Becoming a better writer can help you in many facets of life—this bundle is designed to turn you into one

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Everyone can write, but not everyone is capable of writing well. Even if you're not a professional writer or plan on ever being one, having superior writing skills can benefit various facets of your life. From writing an email to your boss as to how you deserve a promotion or putting together a Craigslist ad and enticing people to buy your old cabinet, having the proficiency to weave compelling and powerful words together can take you places.

If you want to step up your wordsmithing game, the Ultimate Creative Writing Course Bundle can shape you to be a better writer. It contains 10 courses, all of which are taught by the Centre of Excellence, an online training provider recognized worldwide. The training collection will expose you to just about any type of writing, from travel writing to novel writing to writing books for children and even calligraphy. 

Should you want to transition to a freelance writing role sometime in the future, this bundle also features courses on proofreading and editing your own work and setting up a freelance writing venture. What's more, the majority of the courses will earn you CPD credits, which you can use to beef up your resume. 

Whatever type of writer you want to be, this bundle will help you achieve your writing goals. Normally $1650, it is currently on sale for only $29.99.

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