Battlefield 6 information potentially leaks, may include Battle Royale mode and 'core gameplay' feature

Battlefield V
Battlefield V (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

What you need to know

  • Battlefield is a prominent first-person shooter franchise from DICE and EA.
  • The next game, currently referred to as 'Battlefield 6,' is expected to arrive sometime this year.
  • A number of potential Battlefield 6 features have leaked on Reddit, shedding some light on the game.
  • Battlefield 6 will reportedly feature a Battle Royale mode, support for up to 128 players, and a new 'core gameplay' feature.

The Battlefield franchise may return later this year, following the excellent (but ultimately disappointing sales-wise) Battlefield V. EA hasn't announced the next Battlefield game yet, and no information has been confirmed for it. However, the rumor mill has begun churning out leaks, culminating in a new leak from /bf6leaker on Reddit. If the information included in the leak is accurate, EA may be looking to shake things up with Battlefield 6 and create a lasting first-person shooter experience for years to come.

According to the leak, Battlefield 6 (no confirmed title yet), will feature a Battle Royale mode, which is a common genre that's gained popularity in the last few years, support for up to 128 players in certain game modes, returning maps from previous games, and a gentle downplay to the "Levolution" destruction that's been present in previous Battlefield titles. All of this is very believable for Battlefield 6, and doesn't do anything too radical. However, the leak indicates that Battlefield 6 will also feature a "core gameplay" mode.

This core gameplay mode will be a hub for the majority of previous Battlefield maps, guns, and gameplay features. Players will apparently be able to mix and match different Battlefield games (and therefore different time periods) in new and exciting ways, or revisit the multiplayer content from older Battlefield games with new features and performance. This last feature, if done correctly, could set Battlefield 6 apart from other first-person shooter games, taking advantage of the Battlefield legacy to create a game that could potentially last players years.

Of course, this is only a leak for Battlefield 6. EA and DICE haven't confirmed anything, and the game hasn't been announced yet. Until EA confirms this information about Battlefield 6, treat it as just a rumor. The last feature, especially, has people questioning the validity of this particular leak.

If EA and DICE deliver on Battlefield 6 as a next-gen first-person shooter experience, the game could potentially make its way onto our list of best games for Xbox. We'll have to wait and see a little longer before we know for certain, though.

Zachary Boddy
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