Get in the mood for the Oscars with these Windows 10 apps for movie buffs

The Academy Awards is just around the corner, and the Windows 10 Store has a host of apps to get you into the mood for all the pomp and circumstance surrounding Oscar's big night.

These apps range from trivia games that highlight the motion picture industry to video apps where you can catch Oscar-winning movies of the past and many more that probably should have won a golden statute. After searching the aisles high and low, here are our best Windows 10 apps to get you in the mood for the Academy Awards.

Movie Poster Quiz

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Movie Poster Quiz

So you think you are a regular at the movie theater? Time to test your knowledge. As its name suggests, Movie Poster Quiz is a free game that is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile that tests your skills at recognizing promotional film artwork. The game has over 300 movie posters to identify with plenty of hints should you get stuck.

Posters range from semi-modern titles such as Men in Black, Titanic and Shrek. You also have older titles such as Back to the Future and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Each correct answer earns you gold coins that can be used to purchase hints. The hundreds of posters are spread across 12 levels that are progressively unlocked as you advance through this trivia game.

Movie Poster Quiz is an entertaining game that does a nice job of testing your movie knowledge. It holds up to solo play well, and should also serve as an exciting option for testing your knowledge against friends.

Download Movie Poster Trivia from the Windows Store



If you are on the go and need to see what is playing at the local theater, Fandango is a Windows 10 Mobile app that not only can find film listings in your area, but it also lets you purchase tickets right from your phone.

The free app highlights the top box office hits, showcasing the top upcoming releases while letting you search by keyword to help you find the right movie for you. Listings include a brief summary of the movies, the MPAA rating, the major actors in the cast, locations with show times, fan reviews, critical reviews and even tweets.

If you need help finding the locations, you can pull up theater's addresses and phone numbers, as well as generate driving directions from the Fandango app. Theater listings also highlight any available amenities, and your favorite cinemas can be pinned to your Start Screen for easy access.

Download Fandango from the Windows Store



If you are in the mood to catch a movie but lack the energy to get off the couch, Netflix is a subscription service that delivers a boatload of movies to your Windows 10 device. The app is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, as well as Xbox One, and delivers not only motion pictures but television series and original content.

The service fees start out at $7.99 per month that allows you to access Netflix from one device and tops out $11.99 per month that allows you access to Netflix from up to four devices simultaneously and Ultra HD playback. There is a middle ground with a $9.99 per month plan that gives you access to HD playback and the ability to access Netflix from two devices at the same time.

The app itself sports a simple layout, with access to the entire Netflix library that includes movie and television genres such as action, sci-fi, romance, family and more. The library of titles includes the likes of Unforgiven, Zootopia, Captain America Civil War, Gotham, Star Wars Clone Wars, along with original programming such as Luke Cage, but the offering differs per region.

Streaming quality is top notch and only limited by the display you are viewing from. Speaking of which, viewing can be paused on one device and resumed on another. This is a handy feature as you transition from the small screen of a Windows Phone to the larger screen of a laptop or Xbox-attached TV.


The Netflix Windows 10 app has support for watch lists to keep your favorites readily available, with comprehensive descriptions for all titles that include recommended alternatives. Overall, the Netflix app is a solid option to access the subscription services.

Download Netflix from the Windows Store

Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza

Okay. So this may not be the first Windows 10 app that comes to mind when you think of the Academy Awards, but it could come in handy during the show. The Domino's Pizza app allows you to conveniently order pizza, pasta, sandwiches and more from almost anywhere. Enjoy quality food from the comfort of your couch or recliner as you hear "And the winner is…"

The free, Windows 10 Mobile app allows you to build your pizza just the way you like it, as well as order chicken wings, bread, and desserts. Curious as to the status of your order? The Domino's App lets you track your order easily from the prep table to the oven, to the delivery car.

The app remembers your most recent store for convenience, and if you are traveling, it helps you find a store close by. Overall, it is a well-rounded Windows 10 Mobile app when the craving for pizza is too strong to ignore. Please note that the Domino's App is only available in the U.S., the UK, and a few other territories.

Download Domino's App from the Windows Store



Crackle is a Windows 10 app that delivers free, full-length movies and television series to your Windows 10 PC or Mobile device. The catalog of movie and television titles are generally older, such as Seinfeld, Firefly, News Radio, Dead Rising, Heavy Metal, Godzilla (the originals) and more. The app is perfect should the Academy Awards put you in the nostalgic mood to catch a classic from the comforts of home.

Individual listings include clips and trailers to let you get a feel for the movie and playback was smooth. Titles can be search by keyword or filtered by genre, most popular, featured and recently added.


While Crackle offers a nice library of movie and television titles in an easy to use layout, the collection does feel a little dated when compared to other movie apps, however. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but don't look for recent releases on Crackle for the time being.

Download Crackle from the Windows Store



Curious about a movie that was mentioned during the Oscars? Interested in what current films are potential Academy Award nominees? Flixster is a Windows 10 app that delivers a ton of information on current releases to your Windows 10 Mobile phone. The database also includes information on recently released movies on DVD.

Movie information includes a synopsis of the movie, information on the cast, audience feedback and critical reviews. Flixster also includes over 15,000 high-quality movie trailers. You can pin the movie title to your Start Screen or set the movie poster as your Windows 10 Mobile phone lockscreen. Movie pages also include the Rotten Tomatoes score and a link to view full Rotten Tomatoes reviews.

Need to know where a movie is showing? Flixster provides you with information on local theaters based on your current location, or you can look theaters up by a specific city. You can map out a theater, call them up, pin the location to your Start Screen and even find restaurants nearby.

Flixster is a simple and easy source for movie information to help you sidestep boredom.

Download Flixster from the Windows Store

If you have tried any of these Windows 10 apps, let us know how things shook out. While there is not an official Academy Awards app available for Windows 10, this group of apps should help set the mood for a night filled with Oscars. If we have missed your favorite film-oriented Windows 10 app, feel free to share your recommendation in the comments.

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