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Best Dell XPS 15 9570 Battery Replacement in 2022

XPS 15
XPS 15 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Best Dell XPS 15 9570 Battery Replacement in 2022

Best answer: Dell doesn't sell batteries directly, so you'll need to hit classified websites like eBay or contact Dell to have them replace your battery for a charge, if out of warranty.Go direct to Dell: Replacement battery programThe latest and greatest: Dell XPS 15 (7590) (From $1,100 at Dell)

Getting the correct battery

Replacement batteries for the newer Dell XPS 15 (7590) are incredibly hard to come across, even when looking for second-hand listings on classified websites. Dell doesn't sell replacement batteries on its official website either, making sites like eBay really your best bet at picking one up.

Dell has fantastic design languages for its range of XPS laptops, and the XPS 15 is one of them. The 7590 looks very much like the 9570 in more ways than not, but you should always ensure your battery is for the 7590 (or the model you own) to be certain that it'll all work and not void your warranty.

While classified websites like eBay are great for finding a replacement battery, we recommend you only purchase new batteries and not second-hand or used units. This is down to them already having used up some of the available discharge cycles, making them more likely to perform worse than new replacements.

You should only go down this route if you truly understand what you're doing and the consequences if anything goes wrong.

Dell can replace the battery

If you'd rather not chance it by purchasing a battery online, you could have Dell replace it for you. The company doesn't sell them directly — likely because Dell doesn't want everyone tinkering with batteries — but it'll gladly charge you to take in your XPS 15 and swap it out with a new battery for a small charge if you're out of warranty.

There are a number of options Dell has available, including authorized partners that can handle the work on the company's behalf, or a mail-in service to have Dell fit a new battery.

While it may cost you more to go through Dell, we'd recommend utilizing the company's expertise to get your laptop in working order without issue.

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