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(Update) 'Battlefield 1' image leaks appear to show World War I setting, October 2016 availability

Initially appearing on NeoGAF, the leaked image could confirm earlier rumors that the next Battlefield will take place during World War 1. The art features a zeppelin, iconic Mauser pistol, and a spiked trench club, used for close quarters combat by both the Allies and Central powers during the conflict.

A second image leaked via Reddit reveals the game's name, 'Battlefield 1', lending further support to the WW1 setting. A third image leak (via Shinobi602) has revealed the game's launch date - October 18th, 2016.

Battlefield 1

EA and DICE are set to reveal the game in full later today at 4 PM ET / 9 PM BST, and the developers are currently hosting a pre-show on the Battlefield website.

DICE is well versed with the World War 2 era, shipping titles like Battlefield 1942, but it'll be interesting to see how the studio plans to inject gameplay flavor into World War 1 combat, given the limited technology available at the time. Indeed, the World War 1 setting will put Battlefield 1 at an extreme polar opposite to Activision's Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which is set to take the shooter franchise far into a future where space battles and robots are commonplace.

I'd normally tell you to take leaks with a pinch of salt, but this one's looking like a foregone conclusion.

How do you feel about Battlefield 1? Do you like the World War 1 setting? Let us know in the comments!

Jez Corden
Jez Corden

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  • Interested to see how they tackle customization and what's the max player count Sent From Your Real Father
  • I think it has to have 64 players on consoles otherwise that version is a no go for me. I'd have to get the PC version, but would prefer console as I like to play with a gamepad and doing that in an fps on PC for multiplayer can lead to a big disadvantage
  • Hope it's not WW1... We had to much about that... At least, create an alternative world or something Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's better than COD take on Halo.
  • Too much? Ehm.. I dont know which world you are living in but all I can see nowadays are either futuristic or current year wars.
  • Yeah, I can't understand the "we've had too much WWI" comment at all... what games are set in WWI? I'm normally much more of a CoD campaign fan (I don't play CoD multiplayer), but I am sick to death of all the future tech gameplay, so this one sounds very interesting.
  • I've never seen a ww1 game except that one battle of verdun. I've seen plenty of ww2 games in the past tough! But that was like almost 10 years ago
  • Is it me or does that look like a titan in the background above his head.
  • Probably a blimp.
  • I hope not. Maybe it will be some alternate universe merging WW1 with technology. I'm done with the past and extreme future war games. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ditto
  • Ah, so it's to be a digging simulator for 90% of the gaming session before a whistle blows and you all die at once? At least they won't need to bother animating the enemy. You'll likely not see them.
  • I would love a ww1 fps! The shelling could look amazing, wonderful particle effects, brutal intense up close combat and a return to shooters where precision shooting and effective tactics are more important than twitch spray and pray gameplay. If they do a ww1 game, I'll buy my first battlefield.
  • Now I need to go and watch Blackadder.
  • "Catpain Blackudder"
  • How many attachments for guns could they have in that era?
  • Grenade launcher, bayonet... Scope
  • There's not much 'scope' for customisation in a WW1 game
  • Someone give this guy a medal.
  • They may have screwed up my interest with this. But I said that about Hardlines and loved it after. So idk. You haven't let me down yet!! :)
  • Hardline multiplayer is okay IMO, had some really fun times on it. I think the single player was cool, better than a lot of Battlefield games and the optional arrest mechanic gave it a small twist. I do think BF4 multi was much better overall compared to hardline. I hope there's huge maps in the next game with plenty of mayhem
  • Hated Hardline. The single player didn't interest me at all and the Cops vs Bad guys was idiotic. I'm looking forward to WWI and waving goodbye to COD.
  • ww1 what ????
  • It's actually called Battlefield 1 and takes place in an alternate WW1 earth.
  • That would actually be quite Steam Punk and therefore awesome
  • The last 2 cods and the next one even more so have got ridicules with future war fare, they should have stuck with weaponry that most if not all would know is possible to have at the moment such as stealth bombers, drones, missiles and so on, not jumping suits or space battles or anything else that's not possible, that's why a revisit of past wars with maybe a different objective is better as all weaponry is well known and possible.
  • Maybe take something from the QB playbook and throw in some sort of time travel
  • Completely agree. I'm done with COD. I am a fan of realistic warfare, not comic book futuristic junk.
  • Time for a crossover gh/cod
  • That appears to be a black guy on the cover, automatic purchase Sent From Your Real Father
  • Lmao wut
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I wanted next 2142 :D This is sooooooo wrong for me :(
  • And so Right for me :-)
  • ...
  • Very interested to see their take on it. Could be a good game, but maybe not. I don't usually like games without campaigns, so hopefully this has one.
  • Totally hope this is a WWI game. WWII and modern/future shooters have been numerous. I can't think of a decent WWI fps. Big potential for huge set pieces. Can't wait for more details.
  • Battle of Somme? Oh yeah RIP British and French brethren you may never be forgotten. Also what about Korean War no one touching that? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (from my Nexus 5x or LG V10)
  • The biggest problem is that assault riffles and light machine guns didn't exist at the time. However I would like to test those ancient tanks and airplanes! Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Not true. The BAR was used in WWI as an assault/light machine gun as were others.
  • Is he wearing a cape? is that a main weapon on the right side of his waist and a secondary one on his left side, plus a sidearm? How can one conclude that thing on the back is a zeppelin? could be anything to me, but a zeppelin? Cant see it :/
    Looking forward to its announcement!! Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I know.  A dude wearing a cape on the battlefield in 1918 would have been killed by his own men :-)
  • Limited Technology. WW1 had some ingenious ideas when it came to killing other humans.
    Flame tanks being one of them, planes dropping little darts.
    But imagine the set pieces.... Going over will make the Medal of Honour D Day level look tame
  • Mmmmmm...mustard gas.
  • **** yeaaa, such an amzing gameplay when i watch the thriller on youtube. I also saw a site leaked the full game download link at enjoy Guys..   Super cool game