Be a Real Reviewer for Palm - Guaranteed Spot for 1 WMExperts Reader

You may have seen over at the Official Palm Blog that they're looking for "Real Reviewers."  That's true enough: Palm wants to send you a phone in exchange for you writing, blogging, twittering, Facebooking, and generally telling the internet what you think of it for 6 months. 

It's a good deal and should be pretty interesting. Now, friends, pay attention: if you use this link to fill out Palm's Real Reviewer Survey, you might have a better shot at getting in, as they've reserved a spot for a WMExperts reader.

So, interested in a Treo Pro (or, yes, even that other phone, once it gets released), hit up the survey and let Palm know why you think you'd be an ideal "Real Reviewer."

And if you don't get in ... our very own comprehensive review of the Treo Pro can certainly give you a good idea whether it's the phone for you or no. 

DEADLINE TONIGHT: A reminder that if you want in on this, you've got to get your submission in by midnight Pacific time tonight!

Phil Nickinson

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