Best keyboards for Microsoft Surface 2024

The best keyboards for Microsoft Surface aren't necessarily designed specifically for Microsoft's PC lineup. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to get something just a bit different than the official offerings. Many people like to use their laptop with a dock to make it feel more like a desktop. Others want to use their Surface from a distance, and still more people just want something with a bit more style or function. We've rounded up the best keyboard for Microsoft Surface right here to help you decide.

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If we're making some suggestions

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Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 2019 (Image credit: Dan Rubino / Windows Central)

You're going to get a quality keyboard no matter which option you go with from the roundup above, but if you're still wondering where to start, we can make some suggestions.

If you type for long periods of time and find your wrists or forearms sore at the end of the day, the updated Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard should be well worth the price. Keys are split in the middle and slope away, promoting natural angles for your joints to keep them from taking repetitive damage. Keys have far more travel than you'll get with the Surface Ergonomic or Sculpt Ergonomic keyboards, and typing is quiet and easy. Instead of Alcantara or leather, the palm rest has a soft, nylon-type material that's durable and comfortable.

The refreshed 2019 model includes a few extra dedicated keys, including a Windows emoji picker, Windows Office shortcut, and snipping tool. There are also the old standbys, like calculator, task view, and Windows Search to improve productivity. This is a wired keyboard, so it's best used on a desk, and it does not have backlit keys to help with working in the dark. Still, if you want a keyboard that promotes productivity and is the most comfortable to use, this is it. Have a look at our Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard review for a full rundown.

If you're looking to spend around $50, we recommend checking out Microsoft's Designer Compact wireless keyboard. It's thin and compact, but it delivers a satisfying typing experience with plenty of battery life. It supports multiple devices, it has an emoji key, and it connects with Bluetooth. It's one of the best keyboards for Microsoft Surface if you like to remain agile.

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