The best Forza racers on Earth are going to Le Mans

The climax of the Forza Racing Championship season 3, Microsoft's eSports championship for its premiere racer, is tying up with the world's greatest motor race.

Today, we're excited to share that the Elite finals will take place in France during the most prestigious endurance race in the world, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, from June 17-18 – making it the largest racing esports event ever hosted at Le Mans.

For eSports racing this is huge. The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the world's premiere racing event, drawing attention from fans the world over towards the infamous Circuit de la Sarthe. Not only that the Forza finals will be taking place (opens in new tab) during the event, the winner will receive a money can't buy prize.

The trophy presentation will be on the same podium used by the top three teams in the 24 hour race. And for fans of motorsport, it doesn't get much better.

For those of us not heading to France this year, we'll be able to catch the action live on Beam, Twitch or YouTube over June 18 and 19. Such a huge partnership also shows great, and continued commitment from Microsoft towards eSports. Forza sits alongside Halo and Gears of War in having its own championships, and as this announcement proves, Forza isn't being left behind.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • I'm pretty good driving like a mad man in FH3
  • As soon as there's a Hot Wheels champs I'm in
  • How good do u have to be to join. Forza horizon is pretty easy. Just lower the bar of AI to human skill. The computer skill at a high level is impossible to beat.
  • This is based on Forza 6, less arcade style, more realistic circuit racer.
  • They had a championship not long ago, I saw the playback on youtube. I think it was Porsche sponsored... MS keeps statistics of absolutely everything, I'm sure they know who the best Forza Motorsports players are, and they get invites sent to them
  • The AI on the highest level is still not impossible. Very unforgiving, sure, but they can be beaten. Best if you get the pole position perk and try to stay ahead, rather than starting way back in the field.
  • I really need to get a wheel stand so I can race with my Logitech wheel on the x1 with this game.
  • Anyone know if you can still great custom designs on vehicles? If so, has the customization tools been improved? I remember the early instalments and I've seen some really cool designs in vehicles. I remember doing a Dodge Challenger with a Green Lantern theme and a Mustang to look like Blockade from the original Transformers movie.
  • You can indeed. Checkout "Forza Livery Guy" on the socials, doing some awesome work.
  • i am still proud that i made top 25 and 10 in forza 4 in race and tag mode, man i do miss my Fairlady and the setup i developed on it :( i heart Forza