BBM will be released on Windows Phone this summer

Windows Phone has been without BBM since the platform launched way back in 2010. Today, BlackBerry and Nokia both announced that the messaging service would be on Microsoft's mobile platform soon. Consumers can look to expect BBM this summer, according to an official BlackBerry blog post.

Not only will BBM be released for Windows Phone, but BlackBerry will also be working with Nokia on its new Nokia X platform. John Sims, President of Global Enterprise Solutions at BlackBerry commented on the announcement:

"BBM continues to grow in popularity as millions of people use our mobile platform for chatting and connecting with friends or colleagues, and we are very excited that we will soon welcome Windows Phone and Nokia X users to the BBM community."

The blog post ends with a quick note about the BBM team working hard on both solutions, along with loads of great new features. Are you excited to see BBM finally make it to Windows Phone?

via: BlackBerry

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Summer? That's a bit of a ways away to announce...I'd have preferred it not to be announced at least until near Build or after...Eh, better late than never is the windows phone way :P As is announcing stuff way in advance (And they are really trying to make this Nokia X crap really happen aren't they if they managed to get blackberry of all people to make it.....)
  • It's a ways away from launch, to be sure. But at least WP users can take comfort in knowing the app is in development. BlackBerry delivered when it promised to launch BBM for iOS and Android, and it delivered again when it made BBM available for Android devices still stuck on Gingerbread. BBM for Windows Phone is coming.
  • Flipboard is also coming, since last summer.
  • And where (daF) is VLC !?!?!?! For the past couple of months, they keep teasing with; Windows 8 modren desktop version is coming in next few days and WP version will follow in coming weeks.   Guess £ 47,000 isn't enough after all for a video player app, which they build for free in case of Android and iOS... and they still don't have time to concentrate on Windows Phone (as opposed to releasing updates for Android and iOS); even after scoring such amount of money.   Perhaps Google paid them other £47k to stall it.. or is it Apple? :P
  • Keep up dude, MS certified it store ready a week or so ago.
    If you read the developer notes, VLC took a massive effort on multiple fronts. To change the compiler, lirbaries and many things at an API level that didn't exist on RT. You clearly don't understand anything about software dev at all. Just a sense of entitlement you shouldn't have. VLC will be ready when they iron out some small bugs that have cropped up, and it will be in the store. Chill.  
  • You totally misread my statement. And yes; I develop software for living.   With that kind of funds scored on kickstarter, they are late at the party, meanwhile other capable player apps are made available in the store. That's all.
  • Lol LOL, what a joke this type of announce.....
  • Exactly. You know what else is coming? Windows Phone 9 in 2015. Might as well announce it now.
  •  I don't like this "spring" date either. I don't want a season, I want a date.
  • Don't worry, its coming, like flipboard.....
  • Yea lol where is flipboard even?
  • As with 98% of the time, I agree with you Micah.  I am glad BBM is coming, and may actually consider getting it to support a company I have always liked in the artist formely known as RIM.   And I am still not sure what life the Nokia "X" series has after MS has a hold of the hardware division.
  • They are doing this because Facebook bought whatsapp and they have to try hard to get into the game!
  • hmmm dats so wrong do you really think Blackberry and Windows,Nokia had come up with this decision in last 2 days with everyone busy at the mobile world congress .I would say it was planned at last a month ahead .They need to see risk.profits margins,Market and other factors for the decision. 
  • The decision to do it? No, maybe not. But the decision to announce it this far ahead, probably.
  • This summer.....are they serious?????its really long time
  • There really working fast I see, maybe a reason for the slow progress of BB?. :P
  • they think it's now 'seems faster' than before, so they want to bring it to WP :P
  • Get a cheap blackberry meanwhile, then sell it in summer
  • Better not or he might end up selling the windows phone instead.
  • Depends where you live... "this Summer" for me means "right now" (it's 28 C at 10pm). Or not until December! :P
  • And knowing Blackberry they will probably push it to winter.
  • Nice I guess, in case whatsapp gets butchered
  • My BBM pin:-
    Add me :) ;) :D
  • Lol . Only on windows phone . Oh ! Almost forget , my BBM pin : 8929292739202722829272928292298329293738282719101027382021610101828202828292822929282292982292027292920203393833920282929293829292828292847499405932928290128292029 .
  • I haven't used BBM since I had a BlackBerry almost ten years ago. Back then the pins were around 6-8 chars long. I'm assuming the joke is that they're getting really long now that it's public?
  • PIN sizes haven't changed yet as far as I know. This is a joke about the PIN sharing spam and the possible irritation from having to share your PIN to add a contact.
  • BBM is more of an intimate messenger unlike Whatsapp or Viber which are mass messengers thanks to hundreds of millions uploaded phonebooks that link you with everybody you have stored in your phone. Both have good and bad sides to it. BBM requires a pin which is lame but at least they improved it with QR codes which makes it a tad bit faster to add a person. On the other side Viber links you instantly with everybody while downside is that you are probably linked with a person you might have communicated once or twice in your whole life.
  • Hilarious.... Imma add you right now!!
  • So a few means about 15...
  • Assuming they mean the beginning of summer but another 10 weeks on top of those 15 is still summer.
  • Weeks away, this summer. Love it.
  • Impressive, i'll see if it better than Whatsapp(if they messed up somehow).
  • I have not used BBM ever before. Just to get to grips, what exactly does it offer over whatsapp, hike or any other popular IM service?
  • Me too, how does it differ from other messaging
  • I had a Blackberry 9300 before, and for BBM, I can say it's the fastest IM app I ever used, everything is simply laid out and are in easy reach. No splashscreens and no whatsoever. I used it more than I used SMS in my old phone. I don't have to register my mobile number to use it (but I don't know in this case), I could send files through it and I can even know what my BBM contacts are currently listening/watching through their native music and video app.. Group chat is also the fastest I had. All other IMs might already have these but being the pioneer (and best), I'll still choose BBM.
  • Will deffo try it out then and see what the new version can do - thanks for the feedback
  • Group chat is still really good. Shared photo bucket with commenting system, shared task list with assignment structure, multiple conversations within same group, shared calendars... There are also Channels, which are sort of like Facebook Pages. People can subscribe to broadcasts from brands, personalities, or anybody without needing to confirm any friend requests. Channel owners can set and close open chat hours where subscribers can directly get in touch. Dig around CrackBerry's BBM page for a closer look.
  • Just to be connected with blackberry fans outthere, even though they use whatsapp too.
  • Lets try to do it by numbers (most likely I am going to miss out on something) - Status updates (custom, free, busy) - Show what you are listening to - Send, Deliever, Read notificaitons - Voice calls - Push to talk voice messages - Share documents - Share GPS location in realtime, all with movement speed and heading directin via Glympse - Native integration to Dropbox - Calendar invites - Group chat (unfortunately without Read notifications) - Administrative permissions in Group chat (you mod the group) - Channels: Social blogs but also a great collaboration tool if you are a designer where you can share your work and have your collegues comment on it - Private channels: share all your pron.   And BB10 exclusive features that will come to Android, iOS and WP in the future - Video calls - Share home screen (will not be available on iOS)
  • Thanks. Although the problem with any social app is that you've got to be where your friends are. And not all of them are always eager to try out new things.
  • Hmm do you think the BBM app will come out to WP with all the features? No, it will be like every other app where you will get half and then, month after month they'll add stuff with updates. We probably have a full BBM like in android by end 2015.
  • Or, it will come out with hardly any features just so Microsoft can say it's available for WP... and then never updated again. Seems to be the usual MO.
  • Although similar, BBM does some things differently than WhatsApp, and others.   For one, no need to give personal information about yourself, not even your phone number. You get a "pin" then when adding a new contact you can simply add that persons pin. So maybe its someone you would talk to again, but don't really want to cough up your phone number for. In addition, BBM allows you to make free Wi-Fi calls, share photos, files, voice notes -(video calling coming), as well as Gylmpse which allows you to share your live location for a period of time you determine. In addition, BBM added channels. So lets say your favorite band is on BBM, they will share updates, (not unlike Facebook, twitter) but they also have the ability to open their chat up, you can directly chat with these guys if they allow it. BBM isn't perfect, but it is the best client IMHO. I do think Channels should be spun off competely as its a social network in itself. Its pretty good mate.
  • Bloody hell. So by this logic HERE for Win8 should be released by mid spring.
  • After Windows Phone 8.1 . Well , that's interesting .
  • Is this a paid service?
  • Nope! Free.
  • Thanks.
  • When is summer in the US? In my country, summer begins in april
  • June through August.
  • Thanks
  • 'Summer' has already begun in Malaysia... :p JK!
  • Summer has also started in India :)
  • Isn't BB from Canada? I have a sister who went to work in Canada but resigned after several months because she said there's practically no summer season in Canada and she couldn't get used to that.
  • Of course there's a summer season in Canada! It last an entire week somewhere in August, just like in the north of England ;)
  • Depends on what you're used to. June - August are the warm months. Temperatures around 20 degrees C, sometimes get up to 30. By the end of October, you're getting down to freezing point.
  • Just in time for new hardware i see.
  • Its ok if we get bbm a little later.
    give us a WhatsApp that works flawlessly
  • Sweet! On the flip side it does really show that Nokia are really going for the Nokia x series. Which MS have neither bought or licensed. I wonder will they put it on ice until 2016 when the d&s acquisition goes through.
  • Hmm don't think so. I think in 2016 they'll be turning to their other "unofficial" OS: Jolla's Sailfish. Which may probably be installed on these X devices as Sailfish can be installed on Android devices either as a launcher or as a full OS.
  • The biggest question is WHY!!!!!!!!!!
  • Recently, i have downloaded the BBM for my iPod, quite happy to actually migrate my existing account to the new one. But guess what, almost 75% on my list have left the app. Hmm. Anyway, it's a good thing to have it. Make new friends then!
  • Same old shit. Announce it now share with android and Google first. Bring it to windows phone last. Now Nokia with android. I'm done promoting this windows shit. Windows Nokia Just another phone without all the features with a good camera. I hate android and google. Yes its Monday and yes I'm happy.
  • Nokia x will have it first.
  • I like how blackberry is acting like We are so important, we will publish this app for wp in summer because wp doesn't have so many users. B*tch please, look at blackberry. Decreasing number of users everyday, soon you will be a history
  • Love this !
  • Indeed :D
  • From the point were i am this is not happenning also Blackberry is working on a fulltime native app not like Microsoft sugglish Ported version of Skype on Blackberry10   Not trying to start Fan war here but Windows is failing .Look at PC sales are dropping ,Software services are declining(Google FORD SYNC).Its only that microsoft had tons of money that they are  very much alive if the trend goes like this i assume the death of Microsoft in 6 years
  • " i assume the death of Microsoft in 6 years" LOL.
  • AWESOME!!!!
  • Is bbm such hot stuff? Here in Europe, or at least Portugal, it's barely used...
  • I'm in Portugal and all my Android and iOS friends use it. So there's that.
  • I'm also in Portugal (sort of) and I know zero people who use it, as opposed to almost everyone I know uses whatsapp.
  • Yes, Whatsapp is the one most used, that's true. But it doesn't mean BBM isn't used. At least among my circles of friends.
  • I know no one who uses either. I know a guy who has a BB10 and uses whatsapp cause he says no one uses BB messenger.
  • BBM used to be hot here in Indonesia, now almost every friends I know have switched to Whatsapp. The Service here in SE Asia is lousy....
  • Right. Well, I am Dutch and did not know that 'soon' in English means months (away). ;-)
  • Summer is coming!
  • Well it's nice to have a backup plan for when Facebook manages to ruin WhatsApp lol
  • Exactly.
  • Yaa we can say that but if now relations are better than we could get an fb app too. I am waiting for that announcement to be made about the official fb app for wp
  • They said coming weeks! Not 4-5 MONTHS!! :D
  • They should have said 20 weeks to be clear..
  • Exactly! :D
  • Assuming they meant the beginning of summer. One can add another 10 weeks to those 20 and it'll still be summer.
  • Conspiracy theory 173 : Nokia is going to acquire BBRY's handet division after it's own is gone to MSFT. And then, they go trigger-happy on Android with proper Google apps!
  • After they get the $7B from MS, Nokia can probably now afford BB, especially with BB now in the basement bargain department.
  • Too little, too late. BBM is withering and by then it'll be long dead. the only thing that MIGHT bring it back is if Whatsapp somehow goes under, otherwise I cant see it getting much use.
  • There is never too late. There is only money throwing, hype and shoving down the throat. You can climb on the top with inferior product if you have the means.
  • Yeah, right. You probably need a bottomless pit of cash to do that. Except BB doesn't have that much money to throw around anymore. So there's that.
  • Alright, that's it, switching to iPhone (that will be the case if developers still not serious after wp8.1 update)
  • LOL! Who are you kidding?!! You don't have a Windows Phone so how can you switch from it.
  • I don't care. Too many IM apps out there.
  • I hope the waiting is worth. I miss that from my Android
  • Remember when path announced wp version will be available on SUMMER 2013? yes, it's released at january end. And... It's beta. Nokia X is the best way to try a whole new apps with Nokia Name on top ;))
  • I wonder who uses BBM I mean please tell me guys is BBM so big that it must be on WP I mean common we have Facebook viber whasup and some many more, and personally use viber and my instant messages from my phone. Don't have facebook no twitter no instagram I mean are people so addicted that they forgot to hang on on person and enjoy the time. My opinion can't speak for everyone hey bit is good that BBM is coming to WP. I want to see new hardware from Nokia, and more unique app from Nokia.
  • BBM has over 100 million users also its better to have many standard apps as it boost competition and we get quality apps
  • Amazing news , it well be one more reason not to buy Android or IOS
    most of my IOS friends are waiting for BBM so the can switch
  • Bbm is still awful on droid and iOS devices. Im glad that its coming but actually bbm was meant for blackberry only as for the physical qwerty buttons were very fast to chat or send something instantly to someone. Bbm was only better on BB devices which o had b4 and use to love it too. But on touch devices its equal to watsapp
  • I never used this app, but souds like another official app is coming to Windows Phone.
  • @Aashish13 - I disagree, I am using BBM on Android, and don't have problems at all. The UI is simple, I don't have problems with messages being delivered regardless of the other users platform. The addition of the new BBMv2.0 brought a lot of great new features to BBM. I don't understand your logic between a Qwerty device and all touch. Not sure what that has to do with user experience and usability. The preferance between a qwerty device and all touch is up to the user. As far as it being equal to WhatsApp, I disagree, BBM already has voice calls, WhatsApp is playing catch up as far as features, BBM trying to play catchup with a user base.
  • For me it is not important. But I know some people really want it so it would be good if it coming to wp8. For me 1 messaging is already enough
  • If all this is a push to use windows services then I would think all Microsoft services would work seamlessly on their own devices with deep integration, because of Microsoft's own OS limitations their services shine better on other platforms. Years later the first real windows phone Os is announced. Windows phone 8.1 ! We should be at windows phone complete v4.9 by now
  • Cool
  • Summer means its an 8.1 app
  • I hope that it wont be delayed at that time
  • Is WhatsApp being shutting down?
  • No, they're not going anywhere.
  • Nice... More freedom and even more players on platform...
  • It is good for windows phone to have more apps and services. I am glad other companines in the world are realising there are people useing these phones. Bring on the apps people need and want!
  • Ping!!!!
  • Hey guys: "f4rt 0n my t1ts" add me
  • Remember, BBM is a system not an app. Well, you know what I mean. So stop comparing it to viber ands whatscrap. :)
  • Announce today, ship next year. That's the motto of Windows Phone. Sigh.
  • It will be WP 8 and above right?
  • Meh. Personally I don't care a lick about BBM.  Never have.  I've also never understood the appeal. BlackBerry made a critical mistake by releasing BBM on platforms other than their own.  I knew a number of users who kept their BlackBerries for as long as they did because they had friends on BBM.  Once it became available on other phones those people didn't have any reason to use BB hardware any longer, and they've abandoned ship.  I have a feeling that BB has lost more users of its devices than it has gained because of that.  
  • ^^ So WRONG^^ The mistake was waiting so long to go cross platform. BBM is the secret sauce, or well was. You may not care about BBM. But for a long time just like you said people held onto their BBRY's for so long because of BBM, yet had BBM been released multi platform than people would have adapted to that when they switched OS's. Had they released it when iOS and Android were growing they would be what WhatsApp is now.
  • YES!!!
  • Microsoft probably should have waited to announce this until they announce they are buying BlackBerry in a fire sale (just for the patents and BBM). Even when I had a blackberry I never used BBM. I don't get why people are so eagerly awaiting this.
  • Now no need of that
  • This would sell lumia down here in nigeria .. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • This is quite good news. Here in indonesia many my friend still use bbm. Actually i have bb and lumia my self. Bb i use just for bbm only. Hope the version release later good enough
  • Quite pleasantly surprised.... But don't understand why it would take so long
  • Can't wait to ditch whatsapp for BBM!!
  • Finally we will get BBM on WP!  Now BBM4all will really mean BBM4all for realz.
  • Will this be Nokia exclusive or for all Windows Phones? I'm getting mixed signs.
  • The irony is, BBM was available on Windows Mobile...
  • Im not here to sell people on BBM, or WhatsApp or anything other messaging app, but BBM has 100 million users, it may not compare to Whatsapp right now, but 100 million isn't a small number. You WP folks are hating, meanwhile it's another app for you guys. If you choose not to use it, fine, but why bash BBY in the process? Windows is a whole hell of a lot closer to where Blackberry is at than to Windows phone being to Apple or Android.
  • Epic Yawn! Who needs this today, let alone in 6 months?
  • Who gives a shit
  • its summer in south africa,what summer they talking bout .?lol
  • well with moves in the market coming up, Nokia will be a powerhouse once again
  • Wait,summer where?
  • Im from indonesia and the raimy season will end within a month or two
  • Summer.... Hmph!
  • when will bbm exactly release date exactly ? haha
    in my city BBM is popular messaging ..
    i can't hardly wait bbm coming...
    living in indonesia :D