If you use the Xbox One to control most of the media in your home, you are well aware of how clunky the standard gaming controller can be when trying to command other systems. If you're looking for an easier solution, you may want to consider a media remote for your Xbox One.

We compiled a list of the best media remotes — both dedicated and universal — you can get to ensure you have a quality user experience every time you pick up that clicker.

Dedicated Xbox remotes

Universal remotes

Dedicated Xbox remotes

PDP Talon Media Remote

The PDP Talon Media Remote control looks more like a universal remote than a dedicated Xbox remote, but it's designed to work with the Microsoft gaming and media system.

Of course, all the standard buttons you'd find on any remote are here: play, pause, stop, rewind, fast-forward and menu. But it's quite a bit larger and has far more dedicated buttons than some of the other dedicated remotes. For example, a closed-captioning button will turn on subtitles with just a click.

Like all Xbox remotes, this one still uses IR, so you will have to point it at your console for it to function. It has some limited TV control capabilities, but at around $20 it's a great option for those solely looking for a way to control their Xbox. It's probably the best you can buy.

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Gioteck MK1 Premium Media Remote

This remote from Gioteck has been designed with the Xbox One S in mind, matching its white paint job pretty closely. It's a fairly chunky, but still light remote, that packs a whole host of media features on the front.

It's well laid out with rubber buttons and a fairly large D-Pad as well as all the important Xbox buttons, including ABXY. That's as well as the volume and program controls, and media playback buttons.

But the Gioteck MK1 is like the mullet of media remotes: Business in the front, party out the back. Flip it over and you find a full QWERTY keyboard (though you need to attach a wireless dongle to your Xbox to use this) which is fantastic. It beats using an onscreen keyboard by a long way and is more convenient than having to reach for a controller with a chat pad attached. It's available in Europe for £25. In the U.S. a very similar remote can be had from Gamestop for $30.

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Microsoft Xbox One media remote

Microsoft Xbox One media remote

Directly from Microsoft, the Xbox One media remote is a small, matte black remote that has an easy-to-grip rubberized back. And when you pick it up, motion sensors immediately light up the buttons.

The remote performs the essential functions you need to enjoy playback of your favorite media, such as pause, play, fast-forward, rewind and stop. The Xbox One Media remote can also turn Xbox One on and off with the shiny home button at the top.

Thanks to the Xbox TV Guide feature, you can even control your cable box through the Xbox with this remote. Bringing up your channel list or casually flipping through channels is super simple and easy. It can even easily navigate streaming apps such as Netflix and Hulu.

If you want to know more, check out our full review of the Microsoft Xbox One Media Remote or pick one up for around $20.

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Nyko media remote

Nyko Media Remote

Though it's a third-party remote, Nyko's media remote is dedicated for use with the Xbox One. It costs just a little more than the official Xbox One remote, ringing in at about $13.99.

Slightly smaller and thinner than the Microsoft media remote, Nyko's looks a little more like a traditional remote control. The buttons are made of rounded rubber that protrudes from the face of the remote, giving this clicker a distinctly retro look. It's backlit, so finding the right controls while you're watching movies in the dark is easy.

All the standard playback controls are present: you can play, pause, and fast-forward all your media at your leisure. The Home button will automatically take you back to the Xbox One home screen anytime you need it, and the menu button will bring up the disc menu on DVDs or Blu-rays.

There are two buttons that Nyko's remote has that Microsoft's remote doesn't: a power button and an eject button. You may not think either of these is a big deal, but they each streamline regular processes with a single click.

If you would like to learn more, read our full review of the Nyko Media Remote.

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Universal remotes

Inteset universal IR learning remote

Inteset universal IR learning remote

If you're looking for something that will control your Xbox One that also works with your other devices, the Inteset universal IR learning remote could be your best bet.

The greatest thing about this remote is it comes preset to use with your Xbox One, which makes it incredibly easy to set up. Simply by pushing either the A, B, C or D buttons, you can set up the remote to function for Apple TV, Xbox One, Windows Media Center, and Roku respectively, making it easy to switch back and forth between devices.

The Inteset remote also has the added benefit of having the red, green, yellow and blue buttons all correspond with the standard Xbox One color control buttons, which gives you the ability to do everything the stock gaming controller can when it comes to media playback.

You can pick up the Inteset universal IR learning remote for $25 at Amazon.

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Logitech Harmony Elite remote

Logitech Harmony Elite remote

Logitech's Harmony Elite remote has a very modern design and is the current pinnacle of universal remotes. It's a bit bigger than the other remotes on our list, but it still fits comfortably in your hand. This is the perfect remote for people who truly want one remote for everything in their house, including the Xbox One, and it rings in at approximately $245.

The first thing that stands out for the Harmony Elite is its touchscreen. Acting as the central hub, the touchscreen allows you to access all the different devices you have connected to the remote, making it easy to switch between using your Xbox One, cable box, Apple TV or any other device. One touch can turn on your TV, set the input, turn on the Xbox, and switch on your speaker system. It can even control your smart lights.

The remote control has a rechargeable battery and charging dock, which is super convenient for topping off and keeping it from getting lost in the couch. But if you do lose it, no worries. With the remote's hub you can control everything through the Logitech's controller app on your phone (iOS and Android only, unfortunately).

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How do you control your Xbox One?

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Updated November 24, 2017: We've shuffled around the order of our top picks and added the Gioteck MK1 Premium to the list.