4 fun Easter apps for Windows 10

These Windows 10 apps can be fun options to keep the kids occupied as you make the drive to see friends and family for those holiday Easter Egg hunts. A few of these apps can also help entertain older Windows 10 users as the kids attack the yard for hidden eggs. These are our picks for the best Easter apps for Windows 10.

Easter Egg Maker

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Easter Egg Maker

Easter Egg Maker is a free Windows 10 Mobile app in which you get to experience the Easter Egg creation process from start to finish. The app opens with a farm scene where you need to feed a hen to produce an egg.

Once the newly laid egg is collected, it is off to the kitchen stovetop where you must fill a pot with water and boil the egg. You then tap the components that line the top of the screen to move them to the stovetop, and after the egg becomes hard-boiled it is ready to decorate.

The decoration screen includes an assortment of colors, decals, ribbons and patterns to customize the egg. Additionally, several wallpaper backgrounds are available to give your egg a more "scenic" look.

Easter Egg Maker is a simple, fun app for children to tap into their creative skills. The only downside to Easter Egg Maker is that there is no way to share your decorated eggs. You can grab a screenshot of things, but the app should really have a way to share a clean image of the egg.

Download Easter Egg Maker from the Windows Store

Talking Bunny - Easter Bunny

Talking Bunny Easter Bunny

Talking Bunny - Easter Bunny is a lighthearted Windows 10 app that features an interactive, talking rabbit. You can touch and poke the Easter Bunny to see what type of reaction you generate, and there are five activity buttons available to animate the rabbit.

The buttons include a seasonal exchange, prompt the rabbit to tell a joke, eat a carrot, take a nap, and change his fur color. There is also voice interaction in which you can record your voice and have it replayed in the bunny's voice.

Along with the interaction with the Easter Bunny, Talking Bunny has three mini-games that include a doodle pad, a target toss and a knock-the-can-down game. These games aren't extremely difficult, but they can be fun for all ages.

Talking Bunny - Easter Bunny is a free app that is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. It is a mildly entertaining game for adults but should be a fun way for kids to pass the time.

Download Talking Bunny - Easter Bunny from the Windows Store

Easter Jewels HD

Easter Jewels HD

Easter Jewels HD is a match-three Windows 10 game with a holiday setting. The goal is simple: swap eggs around on the game board to create matches of three or more of the same style egg. Create a match, and the eggs are removed from play and you earn points.

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Easter Jewels HD is a free game and includes three gaming modes to keep you entertained: normal, quick and infinite modes. The normal mode challenges you to match specific numbers of egg styles to advance through the gaming levels. The quick mode tests your scoring skills against a 60-second clock, and infinite mode removes the timer and allows you to play until you run out of moves.

Easter Jewels HD plays out much like a typical match-three game with the ability to create combos for bonus points, but it lacks any bonus eggs (bombs or color changing, etc.). This Windows 10 game is a nice Easter holiday rendition of a classic game.

Download Easter Jewels HD from the Windows Store

Easter Eggs Paint

Easter Eggs Paint

Easter Eggs Paint is a simple paint app for Windows 10 Mobile that delivers a small collection of Easter egg patterns to your mobile phone. The patterns scroll across the free app's main menu, and when you see a design that you would like to color, you just tap on it.

The coloring screen has a series of colors to choose from that runs along the edges of the display. Along the top of the design are a few navigation buttons that allow you to undo an action, reset the coloring page, return to the home screen, choose a new egg design and save finished coloring pages. The saved pages are sent to your Windows 10 Mobile phone's Picture Hub and can be shared with friends and family.

Overall, Easter Eggs Paint is an easy-to-use coloring app that is a great option to keep your kids entertained. I would have liked to have seen this app available for Windows 10 PC to enjoy from a Surface tablet, but the Windows 10 Mobile version does the job nicely. Easter Eggs Paint is ad-supported with the option to remove ad banners through a $0.99 in-app purchase.

Download Easter Eggs Paint from the Windows Store

If you have tried any of these Windows 10 apps, let us know what you think in the comments. Did we overlook a notable Easter-oriented Windows 10 app? Let us know in the comments.

Enjoy the weekend, and Happy Easter!

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