Check out the teaser for Battlefield 1's next DLC, In The Name of the Tsar

Electronic Arts has debuted the first look at Battlefield 1's second expansion during its EA Play press conference. The previously announced DLC, "In The Name of the Tsar," will introduce a range of new content and expand the conflict to the Russian front of World War 1.

Although little was shown as a part of the briefing, Andrew Gulotta, a producer on Battlefield 1, took to the stage to provide new details on what can be expected from the Russian-themed DLC. As a part of In The Name of the Tsar, six new maps will be making their debut, with a focus on the landscapes of eastern Europe. These maps will also serve as a stage for new Operations – a game mode introduced previously in Battlefield 1 which adds a historical edge to multiplayer conflicts.

The DLC also provides a chance to get hands-on with the Russian Empire as a playable faction, with both the Hussar cavalry and the 1st Russian Women's Battalion of Death included in the package. Although the new maps weren't shown off during the EA Play press conference, a new snowy locale, Lupkow Pass, will be playable over the coming days at E3 2017.

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Matt Brown

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