Addictive game Battleloot Adventure jumps from Android and iOS to Windows Phone 8

When it comes to mobile gaming on Windows Phone you’ve got a variety of choices. There’s something for everyone between killer Xbox Live enabled games to strong titles from independent developers. But Windows Phone is still a bit lower on the totem pole of important platforms when it comes to independent game developers. It’s always a nice day when a popular game on either Android or iOS makes the jump to Windows Phone. So it’s an even better day when it comes from both platforms, like Battleloot Adventure for Windows Phone 8 just did. Let’s check it out.

Battleloot Adventure is a single player role-playing game. It also incorporates turn-based gameplay for the battle portions of the game. Like any good RPG, you’ll be levelling up and customizing your character as you progress through the story. Here’s what you’ll be doing in Battleloot Adventure:

  • Pledge your allegiance to one of four cities and earn fame and fortune.
  • Recruit an assortment of adventurers, each with their own perks and unique skills.
  • Upgrade and customize your characters and their abilities.
  • Carefully choose your 3 ideal adventurers to face each danger ahead.
  • Brave over 60 quests, each including a unique feat to further challenge your skills.
  • Super easy touch controls.
  • Carefully arrange your team for battle, deploy your heroes in front and rear lines for the most effective offense/defense balance.
  • Cautiously plan every attack, selecting the right characters and moves for each quest.
  • Leverage Auto skills and Special attacks galore.
  • Be ready to take action anytime in the battle with the Assist and Block commands.
  • Master unique combos to rake up hits and collect stars to unleash Special attacks.
  • Battle across different environments – some infused with magic and each affecting your adventurers differently.
  • Enjoy colorful comic-style graphics, combining zany animations and lush hand-painted backdrops, with high resolutions support.

Sure enough, after playing the first few levels of Battleloot Adventure we can say this game will be addictive. First impressions? This game looks good and interesting. If you’re a fan of RPGs you’ll definitely want to give this a try.

The game is free for Windows Phone 8 users. And like most things “free” these days there is a fremium model at work. While you don’t need to pay to complete the game, you can level up faster by using some of that real world coin in your pocket.

Grab it in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

Thanks for the tip JD!

Sam Sabri