • It will certainly come thru either Project Astoria or Project Islandwood bridge, most likely the latter.  UWA will serve much larger W10 crowd. 
  • Already switched to ally and it's all around a much better bank. Bleeping bleep bank of America, they can go bleep themselves.
  • I also opened an ally account and I like the experience. The only reason I still have a chase account is for depositing cash.
  • Maybe an APP again I miss the APP!!! Used it all the time.
  • Doom Sayers where art thou now?
  • Lol true true hehe
  • One positive thing to look at though is why dump all that money upgrading to a new platform for the corporation and not support it with apps.. That would not make sense to me. Course I don't run the corporation either but I do see a ray of light at the end of the tunnel either that or I partied to hardy last night ;)
  • Does it really matter? They may decide now thy want a Universal App for those tablets they spoke of, and, Oops! It will run on phone as well. I had also read an article a while back that stated that Bank of America and Microsoft came to a mutual agreement to hold off on a phone app until Windows 10, since it made no since to fix an app so close to 10's launch. That means they're already considering it, and probably already in development. Only time will tell for sure. While I have nothing invested in Bank of America, it would be good for the platform if they would just "come around to our way of thinking." It would also be in their best interest to come around to our way of thinking, since our way is the right way. ;) Haha! 
  • Personally i dont use BOA either but that dont mean they shouldn't be one. An app is convenient and easy to use and Wells Fargo has a nice app they maintain in the store. It's obvious they don't feel like they losing money or is someone going to say that all Wells Fargo clients use windows phone hehe.
  • Bahahahah! HaHAHAHaahaaa! Ha. Oh, wait... you're serious?  Seriously, wpkeven, it's been known for months now that Bank of America was going to be producing a Universal App that will run on Windows Phone. It's Chase that is being such a SnapJerkChat over it. Still waiting for it to be published on the store. Lots of things can happen between the time it was decided to do it and now, and while it's possible the idea may have been canceled, the last word on it was that it is happening.
  • No arguments there wp my comments were of hope for a app coming as alot of people seem to use BOA or base the future of wp on having one lol.
  • Nobody said it wasn't about a consumer facing app. I wasn't replying to the article, but to you where you stated, "Same place as before, seeing as how he left "mobile" off the list of devices they're interested in"  
  • Dude how is universal apps stupid obviously your not a developer really should change your name to wphaterkevin or androidfanboykevin or iosloverkevin dude just don't lie to yourself and others
  • He's talking about their own internal systems. This isn't about a phone app.
  • I believe they talked about tablets which is mobile .. Soooo maybe they are actually waiting on the freakn' WM10 to be officially released. Just saying think outside the box.
  • I actually agree with him on this and this is the reason why I left Windows phone a year ago. The fact that apps are being pulled from Windows phone all the time. I am a Bank of America customer and having a app on my store. I think sometimes people in this community forget that the selling point of a platform. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They will find a reason to cry no matter what.
  • This article has nothing to do with Windows Mobile or the consumer side of BoA! It's about the "enterprise" side of the Corp ... Sheesh
  • And it's "just a conversation" there also some comments about antivirus below too in this thread... Y hate on this one? Just curious?
  • Sure this article has nothing to do with a boa app. But as they removed there app from the store and now other talks about w10 upgrade it almost seems as these companies see us WP users as Microsoft's red headed step child. They love and need windows but for WP .......nah! Yes I understand the article has nothing to do with the boa app but its an article here that many WP users will read and still kinda feel salty about the whole app removal deal.
  • Phone app for windows 10?
  • Nope.
  • This is possibly the most important thing that could happen to ensure the survival of the mobile platform. The other big players will follow.
  • This has nothing to do with the mobile platform
  • I'm just guessing that ALL the pieces will start falling into place. It just makes sense.
  • 90% of indian banks provide windows phone app don't know why us banks avoids windows phone
  • All Indonesian bank provide to all platform.
  • No they don't or they wouldn't use android cuz the whole os only works half the time constant lagging and the wait or force close dialog box popping up. No android is like the old windows Steve jobs said to bill gates once that there stuff (there pc and OS) was better then Microsoft and bill told him that don't matter same for android even though WP and windows 10 are better in everyway there will always be brainwash people like you who follow the crowd instead of there own self even if you like wp or windows 10 most ppl get android or ios cuz there afraid to be different
  • Android OEMs screw up the OS with their bloatwares and buggy updates. Users don't need to mess with anything.
  • If Androids had constant lagging and force close problems like you and the other fanboys here keep crowing about, they wouldn't be dominating with 80% market share. The constant  .......resuming I get on my Windows Phone's are much more irritating to me than Android lag.
  • On what do you base that US customers have higher expectations?
  • This is great news, and hopefully other large organisations follow suit.
  • What Microsoft were saying before (and Daniel) is there's a good chance many will make apps for windows 10. And when there's many apps they probably have utmost reason to extend it's coverage to mobile.
  • We're already testing for an upgrade end of this year or first quarter next year. The security changes behind the scenes is worth the upgrade and makes it a no brainer, Windows Hello on new hardware is just icing on the cake. All the talk about Windows 10 has been about the changes they see but underneath it is a new platform and has a lot in common with Windows Phone than Windows 8 when it comes to security.
  • Agreed. I'm running Windows 10 Home without an antivirus, I only have Windows Defender on. :D Antiviruses really slowed it down when I was on 7.
  • That works ok if you're savvy enough. Did it for years
  • Don't forget they have made smartscreen scan downloaded files too.
  • Running only defender on this end too.. Figure I'd give it a shot.. Positive that the definitions are updated very regular.
  • Defender is crap.. Well lets say its as good as any other free alternatives.
  • Very good news indeed.
  • The big question here is if they make a universal app for windows 10? And will the consumer will download that app on their laptops? AND, once it's download on their laptops/computers, will they buy Windows 10 phone to download the app even if they have the same app on their ios/android? Microsoft needs a very compelling reason why company and developers needs to make a universal app AND a compelling reason why ditching your iPhone, even if you have the same app, and switching to windows 10 phone is a better experience.
  • The website is LESS FUNCTIONAL the the discontinued app. WP and desktop apps both had remote deposit. Website does not allow remote deposit. If the website allowed direct deposit I would not care about an app.
  • You've literally just contradicted yourself
  • Another example maybe if topic. VMWare support for Windows 10 is a good thing because i can now download AirWatch MGM as BYOD. But it won't help WP10 adoption cause AirWatch has iPhone/android support.
  • Great news! Hope other organisations adopt this as well.
  • Wow that is exceptionally good press for MS. Universal apps paying off.
    This probably means a BOA app may come back in the future. Or a revamped site. That's probably easier.
  • This has nothing to do with apps. It about them updating all of the company's computers.
  • I like reading this page and so for some time i didn't let Adblock run on this things changed when i was listening to music and all of a sudden they told me i will be a millionaire and really loud that i didn't know where the sound was coming from...Why WC?
  • Win 8 2 8.1 was very easy, 7 2 10 or 8 2 10 has been a headache for me. Six hours plus to install only to find there is no 1080 pixels option, can't play videos going back to 7.
  • Installing drivers is hard
  • And full steam on a universal Windows app right?
  • No
  • My guess is that there would probably be a better mobile experience if they used Project Astoria to port from Android, so hopefully they'll do that instead of a universal app.
  • They're deploying desktop Windows 10, not Mobile. Astoria can't be used on desktop Windows.
  • Lol I read the title as an official app is coming to windows phone lol oops
  • Seems smoother
  • Does Microsoft include numbers of downloads ti W10 at their corporations in the national download numbers?
  • I'm sure they do, but I can't imagine enterprise contributes that much to the install number.
  • Im already testing win 10 for the bank i work for Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'll never do business with them! Fuck em!!!!
  • So they support Microsoft and you say you won't support them? Geez, dude, you must be a real Microsoft hater.
  • My employer, a bank, just finished the XP to 7 upgrades earlier this year. MS needs to give them a free upgrade otherwise banks will ride 7 until updates/support end. We don't spend money on tech unless it's falling apart Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my BlackBerry Passport
  • The guy from BoA explains why it won't be like XP --> 7. 7 --> 10 has very similar underlying technologies, so it should be much easier to deploy. That's why this is faster.
  • The whole anti-WP argument here is based on the assumption that BofA provides phones to it's staff to do their bank work on.... Any of you actually bank at BofA? Or actually have bank accounts? What bank lets it's staff have a mobile device capable of accessing the banks network? If yours does, you should stop banking there.
    "oooh, he didn't mention phones,WP is dead."
    Stupid argument by people with too much free time and not enough thought.
  • I bank with BOA, have about 5-7 personal accounts that I use almost every day. I had a great Mobile app so I can bank anywhere, then it got yanked, so now I am stuck using a browser, that works but is very clunky to use and I cant deposit checks on the road. Yea, I am still sore about it and it's been a while
  • Excellent,great news!! Now how bout that phone app coming back?
  • That's fantastic, well I'm not surprised, if you are a true user and up on tech and trends. Full time promoter of the platform, Mobile First! Cloud First! we know its just a matter of Time before Windows 10 goes VIRAL.
  • I was positive Windows 8 would go "VIRAL" too.
  • Yea, right, they will make a Windows 10 app but, I am sure it wont be a universal app. They made their choice on Windows Phone as one of the first supporters of WIndows Phone and just yanked it. I'll use the Android version for the time being, cant deposit checks but, everything else is there and it seems to work good.
  • It won't make sense to not make the app universal. It's essentially the same app. They'd be idiots to do such a thing.
  • Thats huge news a very big deal
  • Now, if the Chase bank app was still in existence, I'd be a happy camper.
  • They aren't talking about phone apps in this article. It's not even a consumer app.
  • If anything, Windows 10 provides a less consistent experience across devices, coming from 8. Their argument makes no sense.
  • I wish other organisations also realize that...
  • 1 store for all correct? So it'll be available for phones regardless.
  • Our company (an HMO provide rin California) is replacing all desktops and laoptobs with Surgace Pro 3 next year, hopefully with Win 10. We are also ditching Lotus Notes and webex, finally!, with Office 365. We will be using Box for cloud storage though, not OneDrive.
  • That is great. I suppose the constancy of having one model of computer to support and one user interface to support has some benefit. Inn general, I think the Surface Pro 3 is more expensive and less capable than most desktop PCs, other than when portability is needed. Yes, you can add a dock, monitor, keyboard and mouse, but at that extra cost you can have a desktop PC and Surface Pro 3. It does not sound like a good business decision.  
  • I of course don't use BoA but I hope by doing this they will give phone users what they deserve, Banks should give users apps to make it easier for the users who want to use them. Banks already charge you for anything, even if you take money from your debit account on a cash machine. so why would they worry about marketshare or supporting the app if they already steal money from customers? Banks are evil, all banks are evil. so there is no reason not to believe something like BoA would be different.
  • All comments about the status of a new app aside, at the very least this means they're very impressed with the platform. If not not mistaken (perhaps Richard Devine can chime in) I believe MS held closed door sessions to large companies months ago to demonstrate Windows 10's enterprise strategy. So as for the people saying BofA may not grasp the "One Windows" concept, I'd be surprised if the smartphone's role in the ecosystem wasn't stressed during these sessions. Again, at th ever least they are sold on Windows 10. I had a rep from Verizon say something to the effect of "we're going to wait and see how Windows 10 fleshes out and possibly revisit" the idea of a universal app. Hopefully Verizon was at these sessions as well because I could use some Verizon apps.
  • I'm working for one of the technology vendor for BoA. I know how long they took to upgrade to Windows 7(they upgraded after releasing 8.1) from xp. So this is really an early adoption and am looking forward to work in windows 10 system. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "Part of the reasoning behind not upgrading to Windows 8 was that the company, like many others, requires the software experience it provides to its staff to be consistent across devices." And Windows 7 provided this? XP? MAC?!? Only Windows mobile had even a hint of consistency with a desktop OS. Windows 8 paired with Windows Phone gave a VERY consistent experience across platforms. There is absolutely no logic in this part of the article. The facts support the exact opposite conclusion. If BoA was looking for platform consistency, they SHOULD have deployed Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.
  • Consistent experience with what their staff are use to. They were on Windows XP/7 and Windows 8 was a radical change to that userbase.
  • They need to address the privacy issues before any company should consider upgrading.
  • That they are adopting W10 is a big deal if u ask me....
  • Yeah I have seen Axis Bank with Windows XP in Delhi.
  • The axis bank here near my house in mumbai uses windows 7 but some branches still use XP.
  • Now big indian atleast the private banks like HDFC,ICICI,Axis,DCB should start choosing windows 10 soon.
  • State Banks still use XP and IE6 LOL
  • I knew they'd come back. After windows 10 builds the user base into the hundreds of millions, it just wouldn't make sense. Then that universal app will come to phones because of one thing; they won't have a choice. Brilliant. Bring on the apps. :D
  • This has nothing to do with consumer apps, this is about the computers they'll be using to run the company day to day.
  • We're looking at an aggressive rollout of Windows 10 as well at my company. Unfortunately we need some of the third party application providers to update and certify their apps with Windows 10. In the corporate world there typically is a large list of supported apps and some are legacy you need to find a work around for. Needless to say there is a lot more of excitement in the company for Windows 10 unlike Windows 8. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I never knew an enterprise can be that fast on upgrading.
  • When they finish upgrading all of their PCs, I'm sure that more enterprises will move after them
  • Meanwhile in India.... "Bank Of India" upgrades to Windows 95