Beats Music updated with verified badges and more

Beats Music for Windows Phone has been updated to version 1.15. The update brings some changes to recommendations and the social system.

The new Tune Your Taste feature allows you to tweak what will show up in the Just For You recommendations. You can changes your favorite genres and artists in Settings. You can also make sure that you're following a verified profile when you see a the red check mark on the profile page. Improvements have been made to the player, with a number of bug fixes.

You can download Beats Music from the Windows Phone Store for free right now.

QR: Beats Music

Joseph Keller
  • Still its a piece of shit..
  • Don't hold back haha
  • US only. So yeah, yeah it is :/  
  • A lot of the good music apps are only avail in the US i.e. Pandora, Spotify.  Now that some of the copyright laws have been relaxed you will see the shift.  Im sure Beats will be made avail in Canada by the end of year as will Spotify.
  • Agreed. No free version. Sticking with Pandora.
  • Don't forget that Apple is taking over Beats. Knowing Apples track record I wouldn't be surprised to see Beats Music vanish from WP8 and even Android or in some way start pushing iOS/Apple devices. Really a thing to stay away from now if you are outside the USA and/or don't use any apple rubbish.
  • I don't support anything Apple. I hope everyday that they go bankrupt.
  • Why?
  • Annoyed by sheep effect every idevice causes and tired of everything being made for ipod/iphone/ipad. Coming up on 6th Gen devices and the only change they've made is the size and charger port. People still flock to get on apple's ****. "oh, I just got this 5s/c but the 6 is coming out soon. Better go wait in line to drop $600+ on the exact same phone that's slightly bigger."
  • Not really a good reason to hope they go belly up. I love my WP but lets not forget MS dropped the ball in three major areas where Apple excelled. I believe it's safe to argue without Apples hand in mobile tech in the past 10 years (less so in the past couple of years), said tech as we know it would be much further behind.
  • I'll give them that, but the fact that everything else under the sun is geared towards their products like they are the only ones that exist is still lame.
  • I don't see that happening. They don't have a multi-platform music app and right now it's something they need. Other than xBox Music, Beats is the only other music app of it's kind on all 3 major mobile platforms.
  • Does it still take a long time to load?
  • Not in my experience. +1520
  • Im on +Icon (929) It takes a while to actually load.
  • Very strange. I just opened the app. Only took 4 seconds for all the album artwork to appear. 
  • Apple is paying attention to WP ❤
  • Lol.
  • Well there is iCloud email support. ;)
  • Crap app
  • Not available for lumia 625
  • Only in the US
  • So when will Spotify offer free streaming?
  • "soon"
  • Unless you're in the US, you can get Deezer. It's better than Spotify 
  • +625
  • I got it on the Philippines and enjoyed the trial. But $9.99 is way too expensive here.. Compared to Spotify with varying price and it is just about $2.99 here.. I'll stick with Spotify.. Even deezer is almost twice the price here..
  • At least Apple isn't pulling the Google card and not releasing an official app. Never thought I'd be saying this, but beasts had been update many times since Apple purchased them.
  • It's not installable on my Lumia 520 in India...someone please help me
  • US only..
  • Oh...
  • Stop promoting wp8.1 apps. Only 5% have it and it's frustrating to see only news that won't work.
  • Right. They should stop reporting news about where we are headed? OK.
  • I would bet that out of the people reading this site the percentage with WP8.1 is way higher than 5%.
  • Yeah, maybe they should promote WP7.8 apps....
  • :D lol
  • WP8.1 is officially released, there fore 8.0 is now outdated, quit whining because your not up to date.
  • I have Lumia 1520 country variant and the last OS for my is 8.0. They start promote 8.1 from April and I don't know even a person with 8.1. I have the same feeling like when I had 7.8 and I was seeing apps only for 8.
  • boo hoo? You simply cant expect the media to report on an outdated OS when there is a new one that is grabbing headlines, 8.0 is officially dead mediawise, so dont expect anything for it.
  • Why do you think this is a 8.1 app?
  • Just open it in store and you will see
  • I've just downloaded the update on my Lumia 920 with wp8. So maybe it's a different restriction that you are facing, but I'm sure it's not 8.1 only.
  • Seems faster
  • Can't download it, it saya that meaby was pulled off from the store, or was not available in my network carrier (Mexico, Telcel)
  • Come to Canada!
  • It sucks! I can't get it in Chile. I'm staying with Spotify
  • Moved on already.
  • Not available in India or for Lumia 520??
  • Not available on India. Don't worry, none of them are.
  • Thanku
  • Only if accuradio made an app.
  • This app not available in India. Stop asking further.
  • Still can't have it
  • Does it sound any better?   I was a big fan of MOG, Beats' precurser - because the sound was better than all the other streaming services. Beats sucks and sounds tinny vis-a-vis Spot and Pandora  
  • Agreed!  MOG was much better.
  • Like most other music services besides Xbox music.... Not available in Canada.
  • Through I would try the free trial out, and quickly discovered Beats doesn't scrobble. Super disappointing.
  • I didn't think there was a music service with more complaints than XBM, but after looking at the support and feedback section of Beats, I may change my mind. That place is a minefield of unanswered questions, missing features, and disappearing music.
  • After a couple days of use, I can say I did not need the the 14 day trial to decide the product was just not for me. I am not really sure who their target market is, or how they plan to differentiate themselves from better services.