BBM for Windows Phone updated with bug fixes

BlackBerry has released another update to the BBM messaging app for Windows Phone in the Windows Phone Store, bringing it up to version This is a minor update with bug fixes.

It has been a while since the last update but this new version does show that BlackBerry continues to support the app and the Windows Phone platform. The release notes don't specify any specific changes here, and this doesn't bring the new features we just saw released on Android and iOS, but bug fixes are important.

Download BBM in the Windows Phone Store Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


Jared DiPane

Jared started off writing about mobile phones back when BlackBerry ruled the market, and Windows Mobile was kinda cool. Now, with a family, mortgage and other responsibilities he has no choice but to look for the best deals, and he's here to share them with you.

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  • Ay Caramba
  • Anyone using it!?
  • Nope
  • Yeah... It's me
  • Hell no.....
    If W10 isn't a big hit, which isn't looking extremely good,, it'll be gone with a bunch of other critical apps...
  • Shut up, Rodney
  • Am gonna try it again maybe they made it usable this time
  • Same here hope they fixed it
  • Wish it was on Blac-Oh wait...
  • Super duper long.......
  • how about bbm beta?
  • Well the 2nd beta was updated on Monday id say well get access this Monday maybe if past updates are any proof its usually a week
  • I use it daily to talk to people in Jamaica
  • what? bro i'm jamaican, i'm in jamaica right in montego bay at work 
  • Same here. Mobay to di whorl.
  • where in mobay you at or from?
  • BBM for Windows Phone is a solid messaging app, but I'm now using Telegram as my primary messaging solution. I wonder when Windows Phone will receive official apps for Wire, MustBin, Signal, or Wickr.
  • Lol.... Those apps might come tomorrow... Anything is possible....
    The hard thing (for Microsoft) is keeping them.
  • Good news for Indonesian :) There are still many who use it. Hopefully the better. Seems faster :D
  • Finally. But no new features added.
  • Good news for Nigerian cuz its virtually on every smartphone here
  • Naija stand up.
  • I want to use it, I just don't know anyone who uses it.
  • I'm using it :)
  • And he doesn't know you either...... ;)
  • ;)
  • I don't know why blackberry keeps trying it, nobody likes their phones, almost nobody uses their message app, they should just die
  • You're rude! Just because you don't use it that doesn't mean nobody uses it.
  • I say almost nobody in their message app, and blackberry keeps launching weird devices(like the passport) ignoring what the markets wants, so for being so stubborn, they deserve to dissapear. Now tell me, how many non-blackberry users do you know that use bbm instead of whatsapp?
  • Emm... The passport looks awesome in my opinion! And I used BBM on my Android device... Now on WP I just use Line and Whatsapp. 
  • You don't find the passport akwardly wide? I've seen it a few times now and every time my reaction was, man this phone is impossible to be handled with one hand. I'm not sure how people handle those during long phone conversations
  • Dude you are so wrong. Blackberry is alive and well. The Passport regardless of what the haters say is the most innovative Smartphone of 2014. Snapdragon 801, 3GB Ram and much more. Not to mention that you are likely using a Blackberry product and don't even know it. QNX is owned by Blackberry and is in just about every car with a smart display. In fact Apple Carplay uses it. Do tour research before you dis something. Bash the iphone, there are solid reasons too, bash Android even or Windows Phone. But be sure to get your facts straight. I am not a Blackberry user but I respect what they have done and what they are still doing. Sorry for the rant.
  • If i recall correctly QNX revenue represents a very small portion of Blackberry's total revenue, less than 10%. Not trying to bash it, but it's not really something that reeally defines Blackberry as a company. Granted that may improve in the future with more and more cars getting infotainment systems, but then again, MS is in the same field (although the lost Ford to QNX) and Google is getting into the field with Android. Hopefully Blackberry can show that they're not really making a habbit of ruining monopoly positions in markets, but I find it interesting that QNX owns more than 50% of the car infotainment market and yet represents a small portion of Bbbery's revenue.
  • I think they make a lot of money from it. Also don't forget their enterprise email which is used by the US Government and Military. Oh and Obama still has his Blackberry.
  • qnx falls under software in blackberry reporting and it was something aroun 8% don't really remember what the exact number was, I think they make like $3 bucks per car from it. So yeah it has a large portion of the market, but it's not really a slam dunk or a cash cow. I didn't really say anything about their enterprise capabilities since you were only talking about QNX, but even in enterprise they are getting hit. I want Blackberry to succeed and I hope they will, but I think they are getting hit in every revenue revenue stream they have and are facing a lot of challenges. They aren't dead, but they are far from what they used to be, hopefully they can come up with something innovative to turn it around
  • Their agreement with enstream is their silver tuna
  • Same goes for WIndows Phone in that case because mostly everyone has IOS or Android and they don't seem to like Windows. I've actually used Skype and it's super slow loading up and it doesn't look as clean in my opinion. Could just be the fact that my 635 only has 512 MB but I've played with higher WIndows phones and it doesn't seem much better. I'm hoping WIndows 10 kills it but we'll find out. Also, have you tried Passport?
  • The difference is MS has cash cows to leverage from. I've handled the passport once but other than that no. Wasn't trying to knock it, but to me it seems that its too wide to be handled easily. Are they selling well? I haven't checked
  • And there is the problem, even when they do something as innovative as the passport which is a high quality and DIFFERENT phone from everything else, they still get slammed. I don't have one cuz when I tried to buy one early in here in Canada they were always sold out. So I stayed with WP and got a 1520 instead.
  • Well thats because they dont have to care as much about their own backyard(with the exception of bell)
  • It's selling pretty well and it's more of a two handed device for many reasons. 
  • Bbm is really a nice alternative to what's app but there are
    So many features they haven't added to windows users yet so many windows users don't know how good it is
  • True.. :)
  • But adding users based on pins is screwed up
  • Wow BlackBerry released bbm to Windows phone. Now I'm interested to buy a Blackberry. Not.
  • Lol
  • I see what you did there.....
  • BBM has been in beta for awhile.
  • Bug fixes we don't even have channel yet its sad
  • I'm hoping soon!
  • You don't cover a major update for 4od but cover a minor update for bbm
  • There's no .xxxxxx update too insignificant to cover at Windows Central even if you don't know what the update changes.  Which just proves that in tech media, any minor update and/or news release can be a story regardless of how few are affected or even care. I get more substantive information - which isnt' saying much - from the Lumia Conversations blog than I do from this site.  No 'big picture' stories, features, interviews or analysis... just one inane and mind-numbing update after another with the occasional review.   
  • BBM is the most popular chat app in my country, Indonesia. BBM is much more popular than WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat etc. But, BBM for Windows phone is so frustrating, sigh:( Even in the latest update still lack of many features, still no voice call, no BBM channel, and sometimes it takes forever to start up the app. Oh BlackBerry, maybe you hate Windows phone, but you can't hate BBM users :(
  • Did you install it on sd card? It's slowing apps you know. Just put every messaging apps on phone memory, it works for me.
  • Good to see the update. Somehow this is still the most popular messaging platform in ID.
  • Wow BB has its messenger on Windows! That's a slight surprise. At least the dying are supporting each other. Does Microsoft have its applications on BB? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have the 1520 and before that I had almost every galaxy note. I'm used to large devices. I wont buy another blackberry device though because I have two playbooks that they promised to update and killed off. Never putting my trust in them again with my money. And I came from every single blackberry they made starting with the 8100. Their business model was crap and their updates killed me off from them. Spent way too much on that company. Never again.
  • Monyoonnngggg...!!!
  • I've completely stopped using BBM because I use Channels a lot on my Android and BlackBerry and WP doesn't have it. Don't miss it that much.