Best of Smartphone Experts, 30 August 2009

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Best Buy Starting HTC Hero Preorders Sept. 13th? (opens in new tab)Motorola Sholes to Launch on Verizon in OctoberGoogle Releases "Listen" app for podcasts (opens in new tab)Threaded SMS coming to BlackBerry in OS 5.0CrackBerry Poll: Do you want SurePress on your touchscreen BlackBerry? Podcast Episode 041 - Take a listen!
Nokia N900 may be most exciting Nokia device of 2009Nokia Money to bring banking to millionsNokia enters the PC market with Booklet 3G (opens in new tab)Sprint Inventory Screen shows new Palm Phones: PALM120HK and PALMC40HKHow To Install a Virtual Keyboard on the Palm PreTop Five Palm Pre Accessories
(opens in new tab)What Mac OS X Snow Leopard Means for the Future of the iPhoneFacebook 3.0 for iPhone Now in iTunes App Store - Read TiPb's Preview!Apple, AT&T, and Google FCC Response over Google Voice Rejection -- Roundup!Review of the T-Mobile Touch Pro 2Sprint and Verizon Touch Pro 2s to launch with Windows Mobile 6.1Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 and their tag-team match against iPhone and Android