Best Power Supply (PSU) Calculator Tool for PC Builders

The website PC Part Picker is widely regarded as the standard bearer for PC part choosing in general, and it comes with a compatibility checker for every component

Who should use PC Part Picker

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Even the most expert PC builders need to look up compatibility from time to time, and PC Part Picker remains the best place to check whether your PC build is going to work as intended.

Reasons to use

  • Constantly updated list of PC parts
  • PSU limits clearly shown
  • Completely free
  • Crowd-sourced ratings

Reasons not to use

  • Might be a bit daunting for beginners

PC Part Picker is the best PSU calculator

PC Part Picker is a free tool that helps you easily plan out a PC build listing virtually every popular, readily available PC component on the market. If you have a specific GPU or PC case in mind, for example, PC Part Picker will help you plan around that, offering compatibility warnings if you choose a component that isn't compatible with the overall build.

As far as PSU calculations go, PC Part Picker also lists the expected wattage on the side of the list, giving you an estimated total power use while making recommendations for specific power supplies.

PC Part Picker has a login system that offers some mild social networking features, allowing you to record and publish your own builds while getting ideas from others in the community.

There's also a range of beginner's guides to help you get acquainted with PC building in general, allowing you to find builds that suit your needs and budget.

Bottom line

PC Part Picker is the obvious choice when it comes to making PSU calculations but also PC component choices in general. Its perpetually-updated list is second to none, and its active community ensures that none of the information or ratings slip out of date, leading to PC part headaches down the line. You can sign up and sign in to store your favorite builds while browsing completed builds from others in the community for added inspiration. There are a few alternatives out there but nothing really comes close to PC Part Picker.

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