Best Keyboards for Microsoft Surface Windows Central 2019

The keyboards designed specifically for Surface products provide fine typing experiences, but there are plenty of reasons you might want to get something a bit different. Many people like to use their laptop with a dock to make it feel more like a desktop. Others want to use their Surface from a distance, and still more people just want something with a bit more style or function. We've rounded up the best options right here to help you decide.

Extra comfortable: Surface Ergonomic keyboard

Editor's choice

The Surface Ergonomic keyboard is a full-size standalone device that connects with Bluetooth and is designed to promote wrist and forearm health when typing for long periods of time. It has a palmrest covered in Alcantara fabric, the deck is sloped and the keyboard split for less strain on your joints, and it matches your Surface products in design and quality.

$130 at Microsoft

Light and compact: Logitech K380

Staff multipurpose pick

The main draw of Logitech's K380 is likely the price, but don't look past its comfort, compact size, and versatility. It can connect with up to three devices for quick switching, the rounded keys are spaced well and have plenty of travel, and it even has keys branded with Windows and Mac wording, making it easy to work across platforms.

$30 at Amazon

Touchpad included: Logitech K400

If you plan on using your Surface from a distance, having a touchpad included is a huge boon. Logitech's K400 delivers a comfortable keyboard and touchpad with physical buttons on the same deck, eliminating the need for an external mouse. Range hits up to 33 feet with the included wireless dongle.

$25 at Amazon

Mechanical keys: VicTsing mechanical keyboard

Some people prefer a mechanical keyboard for its tactile feedback and low actuation point, which the VicTsing delivers for a very attractive price. Its Blue switches are resilient and responsive, keycaps can all be removable, and it's built on a durable, lightweight metal base.

$29 at Amazon

Built-in biometrics: Type Cover with Fingerprint ID

If you're working with a Surface Pro and want some extra biometric security, this genuine Microsoft Type Cover adds a fingerprint reader next to the Precision touchpad. It's otherwise the same as the standard Type Cover, and it will work with the Surface Pro 3, Pro 4, Pro (2017), and Pro 6.

$145 at Microsoft

Classic design: Surface Keyboard

The standard Surface Keyboard is ideal for anyone who doesn't need added ergonomics and who wants to have hardware that matches their Surface device. The Surface Keyboard has a full number pad, comfortable keys, and Bluetooth range up to about 50 feet. It's battery powered, but you should get about a year of life before needing a charge.

$100 at Microsoft

If we're making some suggestions

You're going to get a quality keyboard no matter which option you go with from the roundup above, but if you're still wondering where to start, we can make some suggestions. If you type for long periods of time and find your wrists or forearms sore at the end of the day, the Surface Ergonomic keyboard should be well worth the price. Keys are split in the middle and slope away, promoting natural angles for your joints to keep them from taking repetitive damage. The palmrest is covered in Alcantara fabric for a premium feel, and it connects with Bluetooth so that you can easily use it over a range with no cables snaking across the floor.

If you're looking to spend somewhere in the sub-$50 range, we recommend checking out Logitech's K380 wireless keyboard. It's thin and compact, but it delivers a satisfying typing experience thanks to rounded keys and plenty of travel. You can quick-switch between up to three devices, ideal for anyone working in a busy office, and it even has Windows and Mac wording for multi-platform use. It is truly versatile, and you really can't go wrong at the $30 price.

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