Now your kids can enjoy CBeebies on the go with BBC's Playtime for Windows Phone

CBeebies ( is a popular kids brand used by the British Broadcasting Corporation that specialises in airing shows and media for the younger audience. Should you be taking full advantage of Kid's Corner in Windows Phone 8, you'll love the latest game to hit the store - CBeebies Playtime. Perfect for the little ones, Playtime enables them to enjoy light-hearted content while on the go. There's also a secret area for grown-ups too.

So what games are included in this new app from the BBC? The Octonauts, Tree Fu Tom, Mr Tumble and the Alphablocks will provide entertainment to up to four children (each one with his or her own profile). When launching the app, you'll want to create a hot air balloon for each child to journey into the CBeebies world. The UI is easy to use and will be perfect for kids to pick up.

When playing through the titles available, awards can be earned by the children. These include the CBeebies bugs who are playing hide and seek (three bugs per game). The games themselves sport simple, yet intuitive gameplay tailored for children. The titles each have their own gametype and skill training, from spelling to listening and learning.

CBeebies Playtime

Here's the feature list:

  • Creating Profiles: add your child’s name
  • Rewards and Achievements: fun, energetic and bouncy interaction with the CBeebies bugs
  • Learning benefits: engaging and entertaining games that develop children’s reading and writing skills with the Alphablocks, listening and observation skills with the Octonauts, movement development with Tree Fu Tom as well as having fun and developing confidence for all children, including those with special needs with Mr Tumble and his friends
  • Special Message: Surprise your child with a special message from a CBeebies Presenter or record a personal message from you, using the voice recorder
  • Parents tips and links to useful information from CBeebies Grown Ups
  • Link to more free, fun games to enjoy from CBeebies on your mobile and tablet
  • Keypad lock for any external links

Once you're in, you can press+hold the grown-ups button to gain access to a settings area. Grown-up tips are listed within, as well as information on how the CBeebies Playtime app will not only provide entertainment for the little ones, but also the associated learning values. A special message can be left to surprise the child or reward them for good behaviour. It's definitely worth checking out and installing on your (or your child's) Windows Phone.

Is this a sign that the BBC is looking at Windows Phone? Possibly. You can download CBeebies Playtime from the Windows Phone Store for free. Note that the app may be region restricted.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • This is a really good addition to the wp catalogue.
  • I want it. But not available in the US. As an expat my kids watch these shows!
  • Im sure u can get it if you change your location on your phone.
  • It's available for the US, I'm in California just change your region to UK works great
  • I don't really want to do that just to get an app.
    Last time I tried that the Find My Phone broke after a reboot.
  • So u just change it bk once u have downloaded it
  • Yeah at last, a bit of love from Auntie Beeb.
  • Indeed. Just the recognition is a move forward from the license funded apple promoters
  • I really hope this means some proper support from the BBC for Windows Phone, most notably with iPlayer and BBC News apps.
  • There is an unofficial BBC iPlayer app that works just fine (most of the time), and I use Paper Boy to read BBC News. You should also try TVcatchup to watch all the BBC channels live.
  • The BBC iPlayer app is official.
  • Wow, this app only came out recently for iOS/Android too. I really hope we see a BBC News app soon.
  • You should download 'webapps' in the store, and pin the bbc news live tile to your start screen. It updates regularly, and tho its just a mobile wrap, it works a treat!
  • I would love to download this for my toddler. Bring it across the Atlantic
  • Change your time to the GMT equivalent, change region to UK - should be easy enough (one hopes).....
  • You don't even need to change your time!
    My daughter is going to love this, but I'd like to see it supported in more Commonwealth countries (and perhaps some former colonies as well).
  • With 10%+ market share in GB and tens of millions of users (by end of year), I hope BBC finally backs WP with quality apps: News, iPlayer, etc.
  • Oo a proper app and not a web wrapper. I wonder what made the BBC have a change of heart lol and release a proper app. Now give us a decent iplayer app! The web wrapper is not good enough. If it was an add funded network i wouldn't have cared but since we are forced to pay to tv licensing regardless if you watch bbc channels or not, that takes the biscuit.
  • What a fantastic app! For anyone who is having trouble finding the app once downloaded, it installs under the Games section of your phone.
    You won't see it in the app list if you swipe right from the home screen. The kids love it and to be honest, I've added a profile for me too. Looking forward to the new games as they are added. Excellent work from the BBC.
  • Will give this a go for my youngest as he likes all four of those progs, although sometimes I could shoot Justin Fletcher, he's bloody everywhere!