Beats Music launches on Windows Phone, now available for download

Beats Music is now available for Windows Phone users. The music streaming service was first announced over ten days ago. We took notice because Beats Music announced that a Windows Phone app would be launching alongside its Android and iOS counterparts. However, that wasn’t exactly true as we later learned the Windows Phone version would be a few days behind.

Well, here we are, and Beats Music is now on Windows Phone. Let’s check it out.

Beats Music ( comes to us from Beats Electronics, purveyors of audio products and equipment like the Beats by Dre headphones. Remember MOG? It was an online music service that also had big mixes of a music-themed social network and blog. It was acquired by Beats Electronics in July 2012. That service is being retired, but its core is living on as Beats Music.

Here’s what you get with Beats Music for Windows Phone:

  • Access to over 20 million songs from all genres
  • Listen instantly by streaming or save to device for offline access
  • Just for you –Personalized music suggestions based off your interests
  • The Sentence – Mad Libs for music. Build a sentence for a playlist.
  • Highlights – Curated picks from the music minds at Beats Music
  • Find It – Find music by genres, activities and curators

First impressions of Beats Music? It’s actually pretty cool. We’re big fans of how curated approach to music discovery vs. the reliance of music algorithms in services like Xbox Music and Pandora. We’re big fans of Songza and dig how Beats Music takes the best from that app and others like Xbox Music and Spotify.

We’ll be doing a comparison of Beats Music and Xbox Music once we’ve spent some time comparing the two. In the meantime, try out Beats Music for yourself from the Windows Phone Store. The service is free for the first seven days as try it out. After that it's either $9.99/month or $119.88/year. Thanks, Mohamed, for the heads up!

Sam Sabri