Battlefield 1's first DLC throws players into the fiery hell of Verdun

Electronic Arts has provided a taste of Battlefield 1's first upcoming expansion pack, 'They Shall Not Pass'. With a heavy focus on French forces, the DLC will introduce four new maps, new weaponry options, and an additional game mode.

Across the available content, the four new multiplayer maps are the centerpiece of the expansion. Taking place across various locations in France, the maps will introduce a range of new gameplay opportunities for both infantry and vehicular combat. Here's a quick breakdown of the four maps coming in the DLC pack.

  • Set in the fiery forests of Verdun, Verdun Heights shows the remains of an aggressive artillery barrage. Surrounding players in the smoldering ashes, the forest is the closest place to a living hell.
  • Fort Vaux offers a range of close-quarters combat, packed with the fort's maze of hallways to explore.
  • For traditional large-scale combat, Soissons' expansive village is surrounded by open fields, primed for vehicular encounters.
  • Draped in a blanket of poppies, Rupture is looking to be one of Battlefield 1's more unique locales. Packed with poppy fields and trenches, the map seemingly hosts a mix of tank and infantry combat.

'They Shall Not Pass' also marks the debut of a new game mode, which melds together both Rush and Conquest into a single experience. With round-based flag capturing and Rush's signature telegraph posts, Frontlines brings together the game's famous modes into a single conflict.

Also introduced in the expansion is a new faction, allowing players to take control of the French Army for the first time in Battlefield 1. Other additions include the French Char 2C tank, Assault Tank Gun, and Trench Raider Elite Class.

'They Shall Not Pass' drops this March, available as a part of a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass or for individual purchase.

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  • Is there a date?
  • Says March on their website. I'm just hoping there is a deal on the premium, don't like that you basically have to buy the game twice.
  • You don't "have to". The additional content is optional.
  • Glad to see the French represented more, as most of the western front was in that country.
  • Hope premium gets a nice sale at some point.
  • It'll be interesting to see how DICE do this with regards to map rotation, with Battlefront they used separate playlists for each DLC to avoid issues with fragmentation, but I cant see that happening here.
  • Would be nice to also have some single player content.
  • Would be nice to also have some single player content.
  • Yep single player all the way.
  • Hopefully they will update the core game with these maps after a reasonable period of time. I think when they do this it helps keep the game fresh for longer and benefits those who buy and those who don't.
  • Anyone know if HDR support will come soon or with this update at WC? EA did not mention yet on forums