Gearbox Software is getting ready for the open beta test of its long-awaited MOBA-shooter hybrid Battleborn. PlayStation 4 owners will be able to access it first on April 8, and PC and Xbox One owners will join in on April 13 before it ends on April 18,

Gearbox has posted up the details of what will be included in the open beta test. For the Xbox One version of the test, both free and paid Xbox Live members will be able to access content in the beta, but there will be restrictions for free Silver members:

Xbox Live Gold members will have access to all Story and Competitive Modes in the Open Beta. Xbox Live Silver members will be able to play private Story Mode episodes and private Competitive Modes, but will not have access to public matchmaking features.

The open beta will let players access 25 of Battleborn's heroes, some of which will be available immediately and others to be unlocked later. Two story and multiplayer modes (Incursion and Meltdown) will be available. The full version of Battleborn will launch on May 3 for $59.99.

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