Become a Lumia Pro with Microsoft's UK-based Windows Phone demos

Lumia Windows Phones are fairly easy to get started with, it's a strong selling point of the operating system. That said, new users may require some assistance. Microsoft plans to lend a hand by launching a new Lumia Pro campaign to provide demos and training for those who have shiny new Lumia Windows Phones.

Regardless as to what you may need help with, be it maps, Skype, Cortrana or the camera, Microsoft's Lumia Pro Demo will help you become a resident expert in the Windows Phone field. The company will offer a full 60 minutes to bring you up to speed with the ins-and-outs of Windows Phone.

See the Microsoft Lumia Pro Demo website (opens in new tab) to register your interest. Training sessions will be held at selected branches of Carphone Warehouse. It's worth reminding everyone that this is available to the UK only.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Great idea to do this. Should sell more phones too.
  • *sounds like "george of the jungle"*
  • No matter how's the latest built from win 10 for mobile just cannot fulfilled us to hands on it for official release. Truly advice that microsoft got to release ASAP
  • That only half made sense, but from what I gather it actually has nothing to do with this article?
  • Have some patience mate. No other OS provides early builds. It's good to wait for another week instead of waiting all the way through fall
  • That's what I love about windows... You can help to build your os
  • No other OS in general? Nope wrong. There are daily builds for most Linux distributions. No mobile OS? Again wrong, how about those beta build of iOS or the preview of Android KitKat?
  • The phone os itself still under major overhaul. That's why T.P are buggy af. Btw vote/share something at the wp uservoice help them instead..
  • Why these activities aren't held in middle east :/
  • I'd be willing to teach about wonders of Windows for mobile in Finland. Been doing that for my mates and family a couple of years now
  • Are you sure people in Finland even want to hear mentions to Windows Phone? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • When the Lumia users be more than the iPhones+Android
  • Cortana* My personal assistant is not a cross-dresser.
  • Please correct the part where you spelled it "Cortrana."
  • First we don't even get Jen Taylor and now you can't even spell Cortana correctly? Shame on you Rich! Feels like some salt has been rubbed into the wound lol.
  • Haha
  • Was concentrating on UK elections, .....
  • Lumia is very easy to use!
  • Not for android and ios users. They are entirely intimidated!
  • Depends on which OS u used first.. I am using Lumia for last 3 years and now I can't even find the internet sharing on iPhone!
  • I first used Symbian then android for just one month then I found to better move to windows .. Now a happy user of windows since last 4 years ... Now having a plan to own a iPhone to check the experience of ios too ... But will never leave the windows and Nokia ..
  • Very true, false intimidation. I use my Android as a music player...
  • Really used both android and windows .. Windows better than other OS... Everything a one need all it has .then also people complaing that wiindows not good than android in apps etc ...
  • @tachaikie , you have a point , I always see android complicated because my first phone was the L820
  • Wish that happens worldwide!
    Surprisingly there are a lotta people around the world who believe Windows phones are 'confusing', specially those switching from iOS/Android. Such training demos need worldwide attention!
  • True
  • For a lot of people, technology in general is confusing.
  • Which latest trending apps do we have?
  • *cough*
  • We are projecting ;)
  • I actually thought this meant help others get to grips with Windows phones and earn rewards, obviously wishful thinking, but definitely an idea to be played with buy myself and Microsoft. I wanna be a #microsoftpro
  • When in India? LOL
  • Tere sasur Ki bh.... Sharam kar kitna girega ..hamesha
  • Gadha
  • On their demo phones they have a nice app which can be used to experience and know the capabilities of Lumia phones. I forgot the name of the app. I tried sharing it but it does not have an option and when I asked the representative he said it came preinstalled. It explains clearly about Lumia phones. They should release it to public so instead of just handing out the phone to a friend to experience the feel of Windows phone we can use the app to do the rest.
  • Re: sunbee,
    Very interesting. Does anyone know how we could see this app? If not the actual app, maybe a video of it?
  • With so many budget phones and way Microsoft is campaigning (like in India and now in Uk)
    ..... I think that Microsoft is trying it's level best to spread Lumia or Windows phone .
    With Windows 10 Coming we can hope to see more windows phone user
  • New job for Ed Miliband after the disaster of last night. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • He ..... David, no need to worry.
  • He'll probably be joined by Farage. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They should do the same to the sellers of Windows Phone in the Middle East particularly Dubai, UAE.
  • Why aren't there videos for this from MS to help train phone salespeople and on YouTube as well as the MS site. I think getting videos or PowerPoint presentations out there for everyone to see and check out would help.
  • If you find your product needing manuals, then you have problem, especially when they are competing products that you shove in a sim card and you are good to go. When do you get to go online when do not have an account, oh create one. Good idea, but I have no data to go on line! Where are my contacts on the sim card, eeeeh you need to export to your MS account in order to use them. Back to the shop, get a Samsung in goes the sim card walls I am talking to Bob. That's a better product.....
  • That picture lies, Lumia smartphones do not have all the latest trending apps.
  • I wish the Microsoft stores would do this, my 70 y/o father in law is new to WP (his first smart phone too) and needs a class on how to use all the features, our at the least the basic features. The San Diego store told him they don't offer. Lumia specific classes. He can do 1v1 classes at a cost, but won't.
  • You can walk into any Microsoft Store and any employee will be more than willing to help out your father-in-law, giving him one-on-one Lumia instruction. If not, ask for the manager (but I doubt you will have a problem). I find them a lot friendlier than the Apple Store. They also have a list of free "formal" classes that are taught at different times during the day and on different days. You can also drop off you computer for a free Malware cleaning and so on. I absolutely love going to my local Microsoft Stores here in Orlando, FL. When I went in to buy my Microsoft band, they setup my two girls, ages 4 & 6, on 7" Windows tablets and let them play games while they gave me a very nice "orientation" to my Microsoft Band. Even though I read virtually every article before and after the release of the Microsoft Band, I found the session very helpful. Great folks!
  • Thanks. We have looked at the formal classes for him, but the content was well beyond his skill level. I will take him in and get him set up with a rep to go over the phone.
    I'll agree that the Microsoft stores have great customer service.
  • They should have this type of events everywhere
  • They should have done this an year ago. But better late than never.
    Also a 60 minute video is good but they should also provide topicwise videos for a quick look.
  • I like how the article or Microsoft state that the highlight of the Lumia is the OS. Lol. Right. To me is the camera and its optics and all other extras that it used to have. Yes, a Lumia to me is only any version with Carl Z. Tech in them. All other Lumia's as just Hondas/Toyotas at best.
  • Who is cortrana? Lol Cortana would correct you.