Battery Saver for Windows Phone updated to filter app usage by time and more

Battery Saver has just picked up an update for Windows Phone. The built-in app allows you to monitor which apps are consuming the most battery and gives you control over which apps run in the background. Today's update gives you more filters on the usage page.

Update: A full changelog has now been posted, which we will list below:

Battery Saver 1.0.14201.0 Changes

  • Foreground vs Background metrics: Usage bars now show foreground and background showing you how much power a particular app consumes whether you're using it or not using it.
  • Time Filters: We've added a filter also in the usage view where you can now specify the timeframe of data to look at. Can now show data from the last day, 2 days or a week.
  • What Does Battery saver do anyway?: Re-worded the settings page to more clearly indicate what battery saver mode does.
  • Real Time Live Tile: If you pin the battery saver app to start, it now updates in real time! (Requires build 8.1.14203 or higher.)
  • Quick Settings: You can now add battery saver to the quick settings menu and cycle through the battery saver options there. (Requires build 8.1.14203 or higher.)
  • Turn On until next charge: We added a new option to let users turn on battery saver until next charge!
  • Improved Battery usage scaling: The usage data now scales to actual device battery capacity with full width mapping to 100% capacity. Additionally, the bars now use a logarithmic scaling algorithm to make the bars more visible when usage is small for a particular app.

Today's update puts the app at version 1.0.14201.0. We're not seeing an official changelog listed in the Windows Phone Store, but a quick scan of the app after updating reveals a few new features.

Visually Battery Saver will now display how an app is impacting your battery when it's in use and when it's in the background. Tapping an app to go to its detailed page will provide exact values for how it's behaving in use and in the background.

Battery Saver

Another change is ability to sort and filter your app usage list by time. By default it will show you how apps are consuming your battery in the past 24 hours, but you can view 48 hour usage and one week usage as well.

Did we miss anything in today's update? Let us know if you notice anything else!

Thanks for the tip everyone!

QR: Battery Saver

  • Great! Most needed.
  • When are they gonna fix the UI for this thing (drop down menu)?
  • What do you mean? The action centre?
  • I think go1020 means the "show" links. Tapping either one displays a list of more links. Why that instead of standard WP-style dropdown lists (see start+theme's Background option), is a little... different.
  • Yeah, that's what I meant. Hate the inconsistency in design.
  • Oh, the new animation that came with 8.1? Yeah, Jay should totally fix that.
  • Oh, the new animation that came with 8.1? Yeah, Jay should totally fix that.
  • Is anybody else finding they are unable to use battery saver to switch off the navigation button lights?
    (1020, 64GB, 02 UK)
  • I hope this update fixes it, I cant use my phone at night anymore, this is insane
  • Same issue on my 920....on my 620 the buttons backlight switches off when in power save mode
  • It's fine on my 925. Just tried it. And it's always worked fine.
  • It didn't fix the light problem. Damn
  • My NL920 navigation buttons no longer turn off with this update. 
  • Same here on a 1520. I just found out this trick last week, and they promptly take it away from me. Frustrating!
  • same here for me, but, it also doesn't dim the screen either. Tried it the screen on high, then turned on battery saver and nothing changed. I do have the toggle switched in the Display settings, as well. Basically, it was working and now it isn't, but I'm not sure I've had the update or not. How do you check which version you are on. Nothing in the app shows anything. I've just updated, nothing changed. How do we report this to Microsoft? This is an important feature. 1020 32GB, Orange (UK)  
  • It's all working fine and dandy for me. The screen dims, the capacitive buttons turn off. The only thing unusual I just noticed is that when I turn it on, instead of showing 1h+ of battery, it shows 1h less. For instance, with battery saver off I have 3h left before it runs out; with battery saver on I have 2h left. Wtf?!
  • For what its worth, I just chatted with MS help. They think the file as got corrupted and said it could happen over time. I linked this chat and said I wasn't alone, but all the can say is do a hard re-set. He did say, he had some one yesterday with the same problem and a hard reset sorted it. Question still remains: how do so many people get a corrupted file in the same period of time? Just to be clear this issue on my phone happened before the app update and still remains afterwards
  • My capacitive buttons don't even come on anymore. I thought I turned them off with a toggle but couldn't find it again and then people said it didn't exisit. So I guess I'm just crazy, but they've been off for about 2 months now.
  • Did it ever occur to you that it might have something to do with a hardware issue? That's odd! Unless you turned it off in the settings.
  • Battery duration improved :p
  • how did you knew its improveded its been 73min since update????
  • Take note of the emoticon. The guy was joking :)
  • We all wish... :P
  • Awesome! This is really useful and handy.
  • Grrrr8t!!!!
  • Liking the new update. Makes the app more useful (informative). Now to figure out how to stop WCentral being such a battery hog. Last 24 hours-29.9%. Surpassed only by Tapatalk.
  • Just a thought. Maybe if you stopped using it so much! :) Yes, it is probably the most used app on my phone.
  • Lol. I use it a lot but not THAT much.
  • I've turned off background. Helped a lot.
  • They added the toggle to allow you to set 'now until next charge' without Battery Saver being permanently disabled after charging. This was possible in WP7 but disappeared in WP8. Excellent!
  • I needed this very badly. Thank you MS.
  • I dont think its something new..
  • Yeah, that was already there.
  • It was already there, but now after charging, you can keep the 'turn on when battery is under 20%' option on. Before, after charging, battery saver would be off.
  • Ah yes, it's been removed from the radio list and is now non-exclusive. That's very handy.
  • When for calendar, video, call+sms filter, files, email app!!!
  • Right! The whole settings is trash and needs an update.. It's not as easy to find things as it should be, at least add symbols next to each thing in there to help us identify what we want to go to.
  • I'd be happy if a sort option was available... I'd choose alphabetic order. Otherwise, it would be nice if the settings apps were grouped
  • Yup, agree
  • Worthful update.
  • Internet explorer is set not to work in background on my 930. Battery saver shows 24.2% app in use and 4.3% in background. Any idea why is that?
  • Similar situation here
  • Might be while ur using tabs? Idk!
  • I think that's when you are multitasking. I could be wrong. I say this because I have background stats for apps that can't even run in the background.
  • Tabs and other ie Info sync maybe?
  • Nice update, still wish they would rename it to Battery Sense to be consistant with everything else.  Would like to see how much battery is used by cellular, wi-fi, bluetooth and GPS.
  • After a long time, excellent update!!!
  • Please MS: now update your Calendar app with more than one day calendar appointment in the double wide live tile!! Is a waste of space!! For the next Battery Saver update, how about adding a proper live tile showing the estimated time remaining and the battery percentage?  
  • Unfortunately these features will not be available in Brazil, sorry :P
  • This man speaks the truth! I have another battery app just to show current status on the start screen, and I use Week View 8 (most likely Chronos+ going forward) just to have more than one appointment on the live tile.
  • My WhatsApp shows 89% , :-D
  • Wow. You spend a lot of time on whatsapp. Lol. Mine shows
  • Great update!!!
  • The first thing the battery saver app showed me after the update was Windows Central's battery consumption, it is quite high, but I haven't used it a lot. Hope this issue will be addressed in the universal app. And, the update to the battery saver was great, now the battery statistics are being show in percentage which is more informative.
  • Hi!!! I was looking for this i knew i wasn't crazy. Has this changed recently? I can't see the percentage on live tile anymore
  • No, it is still there.
  • Damn... can't get it back!!! so frustrating.
  • The app should have a reset feature, to reset or clear log, or the log should restart/clear log or history when ever the phone's battery runs out
  • Anyone notice that the estimated time remaining and time since last charge show as "X hours X minutes" now instead?
  • Great adition!
  • Yep.. very useful
  • I knew something was different when I looked at that.
  • Does stopping an shop from running in the background stop you from multitasking with it it does it only affect background tasks when the app is closed?
  • Awesome!
  • Still doesn't track screen on time so it is mostly useless for me.
  • I want to know those numbers too!
  • app not working.. Crash every time
  • lol same here! I can't even open it
  • yeah fucking a!    
  • It would be great if we could switch on background tasks for individual apps for custom periods, say 6-8 in the morning all days, or all day only in the weekend...
  • Now waiting for the denim update.
  • If you select "always" in conserve battery, it will now automatically turn battery saver on as soon as you take it off the charger.
  • Pardon the pun, but that's always been the case.
  • No it hasn't. It used to switch it off.
  • No, it's worked like that since WP8.
  • I know it wasn't because it used to annoy me to no end having to switch it back on when taking it off the charger. "always" is a frequently used mode for me so I would notice.
  • But I also noticed considering I used it heavily when I got my Lumia 1020, and when I updated to WP8.1. It's always worked like this.
  • Must've been a big bug then.
  • Sounds like the best explanation, especially since it wouldn't make sense to have "Always" and "Now Until Now Next Charge" available as options that do the same thing.
  • Not the exactly same thing ... Always means always, except when charging. Until you switch it off manually.
    And Now until next charge means enabled until you charge the device, then it is automatically turned off. It is useful for a trip or a long day (occasionally)
  • Yes, that's my point. That's how they're supposed to work and that's how they've always worked. "Always" would ensure Battery Saver was on whenever the device wasn't charging, and "Now Until Next Charge" would turn on Battery Saver only until the next charge, then it would automatically turn back off. According to SammyD97, that previously wasn't the case, which I pin down to a bug.
  • No it hasn't. Whenever you charged it you had to activate it again. I know because my 930 is constantly being charged (because the battery life sucks) and I had to keep turning battery saver on.
    Perhaps there was a bug that made it behave the way you described it but a I'm sure none of my Nokia's with WP8.1 ever did that. And I own a few. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 2 years later and we're slowly catching up to Android lol
  • Damn....this update has just broken my 'battery saver brightness'...
    The navigation keys at the bottom remain lit even when battery saver is enabled - and the screen doesn't dim either.
    1 step forward, 2 back
    (Lumia 1020, 64GB, O2 UK)
  • Before this update, (and I'm yet to update) I have this issue too. When battery saver is on, the screen brightness no longer dims. I'm not sure but I think it started after the "critical update" for developer preview was installed.
  • Thinking about it, I haven't used the nav key dimming trick since I received that critical update....
    So my phone may have already had this issue...
    Either way, it is very annoying! It's also a perfect justification for using software navigation keys.
    Does your phone take notice of the battery saver dimming feature in 'display'? Mine doesn't. So I'm thinking the 'display' module is broken rather than battery saver
  • Yeah, under Display "reduce screen brightness when battery saver is active" is turned ON but it doesn't work when battery saver becomes active.
  • This update doesn't fix not did it cause the dim problem (at least in my case) the butten lights problem started with my lumia920 after a windows phone hub update this week. I was hoping this would fix it but it doesn't. FYI I have a standard version so no development etc. Please Microsoft fix this
  • Windows Phone 'hub' update? Do you mean the accessories hub?
    I may try deleting that and see if it rectifies the problem. *Didn't fix the problem
  • Anyone knows what is the % is? Is % per hour, per charge?
  • In the past 24/48 hours, of all the battery drained x% was drained by app Y
  • Kind of off topic, but has anyone else experienced the background allowance of the Store randomly turning off and of FM radio randomly turning on?
  • Great update!! But it would be cool if it shows battery status in live tile.
  • In the changelog, it says there is a live tile included in This update. But only if you have a newer WP version. Which we can't get for now
  • Thanks for info... Do have any idea about update,when we can get it??
  • I'm not sure. All I know is the facts I've read in the change log
  • Okay...
  • But if they are already hinting to this, I bet it shouldn't take very long
  • Hope so... :)
  • And now...this update is of no use... Coz it's not working,not dimming the brightness anymore... :-/
  • Could potentially be referring to Update 2, perhaps? Just like the Xbox Music live tile required Update 1?
  • Yes! I was waiting for that!
  • Offtopic... Croatia - Argentina 1:0!!!! :)
  • Lies!
  • No, no, my friend. :) Check it if you don't beleive me. :)
  • Stranger things have happened I guess.
  • When I turn on battery saver (or when battery drops to below 20% and battery saver kicks in) screen brightness is no longer dimmed. Is anyone else having this issue? Does this update fix it? (I'm yet to update.)
  • Okay. So I just updated and the issue is still there: Screen brightness (and nav keys) do not dim when battery saver is active. *deep sigh* I'm really tired.
  • Check the display settings. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • After this update, I can't turn off the light in navigation button when turn on battery saver. Why Microsoft don't have more option in Touch settings "turn off light navigation" ? Use phone in midnight so brightness, not comfortable at all :(
  • Mine has done the same thing! Really annoying.
    They should have the option to permanently disable the lights in the navigation keys in the same way you can turn off the vibration.
    What phone are you using?
  • I'm using Lumia 820
  • 1020 here...freshly installed a couple of weeks back.
    It looks like the problem is for older generation phones - possibly ones with AMOLED screens & 1GB+ of RAM.
  • They have removed the options to turn off and placed it differently.
  • Now I can dump off that third party app. Please add system
  • Noooooo! It doesn't turn off the light behind the windows buttons anymore! I used battery saver for that every night reading in the dark. The buttons are way too bright.
    Any other way of turning them off? (L920)
  • Same problem for me (1020) and an 820 user a few comments above.
    Looks like a pretty widespread issue. Frustrating because those buttons are too bright.
  • Nice
  • They seem to be SO RANDOM in designing the filtering list view. Does it fill in any design principle?
  • Whoa that's awesome.
  • Does anyone have a problem using this app on 8.1 update 1 on Lumia icon? I can't open the program through app list on main screen or in settings and I also can't uninstall it. When I go to the app page in the store normally where it would say update and whatnot it's all just blank.
  • This is an example of a system-app being separated from the OS/store updateable being a /good/ thing. Xbox Music: Take notes.
  • Why isn't WPC writing an article about the design of this apps. They adding features on top of the interface making half of the screen unusable. Did anybody notice that every app Microsoft is doing it has no design standard.a bunch of idiots busy adding features to the apps can't even perform correct..back button doesn't suspend the app. Not a single app made by Microsoft is completed and works properly on wp8.1. Wpc should make an article about the miserable performance and design of the Microsoft own apps. I have managed to find only Bing translation app support wp8.1 as it should.wpc should make an article about this problem if they really fans of WP not just a sponsored Microsoft site.
  • Settings have change too : It's now a toggle to "Now until next charge" and also "When it's under 20%".
  • so I guess they made it say "under 20%" instead of "when its low" you know, wp simplicity of fucking up useful details
  • Great!
  • i hope it fixes the damn battery saver brightness mode not working, wp at nights its a real eyesore, most maddening problem i've had with wp yet, is this so hard to fix ms? a fucking brightness setting that works?
  • it is indeed 90% good
    it would be 100% great if I could know whether the numbers I see are "normal" or not. what I mean is. I think they should now implement an algorithm that will:
    take app size and capabilities and maybe even code structure
    take statistical usage from previous periods + other users
    and will show the percentage for this period against the algorithm's one that's how we could know if this battery consumption is normal or we should be worry
  • Very good
  • It's also a lot faster with loading everything I noticed.
  • Next Storage Sense.. That app I super slow when loading things and it makes me not wanting to use it because of that.
  • This update doesnt fix nor did it cause the dim problem (at least in my case) the butten lights problem started with my lumia920 after a windows phone hub update this week. I was hoping this would fix it but it doesn't. FYI I have a standard version so no development etc. Please Microsoft fix this
  • That would be reasonable
  • Hope the battery saver bug where it doesn't both decrease brightness and turn off capacitive buttons is fixed permanently.I've restored the device to factory settings after it has occurred once, and it happened a second time....
  • Just put some electrical tape over the buttons :). The light still comes through, but it is dimmed drastically.
    It'll save you fully resetting your phone until a proper fix arrives :)
  • Real time update with build 8.1.14203 ???? And we can get the OTA update
  • Am I missing something? Aren't all the percentages supposed to add up to 100%. When I tapped to show usage from last week, I see "Phone" using 100% and then "Internet Explorer" usage is 3.9% under it. And there are others...
  • I am getting that too...
  • Any reason why the app has never shown the current battery status on the live tile? The storage sense tile shows current used and free capacities, but the battery save doesn't show any information... Kinda stupid
  • Actually that would be redundant if it did. The battery percentage is in the action center already. Why would anyone want it as a live tile as well? Just my opinion.
  • Guys anone had bugs cause of this update?
  • Using lumia1520 i restarted the phone twice its showing buggy slow performance
  • Possible solution for the button lights battery saver. Hard reset the phone and set year to 2200 delete HUB and your some.
  • I deleted the Hub didn't make a difference.
    (1020, 64GB, O2 UK)
  • What is HUB?
  • Windows phone device hub
  • Looks awesome now
  • Lol I've just updated it and it just keep crashing.
  • Awesome update! Now the exact same design for data sense app! :)
  • There's an huge bug, if you set "show usage on the las 48 hours" it will just keep crashing...I don't know how to fix it now!
  • Set your system date to the year battery saver - it should allow you to delete the app.
    You can then reinstall it using 'sysapp pusher'
  • It doesn't crash when I switch it. 1520 here.
  • I'd rather see usage stats from the last full charge, that would be useful.
  • Agree with this. The usage stats should reset when charge hits > 90%
  • Nice update. But can Microsoft please implement screen ON usage stats? It would be nice to see how much juice the screen uses too.
  • Microsoft...Changelog....good one :D  
  • Am I the only one who thinks the app is completely misleading since day 1?
    As far as I,notice, it only shows the values depending on how much time you are using the app, how long the app stays active on your main screen not actually how much energy it drains. For instances right now, the frigging "messaging" shows 5% of total,usage,in the last 24 hours where I've been heavily watching videos and texting via WhatsApp which we all know is a battery drainer.
    Yes, I did SMS a lot as well but sending SMSs are not nearly exhausting as WhatsApp or video playback.
  • I think i see a bug.. How do i post the screenshot?
  • Hey... Live tile is not working... Before this update, it shows me that this battery run for 18 hours written on my batterysaver screen or icon.
  • How much battery does this app need to do all this new stuff?  jk.  Thanks for the update.
  • Y allowing the app to run in the background under battery saver mode gets untick by itself for certain apps even though I turned it on earlier itself?
  • Terrific update! Now my phone is in permanent battery saving mode, because no matter how much I charge it, it still detects bat